Rise in squatters making life difficult for property owners nationwide

Rise in squatters making life difficult for property owners nationwide

Patti Peeples and Dawn Tiura join ‘Lawrence Jones Cross Country’ to sound off on disturbing trend across the United States. #foxnews #lawrencejonescrosscountry

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Welcome X so a disturbing rise of Squatters cropping up throughout the United States imagine this people Forcing their way into unoccupied homes Then claiming them as their own usually Changing the locks and printing bogus Documents in the process not only is it A nightmare for homeowners but it's also A legal headache to try and resolve this Nightmare became a reality for two Business partners in Jacksonville Florida who spent weeks trying to get Their house back watch Porter homeowners Patty peoples and Don Teer were excited to put their property On the market back in February but Almost as soon as they put out their for Sale sign squatters moved in they Refused to leave claiming they were Victims of a rental scam and said they Had every right to be there and just Like that these business partners became The latest victims of a nationwide Squatting problem and I was unable to Get into the front door because that Sunroom door was locked so I went around The back of the house to use my key to Get in and then it dawned on me that There may be individuals in the house And I'd be placing myself In Harm's Way This squatter said we rented this house Here as a receipt that she showed me That showed that she had paid first last Month's rent as well as a pet deposit

And I said well this is a fraudulent Lease the house is not for rent for more Than a month the homeowners tried to Confront the squatters during one of Their encounters Patty was violently Shoved out of her own home but finally After weeks of frustration and more than Five thousand dollars in attorney fees This week the court ordered the Squatters out but the feeling of Victory Quickly came to an end when Patty and Don re-entered their property be careful Where you walk there's a lot of broken Eggs and eggshells and slime on the Ground and a lot of dog pieces what were They after in your walls this was we Don't think so we think they were just Being vindictive are you serious oh yeah So this wasn't even they weren't trying To get anything they just wanted to Destroy they just want to destroy the House so I saw the before photos this Was such a beautiful remodel it was we Were proud of it it was one that we knew It was going to sell yeah beautiful Flooring and they took literally a Sledgehammer to it they did this is the Worst room holy moly Well they were really pissed off in this Room yeah yeah So when y'all came For the first time in here to look at All of this what was going through Y'all's mind

Purchase drops and you just wonder what Kind of people can do this [Music] It's just It's just wrong I'm just curious if you Guys decided We're just gonna barge it and take our Property back we would have been we Would have been arrested y'all would Have been arrested and we're told that Very clearly very clearly do not attempt To remove them how much is it going to Take to repair all of this damage well We don't know we're meeting the Insurance adjuster tomorrow and we're Hoping that insurance will cover it Hoping well There's a clause that says you if a House is faken for more than 60 days They can you have to have vacancy Insurance which you would never heard About So if they say the squatters were not Here considered tenants the house was Vacant for 60 days however we couldn't Get in the house because the court told Us we didn't have right to walk in so we Couldn't sell it and nor could we even Get a regular tenant in so we have a Feeling and we'll let you know that the Insurance company will first deny to Understand the insurance dilemma I spoke With Florida real estate attorney Sean DeVries and most policies unless you

Call your insurance company and then and Ask them to and stay a policy that Covers a vacant property Oftentimes when somebody comes in and They are there a squatter in this Instance the insurance company could Come back and say no we're not going to Cover it because if you don't have Vacant property insurance no criminal Charges have been filed and Patty and Don's case but they're working with State lawmakers to reduce squatters Right while they work to restore their Own home to his original state but their Message to Americans take extra Precautions never leave a house vacant So we should have gotten someone to stay Here and live here so the house was Never vacant really we shouldn't have Put a per sale sign in front of the House we should have not had it Advertised for sale except for the Multiple listing service so that other People weren't aware it's for sale Don't hang a lock box in the front of Your house have a security system and Check on it every single day I mean how do you even sell the house if You can't put a for sale sign there so The homeowners tell us that the running Total for the repairs is at twenty Thousand dollars so far and it's still Unclear how much of any if the insurance Company May cover and while the

Squatters claim that they dealt with the Leasing agent to get their so-called Lease there's no record of that agent Existing The lease wasn't even signed I went to Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a Favor I want you to click to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page this is the Only way that I know for sure that You're not going to miss any great Commentary any great news bites any Great interviews coming your way on Fox You can get it all here on YouTube so Subscribe right now

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