Kevin McCarthy: Taiwan meeting shows China can’t ‘bully’ Congress

Kevin McCarthy: Taiwan meeting shows China can't 'bully' Congress

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sounds off on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ after meeting with the Taiwanese president. #ingrahamangle #foxnews

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[Music] President Tsai of Taiwan just wrapped a Meeting with speaker Kevin McCarthy at The Reagan Library in California Now she's been in the United States for A week meeting with various officials But it was today's visit that really Ticked off China This act seriously violates the one China principle and the provisions of The three China U.S joint communiques And Gravely undermines China's Sovereignty and territorial integrity And it wasn't just words earlier this Morning ahead of head of the meeting China parked an aircraft carrier group Off taiwan's southeast coast McCarthy And his group of congressmen weren't Impressed If the duly elected leader of one of our Most important Democratic Partners can't Meet with American leaders on American Soil That we're merely feeding the crocodile That will eventually eat us we must not Be intimidated one thing I would say to China too at no time I am the Speaker of The House There's no place that China is going to Tell me and where I can go or who I can Speak to whether you be foe or whether You be friend Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy Joins me now one of my favorite places

The Reagan Library Mr Speaker great to Have you on tonight now the Chinese Foreign Ministry released a statement Saying that the U.S colluded in allowing Those seeking Taiwanese Independence to Carry out political activities On U.S soil so they now want to dictate What we do on our own soil your response To that China can never tell us what to do a Speaker of the house I'm going to meet With whoever we want to meet with with Whatever country look I am not the General manager of the Houston Rockets China is not going to intimidate us and There's no better place to be than here At Reagan's Library what what it Symbolizes but more importantly remember Yes we have the three communicades with China but we also have the six Assurances with Taiwan that Ronald Reagan produced and what we came was a Very bipartisan meeting we had Republicans and Democrats here speaking With one voice and you know what we need To speed up our weapon sales to Taiwan Have we learned anything what's Happening around the world let them Defend themselves deter the ability of China to enter Taiwan we need to be able To Foster greater democracy and freedom We need to be able to work together Economically from the chip manufacturing And others I found it a very productive

Meeting is the first time a speaker of The house has ever met with the Taiwanese president on American soil but I think it was very important in a Bipartisan to matter almost 20 members Together meeting now I loved it and Speaker McCarthy I think it was Courageous for you to go forward with This meeting uh today but you you Receive virtually no support I'd say the Opposite of support from the White House Watch this there's no reason for them to Uh to react uh in any sort of an Aggressive manner uh but because of it She's not meeting with any Administration officials nothing's Changed about our policies with respect To Taiwan uh and again no reason for Them to overreact Again Bending over backwards to reassure China All you're doing is meeting with a duly Elected president of one of our allies So were you surprised that the White House Distanced themselves from you And tried to suck up to China in that Comment Well look at how the president reacted To a balloon going over our military Bases from China it doesn't shock me but The difference is today we stood up to China just like Congress did when the

Balloon came every single member of Congress Republican Democrat denounced The CCP for those actions and I think That's what China needs to hear the China that Congress will act together That we can allow this authoritarian View this bullying trying to dictate to Who we can talk to and who we could Speak to when this is an ally this is a Democracy believes in Freedom I mean I Think this this meaning was more Important today than at any given time And our relationship with Taiwan and the Taiwan people I think has been greater Than any time in history and again Sitting in Reagan Library think about What Reagan was able to accomplish peace Through strength defending Freedom now Mr Speaker Politico recently noted that China is ghosting this Administration Writing in part that they beijing's Current aversion to sustained high-level Engagement underscores a particularly Fraught nature of U.S China relations Over the past few months what was a Two-sided desire to stabilize an Increasingly volatile relationship is Becoming much more about Washington Reaching out and the Chinese government Demuring Um is this not embarrassing for us that That by the administration is Essentially begging With the CCP in China to engage when

China is making it clear they're trying To displace the United States as the World's dominant superpower working with Russia funding the war in Ukraine uh Through its Ag and oil purchases in Russia as well Look what president she has done with The bricks to get off the dollar and go Into the Yuan look what they're doing Around the world they've watched this Foreign policy of this Administration Not listening to our military in Afghanistan collapsing we've watched our Allies now buddy up to China we've Watched his reaction to Saudi Arabia and Now going after this Administration Going after American Energy had made OPEC stronger which also made Russia Stronger this is a weak foreign policy Has done nothing but teach America we Cannot repeat this again the follow-on To that though is why should China Continue to enjoy most favored nation Status in trade this is the United States why One they should not I mean we've watched What the past administration president Trump had been able to accomplish with China standing up to China so it wasn't China begging America to talk China was Begging to talk to America but we need Legislation yeah and that's what we need Legislation to watch what our committee Exactly and let our committees take the

Action to move forward and do just that That's what we're doing you saw Republicans and Democrats together here Meeting with the president of Taiwan Something a speaker has never done on U.S soil you've watched what being able To move it forward with the select Committee something that speaker Pelosi Would deny as the right to do it Mr Speaker I need to move on to some other Big news regarding Trump's indictment You wrote uh yesterday that Alvin Bragg Is attempting to interfere in our Democratic process by invoking federal Law while at the same time arguing that Congress lacks jurisdiction to Investigate this farce he will be held Accountable by Congress Um my question is are you worried that The response to the Trump investigations Might turn people off from voting Altogether since some people might come Out of this believing that just Everything is rigged they're trying to Get Trump they're they're trumping up These ridiculous uh you know Investigations against him so are you Worried that people in 2024 are just Going to say to hell with both parties I'm staying home Well I worry about that but that this Should inspire people to get moved Forward here is a D.A that's playing in The Democratic process one thing you'll

Find with us is we won't sit back he Admittedly is using federal funds and Trying to claim that Congress does not Have a say in this we do I'm meeting With uh chairman Comer and chairman Jim Jordan as we move forward on this if He's using federal funds we have a right To have jurisdiction and oversee we've Watched what he's doing to the political Process here and we've got to stop this So for anyone who's sitting back and Saying I shouldn't participate this Should inspire you to participate more To stand up for the rule of law one of The greatest strengths of this nation And join with us as we move forward hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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