The State Legislator Fighting a Woke Tide | #Shorts

The State Legislator Fighting a Woke Tide | #Shorts

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I know you're asking yourself because I'm asking myself as well what am I Doing here I frequently get asked Questions like this and I just have to I've got a confession My name is Carrie and I'm But I also get asked questions like why Did you run for office or do you know What you're doing and honestly the Answer is I don't know I am by Nature a very fearful person I'm Afraid of everything I'm much more comfortable hiding in my House than presenting very controversial Legislation on the house floor But in 2015 I got a phone call and I was Asked to run for office And I knew it was the right thing to do I was scared I was so unsure afraid But I did it anyway I ran for City Council in 2015 I lost but I learned a Lot And it was the right thing to do in 2016 I ran for the House of Representatives I Lost But I learned a lot and it was the right Thing to do and at that point I was Comfortable making the decision to never Run for office again I could live in Anna an anonymity teaching gardening Selling real estate spending time with My grandchildren but then in the fall of 2019 I got another phone call And this time I did say yes I would run

And there was no Epiphany no angel from Heaven with uh lightning bolts there was No midlife crisis It was just a still Small Voice telling Me it was the right thing to do And then of course as we all know 2020 Happened and that changed the trajectory Of everything Governments at all levels took a hammer And shattered our constitutionally Protected rights they encroached on our Freedoms our families and our faith And the only two things that I knew when I walked into the capitol on January 4th Of 2021 where I didn't know what I was Doing and I was not going to wear a face Mask Foreign But I was still afraid But it was the right thing to do fast Forward to today right now I'm on day 10 042 of a 90-day session and I haven't Throat punched anyone yet you'd be proud Of me Even the men With whom I have to share a bathroom at The Capitol because we can't legally or Forcefully keep them out So right now I'm in the last two weeks Of the session and I didn't even realize The depth and the breadth of the Legislation I carried until my enemies Showed up at my doorstep thus the title A villain of the week I'm kind of

Claiming it as villain of the month Though so And it has been brought up over and over Again in testimony by the left during This session that these issues don't Impact Montana so we don't need to carry Such legislation but right now Montana Montana Has two transgender legislators they're A very vocal minority garnering national Attention not just by their existence But also by their absurd threats and Misbehavior right now there's actually Some national press going on about that This session I have sponsored are Carried pieces of legislation that one Revamp the appointment process for the Judiciary's ethical commission to Guarantee an infant who is born alive During an attempted abortion is given Appropriate life-saving or palliative Care three ensure that parents are given Adequate notice to opt their children Out of human sexuality instruction in Our schools four continued tort reform Within the state five restrict marijuana Advertising six enhanced second Amendment rights seven strengthen Election Integrity eight enforce the Constitutional rights of people who are Licensed by the state of Montana nine Get this allow parents to be parents But ten when I carried Senate Bill 99 That does not allow surgical or medical

Procedure on those children who are Struggling with gender dysphoria I was Asked by my colleagues why are you Carrying this bill I was told it's going to ruin your Political career And I was warned your colleagues will Have to distance themselves from you Because this bill is so toxic I wasn't the only one who was afraid of This legislation But I knew It was the right thing to do and I Prayed That I could be compassionate and strong And even though it was the toughest bill Of the session I knew I was the right person to carry This bill And after weeks of threats the chaos the Debate and finally my closing on the House floor We passed Senate Bill 99 on the house Floor 65 to 35. And this week I had to carry it again With the governor's amendments that Strengthen it even more and then right After the rhetoric where we were told we Would have blood on our hands I quietly Closed and we picked up one more vote For a 66 to 34 victory But our fight Is not over because right after the vote I walked into the bathroom there I was

Once again face to face with a man who Says he is a woman and I have had to Share my bathroom with a man all session Our daughters have to share their sports With men who say they are women our Children have to listen to the Narratives that they are not uniquely And wonderfully made that truth does not Exist and that they should not trust Their parents Our teachers are threatened with Investigations and lawsuits if they Don't participate in the lies our Parents are being treated as the enemy And not allowed to see their kids Medical or school records our families Are struggling and being emotionally Manipulated with the lie that it is Better to have a live son than a dead Daughter I understand crisis Although she was not transgendered my Daughter was suicidal for three years At that time she was not healthy enough To make the kind of decisions necessary To ensure that she would grow to be a Healthy and successful adult And while her intentions were not to be Cruel I had to learn to resist her Emotional maneuvering and be strong I Had to be strong for her I had to be Strong for myself and I had to be strong For my family I really am not a politician

I'm just a citizen legislator who still Doesn't know what she's doing But I do know what we are doing here I know we are here to fight for that Which is true Noble right pure lovely Admirable Excellent and praiseworthy And I know I don't have to be the Smartest person at the table that's what You are here for I just need to show up at the table and Use my gifts skills and talents that God Has given to me and encourage you to do The same And that's what I'm doing here and we Have a lot of work to do thank you so Much [Applause]

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