Police still searching for Florida teen killings’ third suspect

Police still searching for Florida teen killings’ third suspect

Marion County, Florida sheriff Billy Woods says the suspects and the killed teenagers ‘knew each other’ and are associated with a ‘gang.’ #foxnews

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They took a life Are y'all comprehending that They took a life without thought They deserved the full extent of the law On Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods are Talking about two juveniles who have Been arrested and a third now being Sought in connection with the recent Shooting deaths of three area teenagers In the central Florida Community the Sheriff kind enough to join us now Sheriff it's very good to have you sir How is that investigation going now Good Morning Neil thanks for having me Well we're making uh getting closer and Closer to the conclusion as soon as we Have this third suspect in our custody Will be able to conduct our interviews And finalize and put uh what evidence we Have together with the cooperation Obviously with our state attorney's Office and the state attorney bill Gladson So we don't we don't have him in custody Yet but hopefully we will here soon Was there a link between these two Juveniles and a third I guess being Sought Sheriff to those who were Murdered Did they know them well Correct yeah that's the link they knew Each other now they're associated with The gangs and not necessarily the time They were doing gang activity nor am I

Going to say that the actions were Specifically uh gang rivalry Um but the way I put it in my press Conference there is no honor among Thieves and uh you know this whole Scenario is tragic there's nothing Good in this entire scenario you got 16s Which is Ravishing not just my community It's ravishing every Community across This nation where our youth are engaged In more criminal activity and then they Go out there now I I know what some of Your viewers are going to say well they Don't have a criminal history just Because we haven't caught them does not Mean they haven't committed crimes been Part of crimes or helped in crimes and The fact that it's the victims are three Juveniles and our suspects and murderers Are three juveniles there's nothing good In this scenario You know what impressed me the most by Following you and your remarks Sheriff Over the the last week how blunt you are But you you don't leave any room for Doubt and and stepping back and looking At it starkly and simply when when you Referred to these uh individuals and no Honor among Thieves you went on to say At some point these three individuals Turned on our three victims and murdered Them and I thought the Simplicity of That and the powerful impact of that hit A lot of people he's right we're we're

Talking about they're underage and we've Got to be careful and don't do this and Don't do that but you looked at it the Reality of the moment and and Indeed they were behind this they Murdered three young people Well Neil one I'm just a simple man I Look at things as simplistic as possible I don't believe in being politically Correct I don't believe in holding back I know my community expects the truth And that's what I give them I tell them Exactly how it is if people don't like Me I I can live with it I definitely Can't and you know it People think that we like myself are Hard we have hearts I have kids and I Understand in these scenarios but the Fact is is we dance around the real Issues we want to focus on one thing That has no capability I'm here to tell You the gun didn't knock on their door Walk in their room and say hey look Let's go kill somebody today They made a conscious decision and the Failure here is the fact that we do not Get to the root cause Family Our schools And even ourselves out here in society We in fact are enabling everything in Which they do just because we don't hold Them accountable just because we don't Uh we minimize their actions

We don't do them Justice we're doing Them harm and we're just degrading every Single day in our society in these great United States in which you and I live in Neil it's degrading we need to go back To what our our faith and our beliefs Back to our fathers that you know Disciplined us this is missing Neil it Truly is the foundation is there but the Walls have crumbled and we need to build Them back up You know what's disturbing you know the More about this Sheriff you pointed out If this is indeed the work of gangs or Gang work or or gangs are festering in Florida of course they're very prevalent In the Northeast and in California you Don't hear too much about it in Florida But it's a it's a problem and and you're Worried about aren't you Absolutely I am you know everybody wants To ignore it or deny it every Community's got them no matter how big Or how small there's some form of a gang In their communities and here I'm here To tell you 15 years ago I would have Denied it to You would have heard me saying no There's no gangs here But there is Now I'm not saying they're to the level Of the cartel uh you know they're just What I freeze and everybody's hit on This what I call wannabe gangs they have

No structure but it's still a game it's A group of them that come together try To sue pounding on each his chest and Say I'm better than you you offended me Going back and forth it's there don't Deny it face it embrace the suck and Deal with it Sir do you think that these juveniles Whatever we want to call them should Then be prosecuted as adults Yes I do to the full extent And if not if we don't prosecute them as Adults what's your fear The fear is is what I just said earlier We're sending a clear message to Individuals like this that there is no Accountability And unfortunately And it breaks my heart It's a 12 year old involved as well His life is over one Decision One Decision His life is done As he knows it Sheriff very powerful as you really did You know stop a nation in its tracks and It needed to be stopped in its tracks to Look at the At violence at its core and in this case At its senseless core Um yeah as a dad myself I I appreciate That Well thank you Neil I if I'm the only One that's going to stand on the line

I'll stand on that line by myself Because I'm tired of hearing the Riddick Around this nation I'm tired of hearing Thing this and that Um and nobody wants to stand up we sit Back in the shadows and just accept it Or tolerate it I'll be there And I encourage people to join me I'll Stand on that line if I have to by Myself I'll keep us posted Sheriff thank you For taking the time and thank you for Speaking the way you do we could use a Lot more of that in this world be well Sheriff thank you Neil I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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