RFK Jr: This is bad for democracy and the Democratic Party

RFK Jr: This is bad for democracy and the Democratic Party

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses a potential Trump-Biden rematch in the 2024 election on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ #foxnews #fox #jessewattersprimetime

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Robert F Kennedy Jr is an independent Running for president he joins me now RFK Jr what did you learn from New Hampshire um I Guess um um I I guess you know one of The messages is that Niki hilly spent 31 Million there and 37 million In I um and uh did not perform that well I think you know it it seems what what Biden said La President Biden said last Night that Trump is the uh the Presumptive winner of the election I Think that's true and I think what you Said is true that President Biden uh is Not going to is probably not going to Campaign and that the Democrats are Relying on the court cases And um to to try to to try to derail the Election to try to keep president Trump Off the the ballot and I think that's a Very very bad strategy I think it's bad For Democracy I think it's bad for the Democratic party I just I think it's bad For everybody it sure is I mean he Wouldn't debate you now it might look Like he's not going to debate Trump he's Not going to Campaign where does that leave RFK Jr in All this mix Here well you know I'm Already my favorability ratings are now Better than either president Trump or Pres President

Biden I am beating both president Trump And President Biden in Americans all Americans under 45 in the six Battleground States I'm uh I'm beating them across the country but Uh very very decisively with independent Voters that are now which are now the Biggest party this will be the first Election in in American history where Independents are now the biggest Self-identified party um I'm gaining Points in the election about one point a We a month and I've got nine months and I've got uh all I need to do is to get The 34 points to win the election and I'm already at 24 wow average in the Battlegrounds St are you are you on the Ballot in in these Battlegrounds no but I'll be on the Ballot in every state and the District Of Columbia we just completed our our Signatures today for uh for New Hampshire we got 5,000 signatures in a Single day so it took us one day to Qualify for New Hampshire so I'm very Very confident that we'll be in the Ballot and I think Jesse people you know Are I I don't think we got the two most Unpopular people running in modern History and I think that Americans Deserve more than choosing the lesser of Two evils and if you if you talk to Republicans Or democrats so many of them Say yeah I'm not voting for President

Biden I'm voting against President Trump And vice Versa and I think it's really important For our democracy that we have somebody Who can Inspire us and somebody that People actually like and want to vote For so And change imagine a politician someone Actually likes that would be fun all Right RFK Jr He says he's going to be on the ballot Everywhere and it's a three-man race Three person race we don't want to Offend anybody out there RFK Junior Thanks as always if people want if People want to know more they should go To Kennedy4 Jesse thank you all right thank You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere Else

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