Kirby Outlines Biden “Plan” To Secure Border: “We Have, And Will Continue To Try, To Stem The Flow”

Kirby Outlines Biden "Plan" To Secure Border: "We Have, And Will Continue To Try, To Stem The Flow"

Comments made on 1/23/24.

But what is the president's plan this is Happening just weeks after 300,000 People came into this country over the Southern border it legally the Razer Wire officials down there think was Keeping some of them out and you guys Just sued and W to remove it on on Behalf of the border patrol who needed Who needed to have better access to it Look let me go back to your other Question and I I know I'm running short On time so I won't I won't F the Bluster Here but what's the Plan please look at the stuff we've put Forward the immigration reform uh Legislation that the president put Forward on day one the work we're doing In the region just last week we had uh Mexican officials here to talk about how Together we have and will continue to Try to stem the flow of migrants you Mentioned the the numbers no question There's a lot of people trying to make That Journey but it's not just to the United States and to other countries in The world in the in the region we're Seeing historic movement not not since World War II have we seen this many People on the Move in this Hemisphere And the Mexicans are really stepping up And trying to do the more more on their Southern border to keep that flow going North lower and we have seen in recent Weeks some success at that the the the

Idea that we don't have a plan or Strategy or we're not taking this Seriously is just not borne out by the Facts and you know again if the if the Folks in the on the house Republican Side are are serious about border Security and they claim they are then They should act on the supplemental Request and you know let's negotiate This in good faith the president has Said he's willing to make uh compromises He's willing to negotiate in good faith So so let's let's have that discussion

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