Marjorie Taylor Greene responds after she’s heckled for protesting Trump indictment

Marjorie Taylor Greene responds after she’s heckled for protesting Trump indictment

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., shares why she went to New York to protest former President Donald Trump’s indictment and responds to Mayor Eric Adams’ criticism on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #foxnews #fox #tucker

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So it looked pretty crazy in New York Yesterday of course looking crazy was The whole point of this to terrify swing Voters into never voting for Donald Trump what was it like well Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green of Georgia was there for the arraignment Before she arrived the mayor of the city Already failed just a year into office Eric Adams described her as a criminal And implied he would punish her if she Misbehaved Meanwhile actual lunatics showed up and Prevented her from speaking watch So can I ask what those are for Um so we hear that Marjorie Taylor green Is coming to the city Um right here so we brought some Whistles to hand out to people to drown Her out with some noise [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] That's a sitting member an elected Member of the Congress everyone can see Where this is going merger Taylor Green Joins us tonight to recount what she saw In New York yesterday Congressman thanks So much for coming on what was that like Well it was absolute chaos and that's What the mayor of New York City wanted To happen to me you see he threatened me And basically basically put out a dog

Whistle for violence against me and then There was a funded text alert that went Out naming me by name and telling people To do exactly what that man was doing Hand out whistles and try to create a Chaotic scene of violence and assault And that's against the law by the way Tucker you see they didn't want me to be Able to protest and use my first Amendment rights and they wanted Violence I think they wanted that to Happen because they want to repeat January 6 all over again they want all Of us Trump supporters Maga basically Republicans and just good Americans to Look like criminals and that's what they Do in communist countries and that's Actually what we're seeing today well The first thing to do of course is take Away your freedom to speak and if you Can't say what you really think then You're not a free person you're a slave And once you are then there's really not Nothing they can't do to you I do you Think people understand the implications Of not allowing someone to speak I I don't think they do I don't think People realize what dangerous times We're living in you see the Democrat Party they're the fascists they want to Cancel our voices they want to censor us And they want to completely Force us Into complying you see the reason why They're Prosecuting or should we say

Persecuting Donald Trump is for the Crime of actually winning the 2016 Presidential election that's what They're in hysterics over and they've Never gotten over it but what they Really want to do is once they remove Their top political opponent which is President Trump they're going to come After all of us this has happened Repeatedly throughout history and people Need to wake up to the reality of the Danger we're living in really quick Since you were just there but mayor Adams described New York as quote his Home how did his home look pretty neat And tidy No his home is disgusting I compared it To what I called Gotham City the streets Are filthy they're covered with people Basically dying on drugs they can't even Stand up they're falling over there's so Much crime in the city I can't I can't Comprehend how people live there it was Repulsive it smells bad and I just I Think it's a terrible place Yeah with some nice people I will say That congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green Just back from New York thank you so Much Thank you Tucker subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our Nightly opens stories that are changing The world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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