The Jets got the better end of this trade: Jay Glazer

The Jets got the better end of this trade: Jay Glazer

‘Unbreakable’ author Jay Glazer reacts to the Green Bay Packers trading Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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Aaron Rodgers spent almost 20 years as Quarterback at the Green Bay Packers you Might have noticed he stirred up a lot Of controversy with his opposition to The vaccine mandates who didn't now Aaron Rodgers run in Green Bay is over He was just traded hours ago to the New York Jets along with the 15th pick in This year's draft a 2023 fifth round Pick the Packers get the 13th pick at 2023 round second round pick a sixth Round pick and a conditional second Round pick from next for next year Depending on how much he plays Jay Glazer is one of the best Sports Reporters that ever was and still is Author of unbreakable now out on Paperback which makes it bendable you Gotta get it Jay Every Time I Think of a Big trade I think a Jay Glazer Jay who Got the better of this the Jets or the Packers I look I think they actually they just Did because if you think of the talent That happened over there the one thing They're missing is a quarterback and They have been missing that for a couple Years now but man they got a great young Running back Bruce Hall they got a great Young wide receiver there and Garrett Wilson their defense was phenomenal last Year just missing that quarterback Position and bringing a guy like Aaron Rodgers in fills that position and

Listen I don't think he's gonna be I Know Brett Favre did the same thing 15 Years ago two totally different guys we Can't look and go well Brett went so That's what same thing's gonna happen to Aaron I just don't see that you used to Work the locker rooms for the New York Post and you know that you guys could be Uh that's absolutely I was a lot cooler Then you could be very dogged and Determined and sometimes uh direct is Aaron Rodgers ready for the New York Media every single day asking about how He tapes his ankles and his backseat and His beard and his State Farm commercials And how come he had two incompletions uh Last game I think I think there's two answers to That I think he's gonna Relish in it Because he does love the attention I think he's gonna thrive in it but I Think he's everybody's going to take him Off and then he's going to thrive and Everybody taking him off and that's Where like Aaron kind of needs to almost Pick fights and and use that so like Look the Packers right traffic Jordan Love didn't tell him they're drafting Jordan love he goes out and has a couple MVP Seasons this also he's going to use This I think to to fire him up a lot More and you know I think you know Packer fans are trying to say right now Oh he's washed up he's 40 years old he's

Been a problem he's been a headache and All that He's still a pretty damn good Quarterback so for a team like the Jets Who are so listen when you don't have a Quarterback in the NFL life is miserable It's awful you look like you can't coach You look like you can't pick players And all of a sudden you get a Quarterback suddenly you can coach Suddenly you can pick players life is Way better when you have a quarterback And does he have motivation at this age Remember he had to go into darkness for Three days to decide if he wanted to Play again I've never had that Experience or that need or want tell me About it some people say is he are you Sure he's all in Hey you know me I live in the damn Darkness every day yeah right so I'm not One director then and there's so much I Do for my mental health so I can't you Know I'm not criticizing I'm just Wondering So it's just I think he went into that do I want to Play for the Packers and like I just Said he he figured out a way to be so Angry with the Packers to come out of it And say no I was going to retire but now He you know he got he's got this extra Motivation against the Packers there I Think the Jets are going to be the ones

Who Relish in that as a result Jay you know time got about 30 seconds You saw that last segment we talked About kids and motivation they get Depressed can they get something out of Your book because you talk about Unbreakable Absolutely first of all you have Somebody else like me giving you words And you don't feel so alone anymore and I talk about it layman's terms I'm not Your therapist not your teacher I'm not Your doctor I'm just a dude who's messed Up who's learned how to be good with This man if you will so yes and I love What the doctor said like if you could Take working out and put it in a pill Form be the greatest antidepressant ever All right it's great book uh Jake Congratulations early success UFC Football there's nothing he can't do Jay Thank you thank you all right appreciate You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere else

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