The border may become the most important issue: Kudlow

The border may become the most important issue: Kudlow

Larry Kudlow and Kellyanne Conway discuss how the root problem of the Laken Riley’s death, the border crisis, could become the most important issue in the election.

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Panel and we have some big stars uh and Wonderful brains to speak with you Larry Cudow is here kellyan Conway Jessica Tarlo and Trey gouty great to have all Of you with us this evening you know Larry um let me start with you if I may When when you look at this situation Across the country right that this Lake And Riley young woman lost her life in Georgia there's a bill that is um being Moved through the house uh to work to Make the country safer essentially from The infusion of violent criminals who Are carrying out the crimes like the one That was against her how powerful do you Think that story is for people as they Look forward to this election I think It's an explosive story I I mean I think The the larger issue is an explosive Issue and may become the most important Issue the Border ahead of the economy And inflation very good chance of that I Think at this particular moment in time It could well be I mean it's showing up In some of the polls uh I think the Death of this beautiful young woman is An equally explosive issue and an Infuriating issue and one that has made Many Americans angry who don't Understand why even at this point Nothing is done to close the border okay And I want to make a point there are I Mean we've done the research on this There are several congressional laws

Signed by prior presidents going back to Bill Clinton that gives any president The authority to stop people at the Border and to deport criminals back to Wherever they came from and the fact That President Biden has been unable to Do this he has been unable to take any Actions in the light of what has Happened uh to this beautiful woman and Many others also is to me baffling Infuriating and it has become an Explosive issue it has become the number One issue and you know Trump has a good Record on this a very good record on This Biden undid this record this is not Going to go away anytime soon you both Worked for the former president Kellyanne what do you look for tonight I Think Trump has had as good a three or Four day period as he has in a long time Um beginning with the four consecutive Polls from very different Outlets over The weekend all showing the dominance Against Joe Biden head-to-head but the Real dominance on who do you trust to Handle the issues and who has improved The economic situation of your family Versus herd it for a for a sitting President President Joe Biden to have Only 18% of those pulled saying that he Has helped them financially is pretty Remarkable that means that there's Triartisan support you've got majorities Of Republicans Democrats and

Independents all saying it's either the Same or in most cases it's hurt then on Monday you have a unanimous Supreme Court decision then uh today he's going To have a sweep of super Tuesday I think Trump looks unflappable and these swing States look unflippable uh and I think It brings us to a couple of questions Which is when you look look at all the Poll results so far people made up their Mind last year and that is pretty Remarkable you have people who have said From the beginning I want if it's going To be Biden and Trump I'm going to focus On that now the way he has focused on it And it means that he's able to speak in With general election Parliament on most Things like the Border this is not Donald Trump 2015 elevating into the National Consciousness when it's mired In single digits this is him saying Folks 8 and a half million people have Just walked in the fenel is the number One killer of 18 to 45y olds 24,000 Chinese Nationals who are they What are they doing why are they here The Border has become a proxy for American voters who live thousands of Miles away from the southern border for The economy for fairness for sovereignty And for security hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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