MSNBC ripped for Super Tuesday coverage: They want to ‘control the narrative’

MSNBC ripped for Super Tuesday coverage: They want to 'control the narrative'

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the media’s coverage of the Super Tuesday results and Biden’s latest comment that he’ll ‘get in trouble’ for taking press questions. #FoxNews

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President Trump making big games this Super Tuesday winning 14 out of the 15 States out for grabs including the Delegate powerhouses of California and Texas Nikki Haley winning in Vermont they call it super Tuesday for a Reason this is a big One and they tell me the pundits and Otherwise that there's never been one Like this has never been anything so Conclusive this was an amazing an Amazing aming night we're going to take Back our country we are going to do it Right we're going to have the greatest Economy ever in the history of our Country we're going to top what we did Meantime President Biden solidifying his Path to the nomination on the Democrat Side with winds everywhere except the American Samoa but there were some Warning signs for the president Especially in Minnesota where nearly 20% Of people voted uncommitted instead of Giving him their support and here's how The media react reacted to the super Tuesday election Results Republican voters don't vote That way they don't vote based on Economics or based on the benefits They're getting economically from the President they're increasingly from the Tea Party On they're voting on Race They're voting on this idea of an Invasion of brown people over the border

The issue of race animates Donald Trump The issue of race has long animated the Evangelical movement I don't think Enough has been talked about that Trump Has had way more votes against him in These primaries than President Biden um You know President Biden is dominating Every primary contest in a way that Donald Trump would like to dominate and He has not Joe kcha is a Fox News Contributor and Joe joins us now Joe Your reaction to what you just heard From the media from the race car to Trump's in real big trouble because he Did not win 100% of the vote in each Primary uh it's the media instead of Crying wolf crying race Todd right and It's on MS NBC it's as predictable as The sun rising in the East birds flying South of the winter and you know Something we could agree on the Cowboys Losing in January these are all Predictable things thank you uh and I I Did enjoy how you know Rachel mattow Whose pitcher you could find next to the Word Pious criticized her own parent Network NBC for airing Trump's victory Speech but to get back to that Montage That you played they say that Republican Voters are only voting on Race no exit Polls show that they're voting on the Economy and inflation that's number one According to our most recent Fox News Poll number two is immigration but it's

Not about brown people coming over the Border it's about budgets in major Cities being exhausted in terms of Cutting police sanitation education in Terms of fentel coming over and killing A record number of Americans it's about The terror watch that we see as far as Terrorists coming across the border Hundreds of them according to the Department of Homeland Security Themselves uh that have been apprehended So this isn't a racism thing as far as How Republicans are voting they're Voting on security as far as this Country they're voting on economic Security those are the top two issues on Top of crime as well but this is what That Network pushes over and over again Because I guess they're telling their Dwindling audience what they want to Hear well Joe you mentioned it the President delivered a speech yesterday As the election results were coming in Or the former president Donald Trump and MSNBC cut him off watch this you know It's it's it is um okay I will say that It is a decision that we revisit con Constantly in terms of the balance Between allowing somebody to knowingly Lie on your air yeah we saw this in Iowa We're seeing it again I don't understand This strategy Joe is it because they it Feels like they think that they need to Protect their viewer like their View

Viewers can't handle hearing the former President and to me that that's Insulting Carly it's about protecting Their viewers and it's about control Controlling the narrative if Donald Trump speaks directly to their viewers And talks about the immigration and Border problem or the inflation problem Or the crime problem or lays out his Foreign policy as far as Ukraine or Israel or China uh they can't control it When he's speaking without the filter They want to be the filter they want to Control the narrative those five six People sitting around the table all in Agreement with each other uh by the way It's the same Rachel mattow who promoted Adam schiff's most recent book on Russia Collusion and for years pushed that lie Herself and still to this day talking About truth that is hilarious look Donald Trump could have won with 99% of The vote and it wouldn't have mattered Everything is bad news according to MSNBC and to a large extent CNN the Walls are closing in they'll say the Bottom line is is that Donald Trump will Be the GOP nominee and he is the odds on Favorite if the election were held right Now to easily beat Joe Biden and it's Panic with all caps capital p n i Todd Yeah I I think it's panic but I also Think it's jealousy of good messaging Because on the side that they root for

The Democrats the messaging is bad all Around let's start with the president Here's Joe Biden shutting down the Press I better not start the questions I Get in trouble What's your message for super Tuesday Voters super Tuesday do you have a Message for voters you so much thank you All boy so inspiring so inspiring there Obviously he need cheat sheets but when You know the White House Press Secretary Is asked about cheat sheets this is the Response cards you're upset because the President has note cards you're you're Asking me a question about the president Having note cards asking why the President who has had a probably one of The most successful first three years of Of an Administration than any modern day President that's a whole lot of not Answering questions Joe he is polling lower Joe Biden is Todd than any president in polling History at this stage of his presidency And here you have Karen John Pierre who Needs her own share of no cards telling You that this is what the most Successful three years of any presidency In history I mean it is beyond I can't Even give you a response now without Without choking on my own utter Disbelief on these answers and look Here's the bottom line you saw Donald Trump take what an hour of questions or

Is at obviously a Podium giving a speech After his victory and here you have Joe Biden saying I may get in trouble if I Take questions that line that he's used For three years literally telling you That his handlers say that he shouldn't Talk to the Press because he may get in Trouble that's the problem here right Now you have a President Who who's Protected who doesn't have any Confidence in his own answers his Handlers are petrified to talk to the Press while Donald Trump is out there Showing that he has far more energy and Wants the job far more than Joe Biden Does right now if you base things on These things called actions guys actions Speak louder than words even when those Words are written on note cards Joe kcha Thank you very much have a great Wednesday super Wednesday according to Carly I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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