Republican Party Network: Developing a GOP Plan to Stop the Invasion

Republican Party Network: Developing a GOP Plan to Stop the Invasion

While the focus of this RPN video is on Arizona, the model described can be applied to any State Republican Party and the Republican National Committee. The sovereign State of Arizona is being invaded, and AZGOP is playing musical chairs. While we certainly enjoy the gossip, emails, speeches, and intrigue of the upcoming AZGOP elections, perhaps, the Arizona Republican Party should be a bit more concerned with the fact that Arizona is being invaded.

Welcome to the Republican Party Network My name is Yale wishnick and I am the President and founder of the Republican Party Network Republican party network Is a local state and national network of Conservative organizations conservative Leaders Republican club members and Leaders and of course Precinct committee Men from different districts around the Country And we are a network local state and National we’re by Republicans Conservatives talk with each other Discuss issues with each other determine What they want to Advocate as far as Issues that are important to voters we Then organize with other conservative Leaders and members around the country And then we mobilize we take action our Interest is to transform the Republican Party into an activist proactive Republican party a party which really Has the tools new tools Network Tools to Defeat the Democratic Left and the Democrats really I have for You for years have had networks uh They’ve been connected locally Statewide And nationally and Republicans have Pretty much had been a top-down Organization or a bottom-up organization Uh depending on what part of the country And region you are in but in any event Be it top down or bottom up it’s really Different sides of the same coin and

What we’re looking at is the creation of A powerful Network which then can really Be a force to defeat the Democrat Party So Um one of the things we want to talk About right now In addition to Um oh I want to mention first Jefferson Civics Jefferson Civics is our podcast And uh we have now four episodes we just Started it we’ll be going to our fifth Episode in the day or so and in Jefferson Civics we go into uh detail Take a deep dive into uh why Thomas Jefferson really needs to be the Political economic and social leader of The Republican party and we talk about That in depth so look for re Jefferson Civics as a podcast also I want to Encourage you to go to the join the Network it’s 15 cents a day not very Much And uh you will get tremendous uh things Out of it certainly you’ll be able to Build your own local network for your Organization for yourself for your Community and in that Network you’ll be Able to post your ideas comment upload Videos You’ll Be uploading images excuse Me you’ll be able to connect with other Members of your network instantly you’ll Be able to have live chats and private Chats you’ll be able to schedule events

In terms of face-to-face events but You’ll also be able to schedule online Online events through zoom and it would All be on your Network people can come To it observe what’s going on interact And engage again only for 15 cents a day So many features so many things that you Can do on the Republican Party Network And if you go on to our landing page Republican party Network you’ll See some of those features that are Framed for you to consider so we’ll hope You’ll go to the Republican we’ll hope you go to Jefferson Civics okay let’s get into uh Why uh this session uh really I believe Is so important and It has to do with um what’s going on in Arizona Texas other parts of the country Every state as you well know is a border State in terms of the millions of Illegal alien criminals uh drug dealers Human trafficking that’s going on is Coming to every state every community And we’re most concerned about the Republican Party really not taking any Action not really responding we’re going To use Arizona as an example but this is Uh simply by way of example we believe The Republican National Committee should Do the same thing every state Republican Party should do the same thing that We’re going to talk about now the Reality comes down to it in January of

2023 coming up the Arizona uh Republican Party Azgop is going to be holding its Statewide statutory meeting and at this Meeting its main purpose is to elect uh The officers for the state Republican Party and that’s pretty much it they’ll Go through some resolutions and there’ll Be some debate but the bottom line is Nothing happens and the proof is in the Pudding from 2020 to 2022 we have seen Absolutely nothing for the most part Take place in the Arizona State Legislature regarding the Border Regarding voter integrity and I think That can be generalized to almost every State I mean we saw what happened in Georgia when they decided to Tinker on The edges and uh the leadership ran for Cover The baseball MLB uh lied cheated and no Response no consequence to the fact that They completely misrepresented what was Going on in Georgia uh destroyed in many Ways the Atlanta economy for uh for many Many months as a result of leaving we’ve Seen major corporations Coca-Cola for Example and other Industries move out of Georgia uh either on a permanent or Temporary basis and absolutely no Knowledge of what was really going on in Terms of its legislation to bring voter Integrity To Georgia I mean we’re really Talking about very very very stupid

