Nikki Haley could be the ‘designated survivor’ for 2024

Nikki Haley could be the 'designated survivor' for 2024

The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss the key takeaways from the New Hampshire primary election as Donald Trump and Nikki Haley prepare for the next election in South Carolina. #FoxNews

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We are live right inside that beautiful Building look at all the snow outside we Woke up to this on the ground and it's Just beautiful not a lot so we felt safe There wasn't a lot of ice on the ground Just about an inch of snow so it was Beautiful and Lawrence is across the Street he's at the Copper Door Restaurant he's talking to our friends There having breakfast with them and We're rehashing what happened last night Former president Donald Trump defeating Nikki Haley by double digits in the New Hampshire primary that happened last Night but Haley says she's still in the Race today right uh and it looks like It's a 12-point distance now we're still Counting ballots Brian yenis has been in New Hampshire and spoke to the Haley Camp uh he joins us now Brian what is The plan going forward for the governor Former governor of South Carolina well Brian Stephen anley good Morning the plan right now is to move on To South Carolina at least from an ad by Perspective in a rally she has a rally In Charleston Uh tonight and she had a $4 million ad Bu in the state and actually the Campaign just released uh two of those Ads let's take a Look Nikki Haley delivered thousands of Jobs lower taxes tough immigration laws Same old Biden and Trump or new

Conservative Leadership yeah so the other ad says That Biden and Trump are too old and Promises that she'll cut taxes and close The border and defeat Chinese communism Now the campaign is trying to turn the Page quickly she's onto her home state Where she won the governorship there Twice Haley lost by double digits Obviously here in New Hampshire last Night but South Carolina is looking Tough polls have Trump up by some 30 Points or so Trump has the backing of The current governor McMaster and also Seven of the eight Republican members of Congress from that state yet Haley Insists this race has just Started this race is far from over there Are dozens of States left to Go let's not have somebody take a Victory when she had a very bad night She had a very bad Night as for those endorsements uh haly Loves to remind folks that she defeated Governor McMaster in the 2010 primary And as for those other endorsements she Says look state legislators they don't Like her because she passed ethics Reform and whatnot so this is the battle That she's going to be battling But Ultimately the campaign says super Tuesday not South Carolina is the Ultimate barometer of whether or not This is going to be a race do you think

Brian over overall she's surprised she Got within 12 what were her internals Indicating yeah it's a great question I Had been asking about the internals and Didn't really receive a straight answer On that but I've been asking about Points and margins for a better part of A week and nobody would commit to a Number and I think that was the point You know no surprised that they released The memo yesterday saying that they were Going onward to Super Tuesday there was A real expectation here of I think Exactly what happened last night and now They're they're saying look they even Did better than what the pundits were Saying so this was part of the plan Super Tuesday uh they woke up yesterday Morning sent out that memo and started This conversation early in anticipation Of the result we got that's right and And I know the Haley team told you last Night you know five in 10 uh Prim AR Voters don't support Donald Trump and Essentially she's staying in the race as The designated Survivor in case Something goes Haywire with Donald Trump's uh race and he's got to drop out And this also factors into you know Months ago we were talking about how Some moderate Republicans they said well The way to beat Trump is because there Are so many Republicans running in the Primary once they can Widow it down to

One onone then the non-trump voter would Coales around whoever that person was And it looks like that's the thinking Behind the Haley Camp yeah that's the thinking is here is That New Hampshire was favorable ground Because of these independent voters and So 11 of the 16 States on super Tuesday Uh like States like Maine and Massachusetts Virginia North Carolina uh They think that are favorable to her and They're semiopen or open primaries and They allow these Independents to vote so They want to make this race about the Delegate count they don't want to make It about margins because obviously if You make it about uh the margins and the Actual win column it's it's it's not Great for her but if you make it about The delegates then this stays Competitive through at least through Super Tuesday okay thank you so much Brian yeah you need uh 1,215 delegates Trump has 31 so far Nikki Hala has 16 This was a historic win though for Donald Trump he won Iowa and then came To New Hampshire and one hasn't happened Since 1976 uh he did better than any Candidate has in Iowa Bob Dole won with Slightly less than 133% and Donald Trump As we know won with 30 points he's won Over 75% of the real Republican voters And then what's next it's not South Carolina as Nikki Haley was saying it is

