Sen. Tim Scott: The Truth About Being an American | #Heritage50

Sen. Tim Scott: The Truth About Being an American | #Heritage50

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I will say without any question and if You haven't heard me before my mama Wanted a preacher so I move around a lot So If you can't see me I have a face for Radio so don't worry it'll be okay but Wendy thank you so much and I'll say This and I hope to come back to my notes In a few minutes but How many all just glad to be Americans Yeah I will say We have been blessed with the most Remarkable citizenship on God's green Earth And we have a lot of reasons to Celebrate and when Wendy mentioned my Grandfather and I didn't know her Introduction but I will say without any Question Artists wear lived in a very different America A black man born in a little southern Town called Sally South Carolina that by The time he was in the third grade he Was told and taught that there was no Really good reason for an educated black Boy so he started picking cotton in his Education formal education ended in the Third grade And so I Hear the work at the Palmetto promise And a center focused on education named For a man who was the wisest guy I knew

But didn't have the formal education it Warms my heart so thank you so much and I will say that For that man who literally started Picking cotton but lived long enough to See his grandson pick out a seat in Congress It tells me of the goodness of God in The land of the living And the remarkable evolution Of the Southern heart so much has Changed and we spend so little time Celebrating the evolution of who we are As a people but my grandfather even Though he lived through the Jim Crow South he believed then What some doubt now Which is in the goodness of what America Can be I think it was time for us to slow it Down a little bit and rejoice In the truth that while we have problems That are stubborn And difficult We are the country that continues to Prevail over the forces of evil Every single generation we have the most Remarkable stories And it takes strong leadership without Any question and I'm thankful that you All here at Heritage have chosen well in Your leader Kevin Roberts is a fantastic leader for The nation's most powerful conservative

Organization I had a we did a pet Podcast a few weeks ago or a month ago And we started the conversation on Joy And I was like wow this is a refreshing Experience someone who really wants to Talk about joy and joy comes from the Inside not from the outside Joy is not Circumstantial as a kid growing up in Poverty I was not always happy but in a Household filled with love and with Faith there was always the joy of the Lord being your strength and I grew up In that situation and I will say without Any question that some of the hardest Times in my life happened between 7 and 14 when I was just a kid my parents Divorced we moved back into my Grandparents house and that was a small Home that they were renting 700 square Feet and my mother my brother and I Shared a bedroom and a bed for a few Years but my grandmother was the praying Kind of woman my grandfather taught me There's dignity in all work and the Combination flowed through my mother Where I learned both from her my mother Said there's no excuse for not Succeeding she was a nurse's aide so she Changed bed pans and rolled patients for 16 hours a day when we moved out on our Own she had to work extra but she said If I can I must

Never look for a handout if you can just Do it yourself And that woman worked really hard and Gave me the model that I needed to Understand and appreciate the actual Brilliance of who we are as Americans Well as you would imagine the kid from 7 To 14 I was a disillusioned sometimes Angry Unmotivated uninspired student My grades reflected it as a freshman in High school I didn't do so well You know Mike Lee graduated laude I graduated thank you Lottie so just Got all kinds of senators in the Senate Okay Just just want to make sure you all know The difference between it too And uh My freshman year I failed four subjects I failed world geography and civics Civics is a study of politics Now how many all would agree with me That I may not be the only person in the Nation's capital that failed civics In America A whole lot of folks on the left still Failing Civics today Can I get an amen okay okay I also failed Spanish and English When you feel Spanish and English no one Calls you bilingual

They all call you by ignit Because you can't speak in any language That's where I found my unhappy self but I had two major blessings that mother I Just talked about who believed that Faith is the key And your hard work unlocks the door And a mentor who was a guy named John Lennise a Chick-fil-A operator who Taught me that any kid at any time from Anywhere could succeed beyond their Wildest imagination if they defined hope As perspiration Plus Inspiration leads to Hope It's not something that you just get Because you're hoping pray that it gets There I was taught pray like it depends On God work like it depends on you and I Will tell you that those two individuals One black my mama and one white my Mentor taught me of the goodness Of the American people They taught me to work really hard And don't worry about The consequences they will take care of Themselves Every wrong of the latter I held on to In order to climb out of my very Challenging situation it seems like the Day the radical left in Joe Biden are Literally attacking the latter to Success I use to climb And it's almost if they have created a

Blueprint on how to ruin America And if there was a blueprint on how to Ruin America you would start with Patriotism Because when you start with patriotism You're attacking two very important Things you're attacking the foundation Of the greatest nation on God's green Earth the freest and fairest land the World has ever known but if you start Teaching our kids that you live in an Evil country You should expect patriotism to go down When you start attacking our religious Liberties the consequence of it is Church attendance sometimes drops Crises around our country goes up When you start talking about do we Celebrate our founding fathers no in a Blueprint to ruin America You cancel our founding fathers and you Use the original sin of slavery as a way Of doing so Somehow they missed the story of Redemption They miss the fact that 700 000 American Men lost their lives In a battle for freedom They don't tell the whole story if you Wanted to create a blueprint to ruin America you would move quickly from Patriotism to education And you would teach our kids That if you're white you're an oppressor

