This ‘bearded beefcake’ just won a woman’s competition: Gutfeld

This ‘bearded beefcake’ just won a woman’s competition: Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss the Canadian powerlifter Avi Silverberg, a male, that entered a woman’s lifting competition and broke a bench press record on ‘Gutfeld!’

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He set a record in the gym by Temporarily being a her instead of a him A male power lifter recently entered a Women's event in Canada and smashed the Bench press record held by a trans Athlete But how you ask was a guy allowed to Compete with women turns out in Canada Which fox has confirmed is a real place Their powerlifting Union allows athletes To sign up for any gendered event based On how they feel no questions asked Biden has a similar policy when it comes To hiring people in his administration I do like them yeah The bearded Beefcake Avi silverberg who Is very much a man identified as a woman To enter the competition his goal was Simple show how unfair it is for Biological males to compete against Women and boy did he competing in the Bench press silverberg easily beat the Old record by nearly 100 pounds Which converts in Canadian currency to One crate of maple syrup The best part several records in the Canadian women's division are held by a Woman who used to be a man this is that Lifter I mean standard bench in Powerlifting competition for women I Literally don't understand why it's so Bad My son he weighs 45 pounds his max bench Is like 33. I'm Legit seeing some women

In competition who are doing Something like 50 pounds and I just Don't understand it That person was actually there to watch Her records get crushed so haha How does it feel And so it proves an important point About women's sports that maybe it's Time to take the spotlight off Biological men and put it back where it Belongs on lesbians Go lesbians We are pro-lesbian here Tires as a weight lifter how do stories Like these make you feel well I hate That he had to make that point yeah but I'm glad that he did and if I could just Answer Sweetheart's question the reason Why they only bent 50 pounds and Compared to the body weight and stuff Because they're women they're not built That way All about upper body strength but I I Hope this put on alarm I hope this it Might take a few of these situations Where and it's ironic because it turns Out the best feminist in this situation Is a powerlifting alpha male yeah so Thank you sir for your feminism And hopefully we have more men to go you Know what you're not going to come in Here maybe we need a couple you know Maybe need a couple male swimmers from Former Olympic athletes or or come over

Just for the meats that that yeah she's In just just to level the playing field Exactly just do and I'm I'm pretty sure She won't want to compete anymore Because she'll just like when she Competed at 80 Place 80th Place that's Not even a thing yeah and then hopped Over so maybe she'll hop back yeah cat You know you are obviously a fitness Icon You must have a message for Canadian Female power lifters everywhere They do they see me icon I think they do She's wiry yeah she's wiry you hold a Record in uh holding on uh just sitting On a bench Story in high school them we did a Weightlifting portion of gym class yes And they had to create a whole new like Routine for me because I couldn't lift The bar up You could you lift up a bar now like the Basic bar you probably couldn't I don't Think I've gotten stronger no I don't Think so I mean I don't think I could I Don't want to try I'm older now I might Might break something yeah So this beautiful lady Um Beat the record of the other woman who Was born a man right who has the vagina Record I don't know That's a great point I kept waiting for it in the segment and

This person with a vagina lifted this Much I feel like that should be more easily Accessible information yeah exactly and Is that what they're gonna have to call It the vagina lifter She just solved this whole problem no You did yeah because we can just change It it's not gender vagina Penis stats You seriously Take a Bow who is who is The number one Canadian vagina lifter You leading with us on Fox and Friends I'll lead with it I will lead with it at 6 a.m on Saturday It's not gonna work because this is a Reality bending game based upon changing Definitions do you think they're all Going to agree on with the definition of A vagina is yeah They were happy to tell them [Laughter] [Applause] That this lady beat this dude beat the Other dude the other dude the other Dude's been through the procedures yeah Right like all of them surgical which Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that Makes him a woman but he's gonna try to Twist your standard no matter what what It is so that he can go win in whatever It is you know uh uh Todd I'm really Glad your parents weren't in the Audience today for a vagina record yes I

Was worried you guys were going to go to The full screen of me when she said Vagina Records seem like you would like to do Sounds like something I play when I'm Alone put on the vagina record [Laughter] Damn it's terrible this is what happens But you know what I like about it I like Pranks that have a little bit of wisdom Or a prank that actually Exposes kind of like the absurdity of Things around him it's I would say it's Kind of harmful it's a harmless thing But it had knowledge to bear I would Wouldn't go so far as harmless and I'm Actually worried that other people are Going to see this and say wow this was An entree we can do the same thing based Upon the left's own ridiculous Definitions of what constitute a man or What constitutes a woman and my concern Is that this isn't just prizes there's Money oftentimes attached with these Competitions and as well well knows Being a sports guy when you remove money Out of a sport that sport is going to go Away and my concern is that women's Sports will go away once you remove the Money and as the father of two girls That worries me I know I'm blowing a Story about vagina records into Something serious but as a father of two Girls my concern is that you know so

Their Sports could go away yeah that's True all right let's move on shall we That was fun Up next give English a chance says JD Van hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere else

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