The battle for Bakhmut grinds on

The battle for Bakhmut grinds on

Fox News correspondent Alex Hogan has the latest on the battle for Bakhmut and plans for Ukrainians to learn how to use Abrams tanks on ‘Fox News Live.’ #foxnews #fox

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Well this meanwhile Eric a grueling Fight is underway in Ukraine for the Eastern city of bakmut both sides have Been battling for months to control the City now largely in Ruins and today Russia says its assault troops have Captured three more districts in the Last part of the city still held by Ukraine Alex Hogan is live in Keith with An update on this story Alex what more Can you tell us Hi arthel well in the last several days Russia has targeted Ukraine three days In a row with the drones but on the Ground it's also heavily surrounding This contested town of back moot Russian Forces today say that they've taken Three new territories in that area take A look at this video where you can see The explosions going off in the town of Bakmut several of these as you can see In the video that hardly any buildings Remain undamaged or untouched at the Same time Russian forces are advancing Further south near the town of avdifka Allies met in Germany yesterday Announcing that 31 Abrams Tanks will Arrive in Germany next month and Training is expected to take at least 10 Weeks after these tanks do arise so it Could be months before they eventually Come here to Ukraine and eventually then Go to the battlefield where Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski says that

All efforts are currently being focused Now 15 months into the war memorials are Going up here in the capital for the Growing number of soldiers and civilians Who've been killed at one of the latest Funerals here in the capital of Kiev Loved ones gather to honor and remember The people's Deputy of Ukraine and his Commander who recently died on the Battlefield among those in attendance Was former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko who pointed to the shortages That he sees on the front lines If you have a lack of weapons A little bit enough to defend but not Enough for offensive operation Top priority is a air defense radio Electronic welfare system Meanwhile there's new details about the Massachusetts Air National Guardsmen Accused of leaking highly classified Documents the New York Times reporting That he had been revealing information Reportedly months before it was Previously believed that he was doing so Now back here in Ukraine tonight Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski Is reminding of the importance of Fortifying the front lines while also Urging allies around the world listening To take their own stance by imposing Even more sanctions on Russian assets Orthel A cry for help Alex Hogan thank you very

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