Project 2025: Staffing the Next Conservative Administration | #Heritage50

Project 2025: Staffing the Next Conservative Administration | #Heritage50

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What is Project 2025 it is everyone here This is the movement we are going to be Prepared day one January 20 2025 to hit The ground running as a as conservatives To really help the next president Heritage has Heritage got on the book on the marker As As a organization by delivering the First mandate for leadership in 1980 to President-elect Reagan We also over time give a lot of resumes In but when Dr Roberts came aboard he Said this task in 2024 is too big for Any one think tank this has to be a Movement and what we've done is use our Convening power here at Heritage to Bring the entire movement together so 2025 is not a Heritage thing it's a Conservative movement thing we're going To explain briefly here we're going to Have a panel and we'll have a video but What we're doing is systematically Preparing to March into office and bring A new Army of aligned trained and Essentially weaponized conservatives Ready to do battle against the Deep State so if you would join me in Watching the video and inviting Our fellow panelists here Ed Rick and Ken cuccinelli over uh so we'll cue the Video and and have a little discussion What is Project 2025 it's a call for you To come work here Washington D.C

Conservatives face a tough challenge in Washington the swamp the left has built A system that blocks and sabotages our Efforts to run our governments and Deliver a conservative agenda people Would come into the government on behalf Of a president and not be bought in to The agenda that he was elected to do They were either uncommitted or Incompetent things aren't going to Change unless you commit to serving our Country we want to make sure that the Plans that are in place have been vetted So that the person knows not only what Argument excuses come in their way but What the answer is and have the trust of A movement-wide effort led by the Heritage Foundation to make sure that They know that it's credible and it's Conservative this time we have a secret Weapon this time we have project 2025 by Learning from the experience of former Conservative appointee days we can Overcome common obstacles and get things Done the reason I got involved is Because I wanted to be part of a Movement-led effort and Heritage Foundation has used their influence to Be able to convene the movement we can Be ready to hit the ground running on Day one of the next Administration in The wise words of Morton Blackwell you Owe it to your philosophy to study how To win project 2025 will ensure a

Conservative agenda is ready to roll on Day number one make sure that we as Conservatives are prepared to hit the Ground running January 20th 2025. to Learn more go to [Music] Great well let me explain briefly how We've structured project thank you Um that let me give you a little Overview how how we've structured this And I'm going to pass the mic over to Rick Dearborn to give you a little bit Overview from his Viewpoint as Deputy Chief of Staff in the White House in Running the last transition we have four Pillars we speak of and this is an Integrated approach first as you know Today we we came out with our policy Book mandate for leadership this sets The table for what conservatives want in Their next standard Bearer we are we are Bringing this out before the primaries To bring the candidates to our point of View and we're standing at the ready to To train them up and give them policy Expertise but this is a great sampling Across our 50 plus member Coalition of What conservatives in the main want to See in the next four years two we're Making a massive database conjoining all Of our personal recommendations ends Into essentially a conservative LinkedIn This is for anyone in America to enter Into government here in Washington this

Place is only going to change when we Take people in from outside of the Beltway anyone who's listening to this Who's ever aspired to come serve this is Your call to do it now join the database Create your profile and then two we Shift into pillar three it's our online Training it's going to teach you the Rules of the road how do you function in Government how does government function We're going to teach you the more Mundane things about how to get a Security clearance but we're going to Tell you how to work effectively with Their career staff how do the budget Processing work the budget process works And all these other intricacies of Federal government life that you can't Learn on the job and then finally we're Going to be doing the Playbook this is Our plan of action for the first 180 Days we're doing transition teams Rick Why don't you tell us a little bit about Your experience on the last Transit Position and how this project will make It different well thanks Paul I Appreciate that so Rick Dearborn I was The I'm the former deputy chief of staff For president Trump uh in the white House but before that and right after he Won election in 2016. three days later I Was tapped to be the executive director Of a presidential transition I think James Baker is the only person that's

Been that's been on a transition five Times I think he ran one three times Normally when you do it it's your first Time doing it I love doing it I don't Know that I want to do it again but the Peaceful transition of power is an Awesome responsibility I would have Given my right arm to have had the book That I see on so many tables out there To have this mandate for leadership the Conservative promise I would have been Able to go to our agency action team and Put the book down and say hey here's What you should take a look at when You're going to build out how to run EPA Or the Department of Justice or DOD The fourth pillar that you talked about Paul the idea that there's a battle plan Plans executive orders how do you write Those what rules are important what Should you focus on what what can you Anticipate that Congress may want to Reverse or Advance what should your Priorities be for the administration you Know all of that will be part of this Project that we provide the next Conservative president so I'm ecstatic About it I wish I'd had at least this First piece the book and I'm happy Actually to turn it over to a deputy Secretary at Homeland Security and Former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli tell you a little bit more About what is in this book and how

