Kevin McCarthy: Republican Party needs to ‘wake up’ in 2024

Kevin McCarthy: Republican Party needs to 'wake up' in 2024

Speaker Kevin McCarthy calls on voters in states where early voting is allowed to ‘vote early’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’
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You have the bipartisan support to ban Tick tock not do some half-baked bill That's going to give Democrats more Power to mess around with other people's Rights but to ban Tick-Tock outright do You believe that's going to ultimately Pass in that form Yeah if you watch what I've said yes it Will we've already had the hearing to Start the process and the legislative Process to make that happen you know We've been in office less than a hundred Days but watch what we've been already Able to accomplish and bring forth I know but the one thing we do is we Play by the rules and we bring It Forward just as the way it's able to Accomplish all right Mr Speaker voter Enthusiasm it's a it's obviously very Important going into this election cycle So even though Republicans did take the House last year's midterms were Considered by a lot of people to be Underwhelming particularly considered Considering what's happened since Biden Took office to our economy this Wisconsin Supreme Court election was a Big loss this week in fact the map shows It further moving to the left since 2020 The state of Wisconsin is that Concerning and what is the GOP doing to Counter what is a very aggressive move By the Democrats to Brand the Republican Party as anti-democracy anti-women

Etc You know this is very scary from a Number of positions because here they Were campaigning for a position of a State supreme court actually using Politics claiming not based upon what What cases come before you but actually Predetermining it talking about Redistricting talking about women's Rights going forward instead of looking At a case by case and saying I'm going To uphold the Constitution we've watched Money come from around the nation in Into this campaign you know what we Didn't sit back in the house we actually Participated in this as well Republicans Have to understand when we won the White House we won Wisconsin so if you lose it It's hard to win the White House back You talk about winning the house yes We've we're the only Republican entity That have won the last two cycles in a Row we wish to have win by a larger Margin but the one thing I will tell you Is they don't give gavels out in small Medium and large we get the exact same Gavel and we're using it based upon the Constitution each and every day and We'll just figure up to these atrocities Wherever we see it I know you have to go But one more question and um are you Confident that with ballot harvesting And the push for earlier in earlier Voting all these election ballots that

Are being mailed out applications for Ballots are you confident that the RNC And the the political process for the Republicans is going to be effective in Countering that and signing up people to Vote and getting them to the polls Well we better do it right I'll tell you In California we have the worst election Law where they mail everybody about and It's illegal to harvest but in that last Two election Cycles Republicans only one We've taken six seats from the Democrats In Congress so in other states they've Changed the election law remember what They did in Georgia where the the Baseball actually left the All-Star game But we had more people participate what We need to be able to have happen we Need to make sure in America you have to Show an ID to vote we should need to Clean up our roles because in La you Have a about 1.2 million people on the Rolls who are not even old enough in the Process enough people there to be in That we need to make sure that we have Elections that are fair and honest that People can vote but we can make sure That the elections are honest as they go Forward so we have to be cognates in This but the one thing Republicans have To understand we've got to stop this Idea that we're only going to vote on Election Day if your state allows early Voting you need to vote early follow

Your ballots as they go through and you Can trace them and that's something that We have to wake up as as a party and not Lose these elections but win them for The sake of the nation and the sake of Our Constitution and Mr Speaker the Number one issue for the voters do you Think will be the economy like as it was With Reagan in 1980 it is It is the economy if you watch what we Did on the house floor we made our Number one bill our HR one it's about The economy lowering the price of energy For all Americans it not only lowers the Price in America it lowers inflation it Lets people keep more of what they earn And if you're caring about the Environment it'll lower Global emissions If you took Russian natural gas away for One year in Europe you would lower CO2 Emissions by 218 million tons because American natural gas is cleaner it also Creates America to be stronger the world To be safer and the economy to be Stronger in America that's the Difference between Republicans and Democrats you know what the Democrats Number one bill was when they were in The majority to change election law to Worry about themselves we care about Americans and we're bringing the issue Back to the economy and Pennsylvania Arizona Wisconsin Michigan and yes California have to make even more

Progress there Mr speaker thank you very Much and uh fantastic meeting today Thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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