‘THIS IS A GAMBLE’: Biden called out for ‘odd’ 2024 announcement

'THIS IS A GAMBLE': Biden called out for 'odd' 2024 announcement

Fox News contributor Karl Rove and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Biden’s 2024 re-election bid and growing concerns surrounding his age. #FoxNews

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There is a ton to analyze and who better Than Karl Rove and Jim Messina both Former White House Deputy Chiefs and Staff and gentlemen Welcome to our Program and good morning good morning uh To both of you I'm going to start with You Carl and then Jim I'll defer to you Uh for how you see the rollout I just Want to set up the following Conversation this way over eight Different polls that were taken in 2022 And so far in 2023 among Democrats only 38 percent when President abiding to be Their nominee 57 prefer someone else so Carl how do you launch based on those Numbers Well first of all I think this was done For a strange reason which was you know People are getting nervous so why not Respond to that by putting out a video Which itself is an odd way this is not a Big campaign rally and followed by you Know going on the campaign Trail this is A video and God knows how many outtakes And redos they had to do in order to put It together it's done in an odd time This week we're going to be talking About the debt ceiling there's going to Be a big vote in Congress on that so the News of this is going to is going to Sort of fade away and and it was a Message aimed at the base we we gotta We're worried about abortion and Voting Rights was the theme no mention of

Inflation no discussion of the world no Mention of the border and instead we had Tired old attacks Cuts also the Republicans want to cut Social Security And raise tax cuts this is a Gamble and It's a bet that the befuddled you know The befuddled Frailty of Joe Biden is Going to be able to overcome the Rage-filled grievance of Donald Trump Because the Republicans are going to Nominate Trump now maybe that's a good Bet yet I'm not certain it is on several Levels okay Jim you're up how do you see It Look I love the video in the freedom Context putting this in Freedom is Something I've been screaming the Democrats to do for a while and Especially in the case of choice and and Other issues I love the fact that They're going straight at Freedom which Is a usually a republican Advantage I Think that this was about announcing the Start raising money this race is going To cost two and a half billion dollars For the Democrats another couple billion For the Republicans they had to start The process they had to get it going They want him to do his day job they Don't want to do a bunch of campaign Rallies right now they want to just have Him focus on his day job and do that While they start putting together the Levers of what's going to be the most

Expensive political campaign in American History Jim could I ask you something That came up in Peter's report back in 2019 Will President Obama Endorse Biden's run even though there Are two other Democrats who have already Declared Marianne Williamson and RFK Jr And will he be active on the campaign Trail this time for President Biden Yes to both Dana this is a different Situation you have an incumbent President those two Republic those two Democrats you just mentioned aren't Credible aren't real there won't be a Major Democratic primary and there Shouldn't be in my lifetime the two Incumbents who've got to Major primary Challenges Jimmy Carter and George H.W Bush in 92 both lost the general Election so Obama will play the role That Bill Clinton used to play and pull The party together and make sure we're Behind our incumbent to go Face Donald Trump And then Carl can I ask you about age Because back in the campaign the Democratic primary campaign Um Castro brought up in a debate President Biden's cognitive abilities Basically and he was vastly ridiculed Nearly run out of town I think he Dropped out of the race a couple of days Later but now you even have the New York Times editorial page saying this is an

Issue that Biden needs to take head-on And he needs to speak to it clearly and Take some questions from the Press do You see that happening Well he's going to have to he he must at Some point I mean this is a real issue And it's not just Joaquin Castro raising It in you know 20 you know 15 during the Primaries excuse me 2019 during the Primaries it's a question that gets Raised every time we see him this visit He had to Ireland for example the Footage of him visiting with the embassy Families at the fire station is painful To watch you know he has his son at his Elbow to say Dad now it's time to work The Rope line and repeat the question That that the president somehow can't Figure out It's a real issue when you're the Democrat and coming president and you Have lost the New York Times which Editorialized this weekend that he was Way too old for this job you've got Problems and and that problem is not Going to go away anybody who thinks that Joe Biden is going to get better on his Feet and look younger and look more Focused and disciplined between now and November is kidding themselves now on That point Jim what does the campaign Look like 80 today 82 in two years Obviously during the over the years you Could have cars show up at a drive-in

Theater and they'd honk their horns with Approval those days are behind us So what does this campaign look like Well in part it matters who the opponent Is right if it's Donald Trump as you Know they're similar in age I've seen a Bunch of focus groups recently about This it's just not an issue voters think Both of them are old but Carl's right in The white house has to address this Straight on and he will take questions He will go out there there's going to be Three presidential debates they're going To have at it in front of the whole National world and he's going to have to Deal with this and it's an it's an issue But one that's a little bit less if it's Donald Trump Carl I noticed in the video that vice President Kamala Harris featured quite Prominently and she has been the subject Of a lot of criticism some ridicule her Um her Appearances have not been Stellar though Within the White House it appears that This is all steam ahead with Kamala Harris but she featured pretty Prominently in the announcement Absolutely and uh you know her numbers Are worse than the presidents uh you Know if you've got 25 or 26 or 27 Percent of Democrats saying they prefer That he run again that number is Probably worse for her because her fave

On faves are worse than his so you know Again this is a gamble I mean it's you Know to try and make this election about Abortion and voting rights as opposed to The inflation the state of the world the Crime border that's a big gamble and on Both on both sides of those each party Had strengths and weaknesses but on on That kind of an agenda the Democrats Don't have much going for them with this Team of Biden and Harris Jim last Thought Look she's going to be on the ticket She's incredibly important to turn out His base his base is African-American Women minorities and young people that's Her strong suit and so of course they're Going to feature her and I thought they Did it appropriately interesting I loved Having you both to kick us off today After this announcement a big day uh Historical one as the president Announces re-election thank you guys Come back okay yeah they make a pretty Good pair I loved having that thank you Carl thank you Jim we'll talk down a Little bit I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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