February 6th that's Nevada and Trump Will likely win Nevada because Nikki's Not a part of the caucus there then they Go to South Carolina and as Brian was Saying the real clear politics average Have has him up 30.2% and has the support of Governor McMaster the two US senators Nancy mace Among others so going forward she says She's staying in the race and that's Okay she has the money to do that a lot Of people like her she gets that Independent vote but what is her plan Going forward Lawrence yeah that that Ang you really Make the question really plain what is The path and someone on the campaign Maybe it's not the candidate maybe it's The staffers is going to have to explain To Republican primary voters how the Republican primary 70% of the people That voted for you according to the exit Polling were not Republicans 70% in a Republican primary and so yes I know Candidates and maybe her campaign Strategy to skip to the general but you Can't skip to the general when you Haven't won one state especially when You skipping Nevada and you only skip a State if you know that you're going to Lose to state so we're talking about Three losses before we get to South Carolina and all the polling indicates That probably that's going to be Donald

Trump's strongest performance so look I I think when you get Ronald McDaniel and A lot of the Republicans that have made It very clear that they're going to Start Coalescing um behind Donald Trump the Big question is going to be not just the Path but what are these donors that want To to go to the old Republican party Back to that are they going to stay Behind Nicki Haley yes well she has the Cash right now but she's going to need More yeah she raised one point .5 Million since the santis dropped out and We'll see if she if these people as Ken Lon said I'm going to wait to see Whether I'm writing a check to Nikki hel Or not after New Hampshire he says I Don't want to throw my money down a hole I don't know how many other Rich donors Feel the same way voter analysis is in Which is tells people what they cared About that showed up at the polls 41% of New Hampshire voters said immigration's Number one the economy number two at 31 Foreign policies 8% and 5% abortion Which the big news is I think the big Separation between both Haley and Trump Is foreign policy Haley's like we got to Back Ukraine the president's like I'm Going to make a deal when it comes to Israel she wants to get some Aid to Israel people say the Border first so That's where the big that's where the

Debate would be between the candidates Other C other issues are very similar Yeah and and Brian you mentioned the Iowa CAU and Angley mentioned the Iowa Caucus a little while ago one of our Voter analysis questions was when did You decide you're going to vote for the Person you did and Lawrence a moment ago You mentioned unaffiliated voters of the Unaffiliated voters 62 went to Haley and Donald Trump actually got 36% of the Unaffiliated but when it comes to uh who Decided after watching what happened in Iowa at the caucuses 54% said you know What I'm going with Nikki Haley and 42% went with Donald Trump Lawrence Yesterday you were talking to the diners And there was one lady you talked to who Had a very powerful story because most Of our viewers can relate to it she owns A small business she's employing so many People she's worried about putting her Kids through college paying all of these Individuals taxes and you know all the Things that we worry about and it's very Stressful so that is an issue the Economy but also you're talking to a lot Of people about immigration and you Talked to some a lady this morning in The diner um who said this is a big Issue for Her have eight people that work for me They're from Brazil they came here um Through a legal pathway they spent tens

Of thousands of their hard-earned Dollars to become legal citizens who Doesn't want to live in this country It's the best country in the whole world I understand why people want to come Here and better themselves but before we Do that we need to take care of those That give us this freedom to live in This great country our veterans we can't Even take care of them so all these Illegal immigrants coming over the Border tens of thousands of them it's It's frustrating it'sust tring for Myself other small business owners and The people that did take the legal Pathway to get Here yeah and then there's new studies That are coming out guys that 60% of the Folks that are coming across the border Illegally on welfare this is when we Have record inflation Americans living Paycheck to paycheck are or they don't Have enough for their budget so you know Remember that immigration is a signature Issue of the former president right you Don't want that being the number one Issues on voters mind going into this Election so Lawrence couple of things Number one this is the closest this is The closest diner ever got to you like When they cross behind you they look Like they're lining you up to take you Out like you you're about to catch a Punt uh and number and number two uh it

Just looks I just fear I fear sometimes That they're coming for you uh but the Lawrence the other thing to to keep in Mind too is that uh people want to see This back and forth it doesn't even Though it costs money people don't mind Seeing the debate yeah and and Lawrence A moment ago you were talking a little The sound bite with the woman who Employed those people from Brazil she Mentioned veterans yesterday when I went Over to talk to some of the voters at The bedord high school and it was across The board I I spoke to a a woman who uh And her husband who were Democrats uh Historically had voted for last time Voted for Joe Biden they were un they Were Undeclared they uh asked for a Republican ballot they wanted to vote For Donald Trump because they felt like When Donald Trump was President he Actually had the back of the military I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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