‘They’ve walked away’: DC police force shrinking as crime rises

'They've walked away': DC police force shrinking as crime rises

Lucas Tomlinson reports on the increase in crime in Washington, D.C. as police staffing reaches a half-century low. #FoxNews

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D.C police now hanging out the Help Wanted sign but apparently there are Very few takers the size of that Department shrinking to its lowest level In half a century it happens as Homicides and violent crime are on the Rise in our nation's capital Lucas Tomlinson on the streets of Washington For that and more Lucas good morning Good morning Bill officials say fewer Cops on the street has led to an Increase in crime that's the story here In the nation's capital and elsewhere we Spoke to the head of DC's police union He offered the following Grim stats Beginning in 2020 we've lost almost 1200 Police officers and 45 percent of those That have left have resigned literally Just turned in their badge and walked Away it's almost impossible to hire People the the police department has Been hiring Academy classes in the Single digits seven eight nine sometimes 10 people You mentioned off the top Bill the D.C Police force now the smallest in 50 Years officers leaving faster than they Can be replaced d.c's police chief says He could lose 200 more by the end of the Year while DC's mayor says she wants More cops on the street Chief Conte Recently said that will be a big Challenge let's take a look at those D.C Crime stats as of this morning homicides

Up 27 percent sex abuse up 47 motor Vehicle theft has doubled total crime Here in the nation's capital up 25 now Keep in mind bill this rise in killings Comes on top of last year's highs Homicides in D.C have been over 200 in Each of the past two years something This city is not seen in 20 years we Also spoke to neighboring Virginia's Attorney general about this crime Spike You can't solve a problem unless you First acknowledge there is a problem and Our Earnest hope is that Washington D.C Gets away for some of this criminal First victim-less policies that have Really led to a violent crime increase Inside the district Now earlier this week the Republican Controlled house blocked a bill from the D.C city council which the union said Was soft on crime and anti-police expect Crime to be a major issue in 2024 Bill Clearly thank you Lucas nice to see you Lucas Tomlinson in Washington D.C thank You

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