Louisville shooting leaves at least 2 dead, 4 injured: Report

Louisville shooting leaves at least 2 dead, 4 injured: Report

At least two people were killed and another four people were wounded following a park shooting Saturday night. #FoxNews

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Straight to a Fox News Alert there's Been a mass shooting in Dadeville Alabama details at this moment are Scarce as police work the scene as we Speak Brian Eunice has been on it this Morning to give us what we know so far Brian good morning well what we know is Very limited Fox News can confirm that There was a mass shooting in Dadeville Alabama that's what we know so far now Also what we can know is based on our Own eyes reporting and live streaming From local sources down there including The Alexander City Outlook which was has Been streaming live outside of this Scene it shows the mahogany Masterpiece Dance studio in Dadeville Alabama next To the PNC Park there's yellow police Tape the state Bureau investigators are On scene you can see Windows blown out Of that dance studio those are the Things we can confirm now as to what's Being reported by wrbl this is a local CBS affiliate down there in East Alabama In in Tallapoosa County Alabama they Report that at 10 30 last night there Was a shooting in which that left more Than 20 people injured the majority of Those are said to be teenagers Reportedly according to them they've Been sent to multiple hospitals nearby And we've that's what we know we've been A we've been trying to speak to an Official since one o'clock this morning

And they are still gathering information No official tweets no official Facebook Posts nothing from authorities down There as you can imagine what we do know Is that the Alabama law enforcement Agency has told us that it is quote a Horrible situation down there so we will Get more information as we get it a mass Shooting in Dadeville Alabama at about 10 30 last night reportedly and we'll Bring that to you more details as we get It now this is happening at the same Time that there was another shooting in Louisville Kentucky last night a second Shooting in that city mass shooting in a Week four people were trying transported With injuries including one critical Condition and two people are dead after A gunman or a gun men shot into a crowd Of more than 100 people at a local park In Louisville Kentucky Chickasaw Park Last night no word on arrest they are Asking for the public to help identify The suspect or suspects in that shooting Again a second mass shooting in Louisville as we continue to work our Phones here to try to get more Information on the Dadeville Alabama Situation that is a town guys of just 3 000 people and again the video that we Can see from that shooting in Dadeville Alabama and what you're seeing right now Is Louisville but the one that we're Talking about with Dadeville that

Happened at 10 30. we've seen live Stream video from local sources that Show the mahogany Masterpiece dance Studio in downtown Dadeville where wlbr Is reporting that there was a gathering There maybe a sweet 16 is what they're Reporting a bunch of teenagers and more Than 20 are now injured so as soon as we Get word a press release or anything We'll make sure we get into you guys Okay thank you Brian thank you Brian Thank you Brian

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