Lara Trump predicts Bragg indictment will ‘solidify’ father-in-law as 47th president

Lara Trump predicts Bragg indictment will ‘solidify’ father-in-law as 47th president

Lara Trump discusses the indictment of her father-in-law, former President Donald Trump, and why it’s politically motivated on ‘Hannity.’ #foxnews #fox #hannity

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Now amid the latest Witch Hunt and Predictable media mob frenzy that has Ensued how is the Trump family well how Are they reacting to the indictment here Now with some insight former former President Trump's uh daughter-in-law Laura Trump is back with us I know Eric Was on the plane with him I talked to Him on my radio show today Um it's kind of surreal I've got to Imagine your family's been through a lot Laura I mean Mueller uh stormy stormy You know this has all gone on for years Not one but two impeachments they've Done everything humanly possible to Destroy your father-in-law and now this Is the next step you know making up law That never was used before in an attempt By the way with the statute of Limitations passed in an attempt to take Down your father-in-law yet once again Yeah I mean it just goes to show you I Think Sean how afraid they really are of Donald Trump when you have to go so far As to make up a crime and piece it Together with Scotch tape to bring down Donald Trump because you just said it They've been trying to do this for years For almost seven years now to take him Down Um it's rather amazing but yeah it is a Little surreal to to truly think that This is where we are right now in the United States of America and I think

It's frightened a lot of people I think It's it's awakened a lot of people you Know as of 72 hours post-indictment the Trump campaign raised seven million Dollars that is an incredible statistic And I said on Friday on your show that a Quarter of the donations were from first Time Trump uh supporters they had never Donated ever to the Trump campaign in Any campaign so it is rather amazing to See the support from people out there Even with Sarah Carter's interviews There in the liberal Bash question of New York City to hear that people really Do get it well I hope the people that Ultimately are picked on the jury get it As well and see it as a political Persecution and not a real trial not Based on real law Um I'm watching I want to get your Reaction and I know Eric was on the Plane with your father-in-law and your Reaction to the OJ like coverage of all Of this uh OJ of course accused of Killing two people And the driver of the car is saying he's Got a gun and he's in the back seat he May kill himself okay this is over a Hundred and thirty thousand dollar NDA About an affair that both sides agreed Never happened even after the money was Paid so Mike I mean that's got to be Surreal to you and your entire family The the craziest part Sean I think is

After landing in New York to see the Entire New York police department in Full force mobilized lining the streets I mean this must have cost the taxpayers Of New York tens of millions of dollars The security coverage for this situation And you just said it over what over a Hundred and thirty thousand dollar Completely legal non-disclosure Agreement payment you know these things Happen all day every day in the United States of America and the sad part is That Alvin Bragg of course the district Attorney there in Manhattan is supposed To be locking up criminals supposed to Be keeping the streets of New York safe Yet this is where all of the energy Focus and taxpayer money is going we Know their investigation has been years Long into my father-in-law they've been Trying to find anything possible on him And here we are on the eve of his Arraignment obviously he will go down to The courthouse tomorrow he'll be be Frank fingerprinted I assume there will Be a mug shot taken and all over Something that was not a crime the only Crime that Donald Trump committed of Course was winning the 2016 election Without the help of the swamp and the Establishment it says on drudge mugshot Of the century and Pete hack says my Friend colleague made a good point on an Earlier show and he said that will that

Will probably become the biggest selling Trump 2024 t-shirt out there and I'd Probably add hats and other swag with it As well but uh I think that will Backfire on people because when people Look at the insignificance of the issue And you know a law that had never been Tried used before and the length and the Depth and depravity of this and you know Indictment to begin with and then to do This to a former president I do believe There will be a backlash I mentioned two Polls that show a 20 increase in in the President's approval rating and and poll Numbers since the indictment so I think That's going to tell us a lot I think it will I think you're right I Think uh that mug shot will probably go Down in history as the most famous mug Shot ever to exist in America for sure Um but I think people really get it and They they see Donald Trump as a symbol Really if Freedom as a symbol for all The the freedom-loving Patriots in this Country let's face it he has stood up Against all different kinds of attacks Throughout the time he ran for president The first time the second time while he Was in the white house and he continues To stand up in the face of all of it Despite all of this they want him to Quit they want him to give up they want Him to stop and he refuses to do it so What do they have to do they have to

Make up charges they have to bring them Up to New York spend tens of millions of New York City taxpayer dollars all for Nothing it will only make him stronger It will only make him more popular and I Think it will solidify him as the 47th President all right Laura Trump thank You for being with us as the Great when Mark Levin says a Post-constitutional America hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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