Media slammed for Biden ‘lovefest’ during White House Correspondents’ dinner

Media slammed for Biden 'lovefest' during White House Correspondents' dinner

The ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ hosts recap the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and discuss the reaction had a Republican-held office. #FoxNews

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We spoke about the White House Correspondence dinner a little bit Earlier and whether or not it's a Um you know whether or not journalism And power should constantly be rubbing Uh elbows well let's just share with you A little bit of something that happened Last night watch Yeah I know I just announced my Re-election campaign Oh and people are pointing out you know The president getting cheered uh bias Um the non-adversary relationship and Non-adversary relationship not what you Would hope in objective coverage this is One of those moments where you just play The what if Donald Trump game And the room would be silent or would be Full of booze so is it a room full of His fellow Democrats and to your point So the concept of the White House Correspondence dinner would be were Correspondents in the White House always Adversaries with those who are supposed To check power with so once a year we Have a dinner and show that we can get Along a little bit or crack jokes at Each other's expense which has turned Into just a gigantic love Fest for for The Democrat Party and the establishment Inside D.C they call it the nerd County Oscars of politics absolutely and that's Essentially the double standard is Interesting too last week they had the

State dinner uh this with the South Korean president and Chip and Joanne you Know them from Texas they're great Couple they went she's she's Korean half Korean American and she went and she Posted it online and you know they're a Non-political couple but just imagine if They had gone to the state dinner in the Trump White House and Sean Knight Actually talked about that on our Podcast on the kitchen table want us to Break it down but I think that's been Complicit exactly and so it's non-p They're they're apolitical or it's not a Political event if you go to and and I Believe me I think it is a non-political Event to go to a state dinner it should Be she's Korean American she's showing That but it is just this double standard That continues to great Americans where They see unequal Justice unequal Treatment in the Press unequal treatment At a at a White House correspondence Dinner by the Press it's just it's Glaring yep you're exactly right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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