And if you're black or brown You're the oppressed You would start creating a culture of Victimhood And you would sell the narcotic of Despair You would indoctrinate our kids not Educate our kids you'd spend more time On CRT and less Time on ABC You would rewrite history to start this Nation in 1619. Instead of 1776. If you wanted to create a blueprint to Ruin America you would go from Patriotism to education and you would of Course turn to our economy you would Print and spend trillions of dollars In your first two years as president Leading to inflation that exceeds 15 Percent Driving single mothers Like the one that raised me To have lower spending power Month After month After month And seniors on fixed incomes They would struggle and have to make Sometimes very difficult decisions of Rationing medicine Food Or energy If you wanted to create the blueprint to Ruin America

You would make sure That the concept of dependency Is etched into the hearts of people Starving for hope Then finally if you wanted to see the Completion of the blueprint to ruin America You would turn to security The first place you start in the Security apparatus is to make sure that Our borders are Unsafe Insecure and wide open Leading to 6.3 million illegal Crossings More than 70 000 Americans losing their lives to Fentanyl Over a hundred people on our national Watch security lists showing up at our Southern border Not from Latin America alone But from the Middle East From China And the world All over This blueprint to ruin America would be So effective that you would have Americans making decisions on the value Of other Americans based on how they Look Not who they are And after two years of what seems like a Blueprint to ruin America how many Americans are frustrated

Disillusioned and challenged to their Core The answer Just watched the news But There is good news In every story Elections have consequences The good news is we have one coming up Very soon We should all thank God Almighty that we Won back the house That cut off the speaker We were able we got a little thinker we Were able I had to rise up The whole thing here so let me get on Top of it We were able to literally stop the four Trillion dollars of unnecessary spending Simply by having a small but important Majority in the United States House of Representatives Let me spend the balance of my time All four minutes of it Talking about the new American Sunrise Brighter than the ones before If we're going to have a day where we Have a new American Sunrise that starts With restoring confidence in who we are As Americans that means patriotism has To has to be back on the ballot we have To have a serious conversation why we Are the country that should be Celebrated that we should celebrate our

Founding fathers know they were not Perfect but they were Geniuses to be Celebrated not to be canceled because we Live in the land of opportunity not the Land of Oppression we are the greatest Country on the earth because we work Hard to be it We reject the law or the drug of Victimhood and we accept the concept of Individual responsibility You see we restore patriotism by sharing And teaching history so it sometimes is Painful but it always leads To a better day because as Americans who Are exceptional We have proven that no matter the Challenge no matter the the hurdle no Matter the obstacle We rise to the Occasion and we overcome If we're going to have a new American Sunrise in education we need to make Sure that every single parent has a Choice so that every single child has a Chance We want to make sure that every zip code In America has high quality education Options for the parents And we start teaching our kids How to think And not what to think We educate our kids we don't Indoctrinate our kids We simply become the party of parents we Don't send the doj

After parents and call them domestic Terrorists because they show up at School board meetings We stand with our kids because we know That parents Should decide for their children The quality of their education and we go From education to the economy we Actually Reject the theory that we centralize Control take your money from you we do Exactly the reverse for the next American Sunrise we cut taxes number one Number two we make the tax cuts in 2017 The personal side of the tax code that I Had the Good Fortune of writing those Taxes were temporary because of the Vehicle of reconciliation that we had to Use to get it done that two and a half Trillion dollars worth of tax cuts Expires in the next couple of years we Make those tax cuts permanent so that You keep your money you decide your Future and you dream your dreams We also make sure that we have an Incentive-based economy like the Opportunity zones bringing 200 billion Dollars back into the poorest areas of The country we must do the exact same Thing to get rid of our dependency on China we have to make sure that we have Supply chains and supply lines that are Resilient that means bring them home Give companies tax incentives lower

Their taxes so they Make It in America That so that we're less dependent on China than we've ever been in the History of the greatest nation on Earth If we want to have the strongest economy We've ever seen we have to make sure in Education that there are career paths For artists and contractors rather as Welders and electricians we don't always Need a four-year degree So we have to fuse those two together And finally If we get our patriotism right where we Celebrate who we are as a nation We understand that the seeds of Greatness not the seeds of grievance is Our future and we allow the seeds of Greatness to germinate We start seeing the fruit the Harvest And the Next Generation but in order for Us to have A new American sunrise We have to secure our borders We have to make sure that America has a Wall on our Southern border We have to make sure that we allow the Greatest most lethal entity on God's Green earth the United States military If necessary to deal with the Mexican Cartels that are transporting enough Fentanyl to kill seventy thousand Americans in addition to that we have to Make sure that we take China at their word

They have told us they are our Adversaries we should believe them We should be loyal to our friends and Lethal to our adversaries Because when the clock says zero I Assume that means you're out of time I won't take up an offering but I'll Keep preaching yes Hallelujah but Let me close with this Think about the future that we will lead During the next American Century it Requires for us to beat China and put Them in their place it means no more Balloons breaching our Sovereign Territory It means no more IP theft Of our intellectual property it means no More Chinese Communist illegal police Stations set up in a couple of our States it means no more purchases of our Farmlands actually we take them back so Their surveillance stops it means no More Tick Tock figuring out how to how To have surveillance on our kids and no Huawei to have surveillance on our Adults The next American Sunrise means that the Strength of our leader is more important Than the strength of their leader Today we are losing the battle because The weakness of the president of the United States is always more important Than the strength of President XI in China get ready for another American

Sunrise God bless you [Applause]

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