Larry Elder joins the growing 2024 field

Larry Elder joins the growing 2024 field

Los Angeles radio host and former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to launch his campaign. #foxnews #tucker

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Foreign Elder has been in California media Forever telling the truth in a really Smart and sometimes hilarious way He just ran for governor of California In a recall election against Gavin Newsom he came up short after the State's media United to call him a white Supremacist Still makes us laugh it's pretty Offensive actually but he's not deterred He has a major announcement for us Tonight our friend Larry Elder joins us Now Larry thanks so much for coming in So I'm sorry and I'm sorry to laugh at That I'm sure it's hard for you to laugh At but it's just it's so insane Um so what are you up to next But Tucker you almost have to laugh at It it's so ridiculous and actually the The actual quote was Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy Tucker and The sub headline was you've been warned By the way one other LA Times columnist Referred to My Views as white Supremacists why because I'm pro-life Because I don't buy the notion that America is systemically racist because I Want to cure borders because I want us To be energy uh in independent instead Of energy dependent because I know that Our Urban schools are a disaster so for All those reasons I was called the black Face of white supremacy and a white

Supremacist in terms of my views my Announcement Tucker Is I'm announcing that I'm running for The presidency of the United States on Your program and thank you so much for Giving me this honor in this platform my Website is And talking the reason I'm doing this is Because you know my father was a World War II vet he served in in on the island Of Guam he was a Marine First Black Marines are called Montford Point Marines my older brother my late Older brother Kirk was in the Navy During the Vietnam era and my little Brother Dennis actually served in Vietnam in the Army I'm the only one who Didn't serve and I don't feel good about That I feel I have a moral a religious And a patriotic duty to give back to a Country that's been so good to my family And to me and that is why I'm doing this Tucker Well it's that's amazing congratulations It's a big decision to make I I very Familiar with your views I think I agree With all of them pretty much but if you Were to narrow it down just pick one or Two the issues that are animating you That are making you feel like you've got To put everything on hold and do this What are they well aside from the Obvious things about the borders I

Mentioned before the crime the the Maligning of the police there are a Couple of things that I think our side Does not spend enough time talking about And that is the LIE the absolute Disgraceful lie that the Democrats put On everything which is that America is Systemically racist it isn't just a lie Tucker it's having real consequences the Police are pulling back it's called the Ferguson effect or the George Floyd Effect and the people who are who are Harmed by that are the very black and Brown people that people on the left Claim they care about there's been a Study that shows hundreds if not Thousands of people are now dead because The police are not engaging in proactive Policing because they've been Demoralized by people calling them Racist the second thing tuckery is The 10 000 pound elephant in the room Regarding all of this stuff we see uh in Chicago and some of these other cities With these Mass mobs is the lack of Fathers in the home right now today in America 40 percent of all kids enter the World without a father in the home Married to the mother seventy percent in The black community 50 of Hispanics 25 Percent of whites now that's the same Percentage as was the case of blacks Back in 1965 the question we should be Asking ourselves is how do we go from

Having 25 of black kids entering the World in 1965 without a father in the Home a married to the mother to 70 today And the answer is the welfare state We've incentivized women to marry the Government we've incentivized men to Abandon their financial and more Responsibility and if I do nothing else In this race but Focus people on those Two issues I will have I would have Performed this service to my country Did you I know that my father had had The pivotal effect on my life was that True for you did your dad have an effect On the man you became absolutely and my Father never knew his biological father So it's not a death sentence but my Father believed in hard work he ended up Working when he got out of the military Two full-time jobs cleaning toilets Tucker started a little cafe when he was Around 47 years old ran it until his 80s And my dad died he owned the property Where the restaurant was a little piece Of property next door to it plus a house From South Central that we still have in Our own family so the man had died with A net worth of a little bit under a Million dollars not too bad for a kid From Athens Georgia Jim Crow South whose Mom threw him out of the house at the Age of 13. that's what you can do in America my dad by the way was a lifelong Republican he said this about Democrats

Democrats want to give you something for Nothing when you try to get something For nothing you almost always end up Getting nothing for something and my mom Was a lifelong uh if I said Democrat I Meant Republican my mom was a lifelong Democrat and Tucker they would have Arguments over the kitchen table but Nobody called anybody a fascist nobody Said you only care about the rich nobody Said can you only care about the poor They were able to debate these things Civilly and we had to be able to do that In this country amen That's well that's that's a really Inspiring message Larry Elder Congratulations on this decision I'm Glad you made the announcement here and We'll see you again thanks I appreciate It for subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our Nightly opens stories that are changing The world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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