This is ‘clear weaponization’ of classified info: Hoffman | Fox News Rundown

This is 'clear weaponization' of classified info: Hoffman | Fox News Rundown

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of classified U.S. documents that was posted to the social media gaming platform, Discord. The contents of the leak included classified details about the war in Ukraine as well as intelligence on other countries such as South Korea, Egypt, and Israel. The origins of the leak remain unclear, but government officials agree this breach poses a serious threat to the country’s national security. Retired CIA Senior Clandestine Services Officer and FOX News Contributor Daniel Hoffman joins the FOX News Rundown to discuss the possible origins and motives behind the leak, the accuracy of the materials, and the impact it could have on the United States’ relationship with its allies.

Last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a universal school choice law that expanded upon the state’s existing program to make all students eligible to choose private or alternative education environments. Critics of universal school choice programs like this argue that they deprive the public schools of funding; however, supporters say universal choice puts the focus on the children, not systems. Former Secretary of Education and school choice advocate, Betsy DeVos, joins the Rundown to discuss the momentum behind school choice, the value of universal education savings accounts, and the impact they could have on schools’ funding.

Plus, commentary from Outkick’s Tomi Lahren. #foxnews

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I'm Jimmy phela I'm Madison allworth I'm Bill hemmer and this is the Fox News Rundown Wednesday April 12th 2023 I'm Dave Anthony it's a league the U.S Has been trying to pluck of classified Documents detailing sensitive American Intelligence there's a negative Potential impact on our sources who are Now questioning whether the super secret Information that they're giving us at Grave risk to themselves it's worth it Because they don't want to get a bullet In the back of the head Elisa Brady a Parental rights movement sows fertile Ground for progress on school choice so This is a natural outgrowth of policies That are supporting family Empowering Families and choices for kids and I'm Tommy lahren I've got the final word on The Fox News Rundown Who's leaking American Secrets that's a Big question in Washington where Senators want a classified briefing About classified documents found online Detailing sensitive U.S intelligence Republican Congresswoman Nancy mace Tells Fox the administration literally Has no answers and so if they can't keep Our top secrets safe then how can they Keep us safe I mean this is just another Example of us projecting weakness the Documents were first posted weeks ago on

A gaming site Discord then spread other Places most appear to have come from a Briefing book prepared daily for The Joint Chiefs and U.S commanders overseas But Fox's Jennifer Griffin at the Pentagon also reports some of the leaks Did not come from those books they Appear to be produced by other U.S Intelligence agencies like the CIA and NSA some of the most damaging leaks have To do with South Korea the United Arab Emirates Israel and Egypt for instance One of the more Dam Imaging documents Concerns Egypt which has received 50 Billion dollars in U.S military aid Since 1978 reporting suggests president CeCe of Egypt plan to secretly ship Forty thousand Rockets to Russia for use In Ukraine at the same time that he was Holding friendly phone calls with President zielinski that is just one of The many bits of leaked U.S Intel Related to the war in Ukraine so who is Doing this and why there are many more Unanswered questions right now of course Than there are answers Daniel Hoffman is A retired CIA senior clandestine Services officer now a Fox News Contributor a few things that I would be Concerned about first of all we don't Know if this is the extent of the secret Documents that have been stolen some Have been disseminated but there could Yet be more secondly there is no

Question that the motive behind stealing These documents was to hurt the United States of America For wondering about it this is clear Weaponization of classified information The possibilities are are pretty I would Say expansive in terms of who was Responsible it could have been a Malicious Insider like Snowden or Chelsea Manning uh it could have been a Non-state uh a state actor like Russia Or China acting alone and stealing this Information and then disseminating it or It could have been a combination of the Two where the Russians or Chinese Recruited a source and then used that Source to steal the documents I don't Think it was a a non-state act or a Hacking group there's no money to be Made in this operation just a lot of Risk because you've got a bullseye on You from the US government all right Well you say not hacking but how else Would you know and rushing like a Hacking criminal group okay less likely Okay uh that it's a not that it's just Some criminal hacking group I think much More likely that it's a it's a state Actor responsible for this but I'm sure The Russians are enjoying the fact that This intelligence leak is is being Weaponized against the United States and As you pointed out some of the Information that was leaked is certainly