Important it is Well thank you Rick and I did serve in The Department of Homeland Security and That's the chapter that I'm the title in The book is lead author but the reality Is in DHS and you'll hear this from Other chapter leads as well over 30 People contributed to writing this Chapter It covers the entire Waterfront of the Department which is 250 000 employees Over 50 billion dollar budget there's a Lot of ground covered under the banner Of the Department of Homeland Security And so some of the names you'll know Mark Morgan Tom Holman Joe edlow who Followed me in USCIS Some of the others you wouldn't Recognize some from the legislative Perspective because some of what we look To do here is lead the way and have uh Urge a president to lead the way in Changing the law not just issuing Executive orders but permanent changes To how American government works to Better serve the American national Interest and the American people and all Of those inputs are Incorporated we Don't agree on everything all the time You may have noticed that here or there In the conservative movement but we Reflect alternative options and DHS is a Good example of this we start out with a Primary recommendation which may

Surprise some of you and that is to get Rid of the Department of Homeland Security And well maybe it doesn't surprise that Many of you But we also play the probabilities Before I went to the dark side and went To law school I was an engineer I tried To stay in touch with the numbers and we Think the odds of that I don't want to Bet on them but we also worked well what If it doesn't get broken down and by That we don't mean get rid of the Missions we mean better manage from a National standpoint how American Security is protected how American Responsiveness is protected you think of FEMA for instance and we go through them Agency by agency as well including some Of the things we think we should be rid Of like The TSA It should be it isn't that there Shouldn't be security but government Doesn't need to run that uh just by way Of example and that's not new to the Conservative movement but I think it is New to a lot of America and we lay out The groundwork for how an incoming team As you heard Rick describe could begin Executing on that goal on day one and so Uh like many of the other chapters lots Of people involved in writing the Department of Homeland Security chapter

Very proud of that work product And I think that when you add in the Personnel piece and the training you're Going to hear about more from Ed and Pillars two and three this really would Tee up an incoming Administration to Achieve more than we've ever seen under Um a conservative president before which Is exactly what we want to tee up the Next conservative president to do so With that I'll hand it over to Ed Corrigan I guess I should have mentioned I'm at Center for renewing America these Days which is set up by Russ vote who You saw in this video here he's former OMB obviously I was at DHS and that's Kind of where I hang my Think Tank hat And the I can attest to the To use Ed's word from earlier today The Ecumenical nature across the Conservative movement of this whole Effort and that only makes it stronger It really does it's a very powerful way To see a bunch of individualists and Organizations that value individual Liberty set aside their own interests to Work just purely on behalf of good Conservative policy has produced a Really outstanding product and I'll hand It over to Ed Corrigan so I'm Ed Corrigan I'm the president of the Conservative Partnership institute Um uh really proud to be a part of this Uh this project

So many of you are focused rightly uh Every two years on electing the right People and so much of your time and Energy and resources are put toward that Effort but so often we ignore what Happens the day after you win and that's What this project is all about because That that's so particularly with the Presidency it's so important Um and we and basically you're going to Get a chance to flip through the policy Recommendations having all of that uh You know Rick and I were up in Trump Tower and uh and the uh winter of of 2016 uh doing the I was working on the Personnel uh project Rick was running The whole operation it was it's it's Just so important getting the right People and that's what what um that We've been focused on is the Personnel Database uh is going to be robust it's Going to provide strong recommendations And in addition we're going to have a a Elaborate training programs for folks Who want to come in and want to serve And and giving them the recommendations Of the tool kit and how to how to Navigate it and from people who have Done it before and have been successful At it so I just I just want to say um as As Ken you're going to hear a lot of Folks say it it would be Um for the most powerful think tank in In America it would be very easy to go

It Alone on a project like this that's Not what happened here under the Leadership of Kevin Roberts and and Paul Dance and Spencer and and Steve Groves And others this has been really a team Effort you got 50 different conservative Organizations have contributed to this That's what makes this a a strong Product no presidential campaign or President is going to be able to ignore It this is going to give them the tools To really be successful and so really Grateful and proud of the team for for What they've done on this Yes and you know thank you Ed for that Remark I I would say you know this has Never happened in our movement we've Never had this coming together of the Entire movement to prepare for one event Day one January 20th and what brings What brings all these organizations Together it's we our common theme is to Take down the administrative State the Bureaucracy and you're gonna Um yeah it's it's not as easy done as it Is said Um the bottom line is that we need to Have an army of conservatives ready to March in day one and they're not they Don't even know their who they are yet They're hoping that we're gonna we're Gonna get the word of project 2025. They're going to come from all 50 states And come here to Washington and they're

Going to be equipped because of how We're training them and and giving the Battle plan

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