Nancy Pelosi heckled by crowd members at NYC event

Nancy Pelosi heckled by crowd members at NYC event

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt weighs in on war funding and why he thinks war will be a central issue in the 2024 election on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Every once in a while there's a moment In history where both sides of the Political aisle wake up like in 2016 When Trump called the Iraq War a mistake Listen You said you were surprised the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi didn't Try to impeach him you said quote which Personally I think would have been a Wonderful thing A close quote when you were asked what You meant by that you said for the war For the war he lied he got us into the War with lies do you still believe President Bush should be impeached Should have been impeached the war in Iraq we spent two trillion dollars Thousands of lives we don't even have it Iran is taking over Iraq with the second Largest oil reserves in the world Obviously it was a mistake so George Bush made a mistake we can make mistakes But that one was a beauty we should have Never been in Iraq we have destabilized The Middle East well that was the moment The levy broke when the anywhere Liberals and conservatives realize There's really no right and left it's More establishment And everybody else and while a lot of The country had an epiphany the power Players in Washington they didn't change Nancy Pelosi is still Nancy Pelosi and The left isn't having it now

Hey you supposed to be part of the Indictment tomorrow you're a war Criminal by definition Miss Pelosi you Got some nerve is that why you're here In Manhattan is that why you're here Because you're getting indicted tomorrow You get more criminal how many people Have died in your name how many people Have died because of my wreck all of you Forgot about Iraq I read Libya Syria Then there's no chance for this economy Don't you see it all fail none of it Hurts and then you land your plane in Taiwan we won a war with China at the Same time we want to all have nuclear Bombs dropped on our heads we live in Manhattan not to ask you to leave thank You Thank you and Nance is it the only Democrat getting yelled at by the left AOC and Hakeem Jeffries got crushed over Ukraine and now they're coming for Pelosi You know Pelosi that's a very good place For you in the depths of health because For some reason [Applause] That you did not admit that there were No there were no wnds in Iraq [Music] Now over 90 of those people are in Trouble and are dying let's tell the Truth about Nordstrom why did we destroy Your extreme

People like this Hey congresswoman I came to see a Warmonger but you're a saddle drunk what Happened when you went to Taiwan were You looking for Ukraine did we blow up The north stream on accident or on Purpose did you know about that We're the only ones covering this prime Time that's it the New York Times didn't Cover this massive Outburst in their own City with their own columnist that was Little Paul Krugman up there So how much longer until the Levee Breaks in the media Charlie Hertz of Fox News contributor this was suppressed This is a big event with Krugman and Nancy and she just got shellacked and They blacked it out why yeah um because I and I I really I don't think I'm Overstating this I think that this issue Is going to wind up being the most Important issue in the 2024 election Which issue the issue of the war and and If you look back over the past 20 years No issue has defined particularly Democrat politics more than the issue of War and obviously we saw it in 2016 with Donald Trump I mean he wrote a lot of Hand grenades into the Republican party But but that was probably the the most Devastating one but this issue and it's It's completely going under the radar This issue of war the fact that you have A president in Biden a Democrat who

Started a war in Ukraine Um and and it's funded funding tens of Billions of dollars uh for it Um and and the you know regular Democrat Voters are not not down for this stuff And if you look back at you know what Happened in 2004 John Kerry lost the Reason he lost is because he voted for The war in 2008 why did Joe why did Barack Obama kill uh beat Hillary Clinton he beat her because he didn't Vote for the war and she did vote for The war this has absolutely snared Democrats so you're saying momentum will Build eventually for this Ukraine thing To be toxic for Democrats I think Without a doubt and if you look at and It's sort of the it's sort of the Reverse of the of of the Iraq War in in Iraq you had Republicans were lined up 100 behind this thing in Ukraine it's Kind of iffy they're not Democrats in Congress are 100 behind this thing they Own this thing Lock Stock and Barrel and They're not paying attention to their Voters and their voters don't support Them so what happened to that disconnect Between members of Congress on the Democratic side and their anti-war left Voters I honestly think they got sucked Into the whole uh you know the the war Machine in Washington there's a lot of Money they get you get sucked up into That and you're the donor the contract

All of them and the the lobbyists and You and the and they lose sight of the Of those people that are in that and That are protesting there it's those are Not those are not plants those are Democrat voters and they're the same Democrat voters who walked around with You know George W bush you know a hung In effigy or in Dick Cheney in a prison Outfit during the same people they're Just a little grayer yeah and a little Angrier but they speak for a lot of People they do how how big of a voice is This anti-war crowd well it's not much Of a voice because nobody covers it but In terms of like raw number what Percentage do you think are people that Agree with this I bet you I bet you Would be I would not be surprised if you Didn't have 50 percent of Democrats Fifteen or fifty fifty percent of Democrats I never say anything though They don't even have the flags up Anymore yeah but uh but I but but but The the loudest people all the people on Twitter they're they love the Ukraine War how about Krugman how about he just Sitting sat there twiddling his thumb's Like a real man I think he was scared I Think the look on his face was like just Take her take her don't touch me that He's going to tell everybody tomorrow he Was in a war zone plus she she's tougher Than him I mean could you imagine

Getting to a fist fight with it Nancy Could beat the piss out of Paul Krugman Without a doubt without a doubt Charlie Heard thank you so much great to see you Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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