Designed to drive a wedge between the United States and our key allies that Would be South Korea Ukraine obviously Turkey uh and Egypt and Israel and that Would be the key ones there's a report In the New York Times that Tuesday in South Korea opposition lawmakers were Angry because they say that these Documents show that the U.S has been Spying on our Ally and we've learned Supposedly about a lot of South Korean Weapons being made and sent over to Ukraine one other thing that came out of This story is that defense secretary Austin and the defense minister of South Korea supposedly agreed that quite a few Of the documents in this leak were Fabricated Uh-huh so right so the question is how Much of this material is accurate well That's a question so right now let's Start with that point which is a really Good one who might have had access to This information what's been fabricated The Russian modus operandi is to take Something that's true let's say 95 true And then sprinkle their secret sauce of Disinformation to design to influence uh Thinking about a particular issue and so It's certainly possible that that's what We're seeing in this case the problem That we're having though with our allies Is this is the kind of stuff you don't Want to be exposed publicly there even

If it's not true it's going to have kind Of a life of its own a force multiplier Where people will be reading this and There's blowback politically on our Allies South Koreans have a law which Prohibits them from providing military Equipment which would be used in War and What was alleged in those documents is That South Korea was shipping the United States our attorney Hillary and we were Sending it on to Ukraine so even if That's not true and we know that there Have been plenty of things out on the Internet that aren't true but that still Have an impact that's of concern to us And uh the the only way to get at it is To be transparent about our Investigation and to be really forceful About putting the truth out there with An eye towards maybe drowning out the Propaganda lies but that's extremely Challenging the last point I'll make for You is The intelligence Community just like Department of Defense and our national Security writ large it's a zero-sum game If I'm spending 20 hours a day on a task Force designed to do the forensics and Damage assessment from this secret Document leak I'm not doing other stuff And if if diplomatically we're talking About these secret documents and the Impact they're going to have on our Bilateral relationships with Egypt and

Israel and others I'm not doing other Things that are important and that's of Grave concern to me as well one of the Other things that comes out of all this Is how we've been successful supposedly At infiltrating Russia's intelligence Look we're really good at what we do and That's what I did for a living recruit Spies and steal secrets and we had a Saying at the CIA an old Mentor of mine Used to say which was the secret of our Success is the secret of our success and When something like this pops out into The open that's just not very good for Us because we don't do this for any Public Acclaim uh we don't want any Public acknowledgment of what we do it Should be in the shadows and in the Background and and there's a negative Potential impact on our sources who are Now questioning whether the super secret Information that they're giving us at Grave risk to themselves is worth it Because they don't want to get a bullet In the back of the head because Vladimir Putin is now reading intelligence that You know he he has to wonder where is it Coming from you know and so the other Question I would just again lots of Questions to ask but one is were these Documents leaked and were they altered After they were on the Internet or were They stolen and then altered and then Put out on the internet I mean these are

Additional questions that we must be Asking so look there's a lot of work to Be done on this and uh at the end of the Day all we know for sure it's a major Counterintelligence flap for this Administration and President Biden Should remember very well previous ones He had to deal with because it was During the Obama Administration that They had to face Chelsea Manning and Snowden Dan is referencing two other Massive security breaches Chelsea Manning was an Army intelligence analyst Who Elite classified military documents Related to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars And more Wikileaks posted it all online Manning was convicted of Espionage theft And aiding the enemy in 2013 but four Years later President Obama commuted her 35-year prison sentence setting her free 2013 was also the same year Edward Snowden leaked classified intelligence While working for the National Security Agency the NSA detailing widespread U.S Surveillance programs he fled the Country to avoid being charged Russia Gave him Asylum and last year made Snowden a Russian citizen so how do Those massive breaches size up to this New one I don't think we know yet and I Would be very wary of speculating on Just how bad these leaks are because They're probably not done yet maybe this Is the first of of a number of tranches

