New details emerge on Trump’s upcoming arraignment

New details emerge on Trump's upcoming arraignment

Former President Donald Trump is set to be arraigned by the Manhattan criminal court on Tuesday. #FoxNews

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Former president Trump spotted yesterday Waving to supporters as he prepares for His arraignment in New York on Tuesday For alleged quote hush money payments Made during his 2016 campaign the Manhattan Courthouse preparing for the Unprecedented events this week as Trump's supporters and harshest critics Slam D.A Alvin Bragg over the charges Brookstone Here with us live with what we can Expect What can we expect hey guys good morning That's right details of President Trump's arraignment Tuesday are now Coming to light and the whole thing Should happen fairly quickly now the Former president is expected at the Courthouse at 11 A.M with the Arraignment set for 2 15. it could be Over as soon as 2 30 or 2 45 in the Courthouse and nearby streets will be Essentially locked down during that time Due to strict security measures sources Have told Fox News that this will all Take place without handcuffs on the Former president now Trump was spotted Giving the thumbs up to supporters who Gathered outside Mar-A-Lago yesterday as His friends and foes say this indictment Will only make him stronger and former Attorney General Bill Barr agrees that Support will help Trump but could hurt Other Republicans running for the White

House in 2024. listen I think the the impetus is really to Help Trump get the nomination Focus the Attention on him for two years have this Thing swirling around plus whatever else Comes which I think will be damaging uh To whoever gets the nomination Questions are still swirling over how Information from that grand jury Indictment made it to the media before The arraignment now former NYPD Inspector Paul Morrow asking where that Leak came from Why is that known that's a real felony On the New York penal law that is an E Felony to disclose the details of a Grand jury investigation the entire jury Pool here is hearing before the Indictment comes out about 34 counts a Very specific number I want to know why Donald Trump doesn't seem to Merit the Same protection of his presumption of Innocence meanwhile Trump could face a Gag order from a Manhattan judge after Tuesday which could mean fines and jail Time if he speaks out on the case after His arraignment guys Oh so they can leak whatever they want But he can't talk about anything if There's a gag order yeah if there's a Gagger got it so he he arrives at 11. But the arraignments out till 2 15. Right it's a lot of time yes and what Happens in there I don't exactly know I

Think that's got to be what Fingerprinting Arrangements were made with secret Service and NYPD and I don't know all The logistics but law enforcement we're Meeting about this on Friday I think They they ironed it all out but Tuesday Is the big day so maybe he'll be signing A few Mega hats for the cops probably Yeah exactly taking taking pictures yes During his arraignment oh yeah it's all It's all very Um surreal so do we know what I heard That Marjorie Taylor green and some Other people are planning to have a Rally is that at their on Tuesday in That area or is that somewhere else I Think that's somewhere else but it's It's going to be a lot to watch for this Is history I mean a president of the United States to be Iran arrested for You know we don't exactly know what These charges are it's under seal that's What we'll be learning on on Tuesday yes They say hush money payments but we Don't know those that hush money payment To Stormy Daniels to The Other Woman Karen McDougall those things were Investigated for years from the from Federal prosecutors and the U.S Attorney's Office in the southern District of New York also Federal Election Commission no one ever wanted To charge Trump on this the FEC

Throughout that investigation in 2021 The sdny prosecutors decided not to Charge Trump in 2019 so I mean if that's What he's being charged for will be Really interesting I mean I would have Thought the statute of limitations would Have run out on something like that Right multiple times that matter no do They read him as Miranda Rights That's a good question and I think most People will take place behind closed Doors so you know one day will there be A public information request and we'll See perhaps a mug shot if one is taken But I think most is going to take place Behind yeah and not not there for for Public viewing Brook thank you so much Thank you very much isn't it it's just Clear to you that what he's guilty of is Of winning because had he not won in 2016 this would not have happened there Would be no charges against him there Would be I mean this is a non-issue this Is that that he won and he refused to go Away this is a sign of weakness from the From the left of course they're so angry So deranged uh so threatened that They're using every tool possible Including the weakest one they could Just to create the dust cloud the Uncertainty and they're still pursuing Other cases in other places too how Popular will that mug shot be The most probably the most popular

Photograph maybe in American history I Mean replace I mean you know the Rand You know obviously no corollary but like In popular culture the Che Guevara T-shirt is a thing you see around right Right I mean this is going to be a Change this is going to be like a Cultural I mean the Trump administration's Already said they're going to release Mugshot shirts yeah I mean they should It's going to be in dorm rooms It's going to be on t-shirts it will be A symbol of what it means to fight the System the system that's every one of Those icons every one of those t-shirts Every one of those pictures that's what The the underlying symbolism is correct There will be no bigger I agree yesterday we had Eric Trump on And here's what he had to say about the Plans that his family and also the Trump Campaign have listen We go out there and we fight that's what We've had to do since the moment he came Down that escalator we've done it as a Family we've been incredibly successful Um believe me they wanted to get him out Of office they wanted to throw him Behind bars you saw that with this this Russia hoax I remember I was a guy that Got the phone calls do you have secret Servers connected to the Kremlin in the Basement of Trump Tower I started

Laughing I go you know first of all We're like mainly cloud-based Computing Second of all you don't keep servers in A basement because basements flood like What kind of nonsense is this but Despite the lack of logic of all of this They pursued that for for three years And guess what we had to go out and Fight you know the problem with the Democrats is they always dig so deep That they end up finding themselves and Guys that's exactly what's going to Happen here but Americans are are sick And tired of a two-tiered system Yeah that's true yeah that was Eric Trump yesterday then last night Lawrence Jones uh on cross country hit the Streets and and wanted to hear from People what here in New York I believe Is where he was Um what people thought about Donald Trump's indictment Is definitely not what it used to be and You you feel the impact even in what Used to be very safe neighborhoods so I Just decided to charge Donald Trump do You think it's going to make New York Safer absolutely not I really don't know Why they're focusing more on Donald Trump when they should be focusing on The crime out here you know because Crime is very bad New York is not not Going to change like because Donald Trump is in uh in jail if you do

Something wrong regardless of your Wealth or your position you should be Held accountable leaders in New York City care more about going after their Political opponents than actually Dealing with the issues in the city Everybody's making it seem like oh he Might go to jail and stuff but at the End of the day Uh we really got to focus on New York Like on the people That's interesting maybe maybe it Backfires on brag you think in the city I mean clearly he's doing it for Political reasons absolutely there's Absolutely no doubt left and right Acknowledge the fact that this doesn't Get pursued they don't focus on him they Don't up charge the everything they Don't bypass the statute's limitations None of it happens unless it's Donald Trump their most prominent political Figure whether they wanted to benefit Him in the primary or not but all of it Comes at the expense of regular people Right who should be protected and Focused on and instead every single Charge that's a big one gets downplayed By brag but for trump it gets upgraded 50 50 of every drunk driving charge is Dropped in this in the city and this is What they're doing all right there you Go I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade And I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here

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