People that’s the only way you can Describe Major League Baseball the Commissioner of Major League Baseball Just a stupid guy with heads of Coca-Cola are stupid people uh that Really are destroying Economies and really hurting this Country badly and it’s time we called Them out well the point is that um The Republican party in Arizona is doing Business as usual this border has been Invaded and according to the uh head of The border patrol uh Arizona is really The place where the hardest hardened Criminals come across the border and no One’s doing anything that’s the bottom Line border patrol pretty much now is uh Diapering babies or processing forms the Sheriff while they they talk a good game Not doing anything law enforcement isn’t Doing anything uh and we support law Enforcement that’s not the issue but the Bottom line is no one’s doing anything The state legislature is not doing Anything Republicans as we’ve said there Are Democrats they’re glad that the Illegals are coming through that the sex Traffickers are coming through that the Rapists are coming through that the People bringing uh drugs all across this State are coming through they don’t care All the they care about really the Democrats are getting votes so we really Have a situation right now we’re a lot

Of talk a lot of speeches Um entertainment really in the Republican party we see some major Events taking place in Phoenix right Today on uh on December 19th a lot of Great speeches a lot of celebrities uh All talking and no action and that’s That’s the problem so what we’re Suggesting for the Arizona Republican Party is that they hold an organizing Meeting for their state committeeman That’s who comes to The statutory meeting these are Precinct Committee men who are voted in as state Committee men and these men and women Coming to the Arizona Statutory meeting this is a great Opportunity for them to organize and Really start doing something to place Pressure on our elected leaders in Whatever way necessary because at this Point Um with the millions coming across the Arizona border we’re going to lose Everything we are going to lose Everything you know it’s an interesting Thing the Chamber of Commerce of course Could care less the State Chamber of Commerce all they’re interested in is Cheap labor the union is pretty much are Non-existent except for the teachers Union that you know just complains and Complains and complains as a test scores

Go down and down down they want more and More money and more and more everything And the scores just keep going down and Democrats keep giving it to them and Republicans really aren’t fighting we May lose our choice for parents in this State because of this uh Governor that Uh Hobbs that was elected illegally Certainly and we hope maybe the courts Will have the courage to do something But we’re not counting on it so anyway This this particular document that You’re looking at now is going to be on The Republican Party Network and you can Go through it in detail and I’m just Going to outline it for you here there Are seven things really that we’re Looking at to take place at the 2023 Republican party Arizona statutory Meeting And uh the first thing is to develop a Set of talking points we would like to Staff the people that are paid by the Arizona GOP to actually do something as Opposed to push paper around all day Long uh and Um uh put together some talking points As to why the illegal invasion is Destroying is destroying this state and That the Mexican and international Cartels pretty much now control uh Everything in the Border maybe 50 miles 100 miles in and no one’s doing anything I mean that’s just it it’s it’s becoming

A situation where people in Arizona Don’t really understand yeah you’re not Going to see it now but you are going to See it soon where there’s going to be Absolute crime we are becoming a Banana Republic we’re becoming a third Nation Going any gas station today in Arizona And it will look like a third world gas Station you go into the restrooms holy Smokes you go the people are shot people Are are wounded the cops aren’t doing Anything because the district attorneys Being in Tucson or Phoenix aren’t really Doing anything so it’s going to get Worse by the minute so we need some Talking points to at least have everyone That is a state committee man take back With them go back to their legislative Districts and start talking about these Things we don’t need to talk about Bylaws and resolutions and who’s going To lead what because the reality it Means nothing if in fact the state is Ruined the second thing that we’re Looking at if at this is that we discuss The basic model that we promote and That’s to educate Advocate organize and Mobilize and by education we mean that The public our neighbors our friends in Small communities It doesn’t we’re not talking rallies and We’re not talking meetings of 200 people We’re talking about people holding People over for coffees