We just don't know so is this stuff Coming from the CIA from the defense Department All of the above anywhere else where is It all coming from right and that it may Be coming from all of those places and That's another thing that I expect our Task force will be looking at uh exactly Where the information came from and also Just important to bifurcate what looks Like it's accurate what is accurate and What isn't so look like I said it's Early days on this very early days we Have to be careful about speculating too Much about how this compares to other Breaches but you know once we have more Information about exactly what was Stolen then I think we'll feel like we Can start to make some of those Conclusions but look as you could you Rightly know this is a major issue for Us and it's going to take a lot of the Oxygen out of our Um our relationships with important Allies at a crucial time and it's going To take a lot of of man and woman powers Out of our intelligence Community to try To do the forensics and the Damage Assessment I mean you can shut down like The Discord server and you can stop that But how how do you what what Since you don't exactly know yet the Source of all this how do you stop this Leak

Can you I don't think you can if you Think about the numbers of people who Would have had access to this Intelligence and I'm sure someone has Already looked at that It's like looking for a needle in a Stack of needles really hard to do it And and that's also extremely time Consuming to do this kind of work it's Typically we catch spies because another Spy told us who the Spy is that's how we Got Rick games that's how we got Hanson And others in this case You know we learned about this because We found it on the internet not because Some foreign spy told us that we have a Spy in our own midst and that just makes It extraordinarily difficult but I can Tell you from my experience that the Sources with whom I had the honor of Working all over the world took Extraordinary risks on behalf of U.S National security to protect U.S Citizens and there was nothing that was More important to us as CIA officers Than protecting those people our sources And that's why when something like this Happens it really can have a very Significantly negative impact on the Calculus that an individual might make Before they agree to be one of our Sources that's the the concern that I Would have so the people who do the jobs Now that you used to do

Are what extremely nervous worried upset Angry what are they uh well the leaving The emotional side out of it because They you know you don't really my Experiences I just don't want to waste My time on that I'm going to work the Problem and I'm going to meet my source And I'm going to make sure that I button Down the trade craft so that I'm running My sources securely as as I possibly can It's up to the individual CIA case Officer out there in the field on the Front lines many Behind Enemy Lines In Harm's Way to do everything they can to Protect the sources that we have and Reassure them that we're doing that and Then when they go out to recruit news Sources to reassure those new sources That that we can protect them but but Our job got a lot more difficult because Of a leak back home and and yes that's I'm sure there were a few expletives in Far-flung places all over the world Before they got back to work Daniel Hoffman retired CIA senior clandestine Services officer and a Fox News Contributor thanks very much for joining Us all right [Music] This is Tommy lahren with your Fox News Commentary coming up Universal school choice programs are Springing up around the country State of Florida is number one when it comes to

Education freedom and education Choice Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently Signing a bill that expands the state's Existing program dropping restrictions Including income limits to make all Students eligible the largest expansion Of Education choice not only in the History of this state but in the history Of these United States that is a big Deal the Florida teachers union says the Program will take billions of dollars Away from already underfunded classrooms Accusing the governor of putting Political ambition ahead of Florida's Families supporters say it's a Revolution to fund students not systems With several States passing Universal Choice so far this year it certainly has A lot of momentum now and it's thrilling To see former U.S education secretary in Long time school choice Advocate Betsy DeVos after toiling in the fields for 35 Years On behalf of policies like this that We're seeing States now adopt really Across the country it's very exciting to See and it's really in my view the Beginning of an exciting phase for K-12 Education experiences What's driving these latest school Choice programs I mean was locked down The Tipping Point I think when parents had a front row Seat to see exactly what was going on

And what was happening or what wasn't Happening in their children's schools During the distance learning or whatever Iteration of observation of covid a Family had it really was revealing to so Many families who before thought their Kids were doing just fine in a school They probably chose to live in that Particular district for and it really Did spur the momentum and the numbers Around families who were ultimately Unsatisfied with what they saw Let's break down one of the newest Expansions of school choice Um signed into law by Florida's governor Because I know funding is always a Concern with programs like this Florida's new law envisions the money Following the student but doesn't say Exactly what it could cost or where all Of the money will come from the basic Model though you know seems to be a Family opting for Choice gets their District's share of per student funding For that student do I have that right And is that sustainable Yes yes generally speaking when we're Talking about Universal education Savings accounts most of the states that Have joined that bandwagon in the last Several months or year are doing so with The funding levels that are Approximately 90 percent of what the States spends on that child already so

