Stephen Miller: This is Trump’s real crime

Stephen Miller: This is Trump's real crime

Former senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller claims an ‘ideological disease’ courses through the foreign policy establishment in Washington on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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So even Miller is a former senior Advisor to Donald Trump he's founder of America First legal he joins us tonight To assess Stephen Miller I'm just Wondering what you think of that Sort of came to that after watching this Trump Saga for the last seven years that Seems to be the third rail really is the Foreign policy questions Yes and I lived through it Tucker I Lived through it by this man's side for Those seven years the moment that he got The nomination we watched as the hidden Power centers in this country came out From underneath their rocks and began to Pull the strings that they control they Began to leak information designed to Sabotage him at every turn they begin to Use every organ of control they have in The intelligence Community the National Security Community the law enforcement Community to try to control him and to Control his presidency Russia is the Essential example of this they tried Desperately to keep him from pursuing to Taunt with Russia they tried desperately To keep him from holding that Summit With Vladimir Putin to try to have a Relationship between our two countries Now look what has happened now that he Is out of office we are on the brink of A World War Tucker as soon as they Pushed him out of office look what Happened we are now almost in a nuclear

Conflict over the borders of Ukraine so You ask me what is Donald Trump's crime We know it's not a financial crime we Know it's not a campaign Finance crime His crime is refusing to bow or bend to The corrupt and rotten foreign policy Establishment that is used to always Always get in their way in this country And and that has much greater control Over our system and I think any of us Appreciate I mean you look at John Cornyn the Republican senator from Texas Who I think most people I'll speak for Myself sort of assumed he's kind of Conservative and then you realize when You view it through the lens of what's Happening in Ukraine John cornyn and Mitch McConnell and Tom Tillis and Almost every Republican senator Is a screaming liberal actually and if It weren't for foreign policy you Wouldn't know that you wouldn't know That they are completely aligned with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in Joe Biden so there really is a unit party on These the most important questions Well there's obviously an ideological Disease that courses through Washington When it comes to foreign policy and the Sacrifice of our interest to foreign Nations and foreign profits but it's Even deeper than that and I know this Because I also worked on the hill for Almost a decade the intelligence

Community is able to manipulate the Intelligence process and their Relationship with lawmakers in order to Obtain the answers that they want from Congress so when it comes to an issue Like the Patriot Act they can link what They need to leak they can push the Narratives they need to push they can Manufacture the threats they need to Manufacture and they can work the Relationships that they have in order to Obtain the outcome that they want and That has always been true on foreign Policy for many many many years then Donald Trump comes up onto the scene of Washington a man over with whom they Have no relationship a man who has no Affinity for them who doesn't care about Them who doesn't value what they value And this for them is a panic moment it Is a panic moment and we are now living In the seventh year of that panic Turning our entire democracy upside down And I will tell you if a prosecutor in Manhattan can take control of our entire Presidential election process Now by What definition can we say that we even Have a democracy in this country right No I mean we were mocked I thought Justly by the president of El Salvador Yesterday he said we're not going to Take any more lectures about democracy From a country that interferes in its Own elections like this and and

Unfortunately he's right he is Stephen Miller great to see you tonight thank You for that Thank you subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our nightly Opens stories that are changing the World and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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