Um a glass of wine maybe 10 maybe 15 People and discussing what’s really Happening in this state because based on The election that just took place it’s Obvious that the people in Arizona the People around this country have no idea What’s headed and one of the reasons is Republican party hasn’t been honest with Them we’ve been talking in circles we Haven’t been straight and telling the American people your children are going To die in school Your children are going to die from Drugs they’re going to die from violence They’re going to die from multiple Efforts on criminals and the cartels There are so many kids today teenagers That are being paid money to drive Illegal aliens around the country Parents have no idea what’s going on and We need to get those talking points out And the cops need to start defending us We’re not interested anymore and cops Saying well you know the city council or The mayor doesn’t want us to do this you Swore an oath to the Constitution start Upholding your oath of office Advocating what are we advocating for We’re advocating for every illegal alien To be rounded up and sent out of this Country if you’re here illegally you Need to be gone no more excuses We’re not interested in any of this uh Dreamer nonsense we have now a situation

Where illegal aliens are getting greater Benefits tax dollar benefits and Citizens in this country the illegal Aliens are treated better better than Our veterans the illegal aliens are Treated better than our kids that are Born in this country and it’s time that That stop and anyone anyone who employs An illegal alien at this time needs to Be in big trouble and it’s time we Started forcing that every illegal alien Needs to be deported and the Republican Party needs to stop with the nonsense And we need to get out rid of them and If the Republican party isn’t going to Do that well then I don’t know what we Need the Republican party for organize We need to organize the uh Community Around us we need to organize our Friends and neighbors we need to find Out their talents their strengths put Together uh small groups in each Community that are going to fight for The integrity and the sovereign Guarantee of this country we’ve had it With the Mexican cartel we’ve had it With the international cartel it’s time To get away angry and organized and we Are right one hundred percent the Illegal aliens do not belong in this Country simple as that simple as that if You allow illegal aliens in this country As far as I’m concerned at this point There are no such thing as laws anymore

We certainly don’t have a border And we’ve been blaming this idiot in the White House we’ve been blaming Um the Democrats we’ve been blaming the Corporate world we’ve been blaming Everybody and Shifting the burden of Responsibility from the Republican party And the leadership in the Republican Party and if you’re not willing to take On the responsibility of maintaining the Sovereignty of this country and fighting For it in every single way Then get out and and let somebody else Take the job and finally mobilizing We’re not just talking about realities Rallies are a waste of time because if I I know that you’re going to hold a rally On Monday you’re going to be going on Tuesday we need to put together Mobilizing events that go on and they do Not end And we it’s time for this staff that run The Republican party to do something Important or get out of the way the Democrat Party with its organizers Throughout the country are doing all of This that’s how they’ve become Successful So at the statutory meeting we need to Have the uh pre uh State committee men Meet by their legislative district again This is a model that you can use all Over the country and become the strategy Team the strategy team to start carrying

Out educate Advocate organize and Mobilize you want to be a leader state Committeeman that do something important And that is to protect our border Protect the sovereignty of the United States stop writing your silly Resolutions that don’t mean anything and Won’t go anywhere if they would have we Wouldn’t be having this conversation you Can put together a resolution all you Want but if nobody pays attention to it Like the state legislature or the Governor that we’ve had for the past Eight years this this Ducey guy then Nothing’s going to happen so the bottom Line to it is is the state committeeman Form the strategy team the strategy team Then looks at how they’re going to um uh Work in their legislative districts how They’re going to start meeting with the PCS and organizing those PCS And then finally we are also then going To be looking at a Statewide we believe That this should be a Statewide online Meeting for all Precinct committee men And women that the Arizona Republican Party holds to talk about strategies and What we need to do and it’s all written In this document here bottom line is Whether this document is the one we use Or don’t use whether anyone pays Attention to it or not if the only thing That goes on and takes place at the Statutory meeting in January in Arizona

Nothing is going to happen it’s business As usual it’s business as usual this is What the Republican Party network is About and if you’re interested you’ll Join the Otherwise Um our country our state Is not going to survive this the Handwriting is on the wall this is Exactly what the Democrat Party wants They want to end our constitutional Republic and we don’t need any more Speeches we don’t need any more uh Events where people are entertained and They applaud and then they go about Their daily business and do nothing or We think oh let’s see who can we elect Now to do nothing And that’s where we are uh we hope that You will join the and uh and Get the word out and start organizing we Hope that you’ll Place pressure uh on The uh Republican party uh in Arizona we Hope State committee men will realize That it’s up to them to begin to educate Advocate organize And mobilize Um for the State of Arizona to protect Our sovereignty to get rid of the Illegal aliens and once again uh have The great state and country that we Um all have lived that dream and we want To keep

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