Instead of the state paying for that Child to go to their assigned District School that money goes with that child And that family to choose the place That's going to work best for him or her So this is a natural outgrowth of Policies that are supporting family Empowering Families and uh choices for Kids One of the criticisms of that though is That as it focuses you know more on Individual students and empowers Families it also takes money away from The public school because of that shift You know what about that criticism I Mean is that a legitimate concern Well if the investment is in the child Then the child is no longer in that School then the school doesn't have Responsibility for that child's Education and this has really been an Important continued learning and there Have been many studies done on the Florida situation and it's very telling To note that in the districts where the Greatest percentage of students are Going to schools other than their Assigned District school whatever that Choice might be the achievement levels For the students within that District Have all actually continued to improve And I I believe it's because the schools Are making adjustments and making Changes that they wouldn't before when

They didn't have anything or anyone else To compare themselves to so it's a Win-win for every student no matter Where they are I was going to ask you Where magnet and Charter Schools fit Into the Choice picture because they're Actually run by public schools right so If you have this education account or a Voucher it wouldn't be used toward Tuition Correct well let's distinguish between a Magnet school a magnet school is a School within a district that is uh Often uh focused on one specific area of Study or interest so it might be uh Theater in the arts for example or it Might be stem focused but it is a part Of the district system and run by the District and the thing with magnet Schools is that the schools are Permitted to screen for students that Are appropriate for that school so if They have an academic hurdle to go over They can test students and they can take In children who they deemed prepared for Whatever they have to offer a charter School by contrast is also a public School but it's run independent from the School district So when we talk about school choice and The funding that families have access to It's is it is it mainly for tuition at Things like private schools or can it Also be used for instructional materials

If you're if you're not using it for a Private school for instance you know What or does it vary by state It it really can be used to customize Any child's education so let's say for Um a child in Florida they are um in a a You know small town uh high school that Has Um a nice you know round of offerings For you know types of classes but that It doesn't have perhaps uh two or three Of the subject areas maybe there's a Language the student wants or needs or a Particular uh science class or something That the school can't offer this student Can take the education savings account And apply you know a bulk of it toward The school that he or she already Attends and then take some of it to Perhaps buy an online course taught by a Really great Professor on the other side Of the world I was surprised to read Actually how many states Allow all online learning options as Part of the curriculum and I don't mean Homeschooling necessarily just the kind Of creative things that you're talking About Yeah exactly and you know there there Are many great online platforms and Providers and you know many families Actually migrated to those during uh all Of the lockdowns and shutdowns because They you know they saw in many cases

Very high quality options that they you Know and they ended up seeing how well They worked for some kids now that's not For every child just like sitting you Know lined up in rows of desks in a Classroom isn't the best environment for Every child to learn so it really it Really does Center our focus of Education what education actually should Be learning and preparing to become you Know contributing members of society it Focuses it around where it should be the Student and helping him or her really Develop their innate talents and gifts To the fullest extent I did want to ask You about one of the other criticisms That tends to come up about school Choice programs and that's the argument That wealthier parents already paying For a private school for instance don't Necessarily need this help Uh and I think that's largely the case But I think that the states that are Passing Universal programs recognize and Acknowledge that this option and this Opportunity should be there for every Child in that state and I suspect that The highest percentage of families who Will opt into and use these education Savings account programs will be lower Income families and and many middle to You know upper middle income families Now again I think it's going to Foster Creativity around uh education

Experiences that we haven't even really Begun to dream about because we've been So used to education for K-12 students Being provided largely the same way for 175 years Is there a way To offer school choice but still lift up And improve public schools at the same Time I mean it sounds like you're you Know pretty much saying that that's Actually a byproduct of school choice is Lifting up the public schools yes it is Absolutely and again I refer to Florida That has done you know there's been a Number of longitudinal studies done About the impact that education Freedom Programs have had here and and let me Just interject here I like to use the Term education Freedom versus school Choice because I think it helps us think More broadly Beyond specific buildings To a much more Um holistic approach to what education Can look like for every child it gets Beyond you know School building walls But what we've seen in Florida is where Those students are in districts that Have a higher percentage of kids Choosing a school other than their Assigned District school all of the kids Achievement levels have continued to go Up and I think that's only going to Accelerate from here as uh more families Take this opportunity to really examine

