Quincy Illinois Central Services pass A+

Quincy Illinois Central Services pass A+

Hey everybody we are here at the city City department works off of Seminary Road next to Springfield Electric Company We’re gonna be doing an audit today on The city department the city bus Particular out here we’re filming Anything we can see from a public area So we got a okay a black GMC Daniel Denali sorry GMC Denali black in color Custom Boom we got an Illinois saw 223 CC it’s A Chicago Cubs play on a Ford F-150 XLT Cummins and then you have a bg27826 Illinois plate on a Kia with a front Hood damage uh Light cream color And then you got A Ford Super Duty Three four five five six seven two b-boy Six eight eight seven three on a Chevy Silverado three four seven four zero Eight four B on a maroon F-150 Kings Ranch version You got a Silverado literally silver Three one six five six one zero B boy Illinois plate that’s what it looks like You got a Ford Explorer or Ford Focus Au sorry Ford Escape Ford Au 70230 that’s okay 2010 or 28 2008 you got a Ford F-150 Piece of truck you got three two Five zero five one b boy

All black you know that’s a legal tent On the front you can’t have that uh five Percent limo tent on the back or on the Side you gotta have 35 all around so They’re in violation again that’s a Ford F-150 with a small antenna And that’s going to be with it with that Light there off-road light three two Nine five zero five one b boy so for the Officers that are watching this make Sure you keep an eye on that because I’ll do an audit on you guys too Cutler asphalt Services Or should the city I would assume 217-224-3641 Cutler Asphalt Services Incorporated on F-250 that’s 492-493d dog You have a piece of truck here call That the Chevy the Chevy shipmobile Again illegal tent Uh two seven six seven five three seven Really identifiable who works for the City who doesn’t must be uh must not be Making that much F-150 Lowry On a three zero nine eight six eight Three b-boy And you got Mr small dick literally Somebody’s compensating for something That might be James he might be Conversating for his small little dick That he got Yeah

Df37134 you got a Dodge Ram 2500 six uh Before six seven zero seven three D dog All white with uh rims that stick out Getting through these financing the rims I’m at the city Department Of Central Services Beautiful day out here Super beautiful actually Sorry for the wind everybody Foreign Cars We try to do that here in a minute You can’t be trespassing on government Property Foreign City of Quincy everybody Incorporated Back in A.D 1840 80. Hmm No personal authorized Personnel Beyond This point and in the public so I can Film Guarantee she’s gonna go snitch oh he’s Recording can’t be recording Here Man no one’s at the front desk so Happens if I need service Thank you She’s refusing to come to the door I need assistance I need to know where I Need to pay my water bill Oh yeah Where do I go to pay my water bill at How do I get down there

Yeah I’m not from here But how like how do which way do I go Like would y’all head south east Okay Okay Yeah River Mississippi River And down towards like the when you first Came off the bridge If I’m coming down if I say if I’m Coming from the bridge which way do I go Yeah I get on the main that’s Main Street right where you come from like Missouri side Okay and then it’s not is it not is it On 8th Street you said Okay so that’d be on the is on the left Hand corner diagonals on the right hand S and what was your name Diana thank you ma’am I’m on my way Thank you Foreign Very polite for once Let’s go over here to the buses Thank you Six nine six one m224407 Foreign 2012 plus model there I ain’t seen that One for a while actually I didn’t Realize it was all the way out here okay They must have a lot of small dicks Working for them [Music] There’s a city worker He’s like uh am I supposed to be filmed

Uh I don’t know Foreign

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