Piers Morgan shuts down Democrat with one question: ‘She froze’

Piers Morgan shuts down Democrat with one question: 'She froze'

The ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ host says his viral exchange with Democratic Rep. Katie Porter exposed the ‘fragility’ of the woke position on women’s sports. #FoxNews

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Nobody including Riley Gaines who I Disagree with strongly should be should You disagree with out of interest Um I I think that it should be up to Sporting bodies to make the decisions About who she said that's actually wrong I think that what she has done is try to Turn this we talked about people you Know becoming using things to kind of Get likes and get clicks that's not what She's doing I mean I've got no truck for Right against personally but all I've Seen to do is stand up for women's Rights Piers Morgan firing back at democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter who claims Former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines is Only speaking uh fighting for women's Sports because she wants attention And Piers Morgan joins us now after his Luxury flight back to England Pierce is Giving us a little time I saw him I saw Him putting on social media all his Fancy meals on his airplane steak and Shrimp and wine uh no we're happy to Have you with us this morning Pierce you Know what I found fascinating about this Exchange you reveal the the utter Ridiculousness of of this entire Movement by simply asking her a question One question what do you disagree with About Riley Gaines Well first of all well great to see you Without your ballet clothes on today

I'm still quite traumatized to be honest Anyway actually good to see you in Normal gear today um look here's the Deal with this it was a very simple Question because she was clearly very Angry about Riley Gaines but when I Actually said well what is it you Disagree with she froze she had no Answer and it was a startling moment I Think particularly given that the bill Marshall is a pretty liberal show has a Very liberal audience who all began Cheering me on yes and not the female That would be Senator and it's an Extraordinary State of Affairs when two You know middle-aged men me and Bill Martin were standing up vociferously for Women's rights to fairness and equality And a woman congresswoman who wants to Be a senator was incapable of doing that And that to me exposed the fragility at The heart of this woke position on this Whole transgender debate yes it's a Great way to put it the fragility of That of their argument when put on Display they can't answer by the way Riley Gaines responded to the Congresswoman tweeting this saying hey Katie Porter I'm not speaking up for Myself I'm done playing sports I'm not Fighting for me I'm actually supposed to Be in dental school this year but I've Changed my life plans because I see What's at stake if someone doesn't fight

For the present and Next Generation do You think someone like Riley Gaines Standing up the way she has ultimately Can change this debate which felt like It all these sport leads thought well We're just going to fall into the new Woke agenda here do you think maybe We'll get to the point where women are Actually defended in sports and playing Only against other biological women Well absolutely I think it's already Working or seeing sporting authorities Around the world now including World Athletics beginning to realize that There's a basic unfairness inequality About what has been going on Riley Gaines knows this better than anybody as I explained to Katie Porter because she Has actually had to race in a swimming Pool against Leah Thomas who is a six Foot three inch biological male Who as a Male swimmer was pretty unsuccessful but As a female swimmer is now smashing all Sorts of records and that cannot be fair So I made the point that you know at Some stage you've got to work this out Where you get fairness and equality for Trans athletes which I think should Absolutely be the case but you also Protect the rights of biological females To have fairness to the quality and it Seems to me there's only two ways you Can go you either compete against your Biological sex which would mean that

Trans women would compete against men as Many of them have done before by the way Or you have a completely separate and New category for Trans athletes given How many more trans athletes are now Competing at all levels so that seems to Me the sensible way through but to get To that place you've got to get Politicians particularly female Politicians to actually do what Riley Gaines has been doing and put their head Over the parapet and let me remind uh Everybody what I reminded Katie Porter On the Bill Maher show in Scotland there Was a female first Minister Nicholas Sturgeon just lost her job because she Insisted that a male rapist should be Put into a female prison because she Believes in Limitless gender identity Cost of her job it's time that female Politicians in particular in America Democrat politicians stop this work Nonsense and stood up for women's rights Okay well said thank you so much Pierce Yeah check out Piers Morgan did you see That on Instagram following on Instagram He put it all over the place I don't Know I'm glad he used the word fragile Because when you have when your Masculinity isn't fragile you can dress Up in ballet gear and get away with it It's not a big deal Pierce I'll show you One day check out Pierce's show on Fox

Nation as well by the way thank you Pierce coming up next I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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