What is going to work best for each of Their children Nearly 40 Years of advocacy I'm sure You've heard it all the praise and the Complaints How is this issue evolved you know what Do families who utilize education Freedom programs tell you about the Decisions they've made and how it's Impacted their kids It has been so inspiring anytime I feel In any way discouraged all I need to do Is pick up the phone or see you know Face to face any one of a number of Individuals that I've gotten to know Over the years whose lives literally Have changed because their families had The opportunity to access one of these Very early small programs and States Across the country are now recognizing How important it is for families to have That empowerment and for kids to be able To find their right fit more than 30 States have some version of school Choice now or you optimistic about the Rest I am ultimately I think look I think in This is very quickly going to be also Become an economic competitiveness issue Because when uh businesses today are Trying to attract new younger workers to Whatever they have to offer in terms of A job the first thing that a young Family does is check the quality of the

Academic offerings in any any city or State or uh you know or town and and Those states that continue to be tied to The you know the government-run school Union benefactors are going to continue To fall further and further behind as a Result Former education secretary Betsy DeVos Thank you so much for your time Thanks so much Lisa great talking with You [Music] And in other news I'm Gianna jalosi the Bronze Age featured a number of Advancements irrigation the invention of The wheel and now tripping on Hallucinogens three thousand year old Locks of hair that likely belong to Shamans were discovered in a burial Chamber in the Mediterranean island of Menorca which belongs to Spain they Tested positive for a number of Mind-altering compounds suggesting the People who live there Incorporated Hallucinogenic experiences into their Rituals the findings published in the Scientific reports of the journal Nature Suggest the first direct evidence of Ancient European hallucinogen use Researchers say the drugs were consumed Over the period of a year and well Before death although there's no way to Know why those ancient people were Consuming such powerful drugs the lead

Researcher notes the tubes in which the Hair were found were decorated with Concentric circles which researchers say May represent the inner Vision shamans Experienced after ingesting Hallucinogenic plants but they also say They're still they need to learn for the Fox News rundown I'm Gianna jalosi [Music] New from the Fox News podcasts Network I'm Dana Perino join me for season three Of my limited time podcast everything Will be okay based on my best-selling Book of the same name make sure you Subscribe to this series wherever you Download podcasts and leave a rating and Review subscribe to this podcast at it's time for your Fox News commentary Tommy Lauren what's On your mind welcome to the rainbow Arrow where women of all shape sizes and Races are being replaced by white men And all the while the feminists keep Quiet or cheer it on there's no bigger Cheerleader than the bite Administration Which recently released new guidelines To make it easier for men to dress up as Women and run roughshod over what used To be women's only categories new Title IX regulations would essentially make it More difficult for schools and colleges To keep bio males out of women's sports Under these new rules no school or College that receives Federal funding

Would be allowed to impose a One-size-fits-all policy that Categorically bans transgender students From playing on sports teams consistent With their gender identity if so that Institution would be in violation of Title IX Title IX was put in place 50 Years ago to further women's rights and Opportunities but it's been put through The shredder and the party that Supposedly fights for women is leading The charge conservatives are the new Feminist bet you didn't see that one Coming I'm Tommy lahren and you can Watch my show Tommy Laren Israelis at Foreign [Music] To the Fox News rundown now and now stay Up to date by subscribing to this Podcast at listen ad Free on FOX News podcasts Plus on Apple Podcast and Prime members can listen to The show ad free on Amazon music and for Up to the minute news go to It's will Kane co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend join me as I share my Thoughts on a wide range of topics from Sports and pop culture to politics and Business so will Kane podcast subscribe And listen now at or Wherever you get your podcasts Love Fox News click the Subscribe button To get more of the news and opinion you

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