This should ‘scare the bejesus’ out of Americans: Sen. Schmitt

This should ‘scare the bejesus’ out of Americans: Sen. Schmitt

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., emphasizes concerns over the Biden administration and federal government’s efforts to censor Americans through Big Tech and social media. #foxnews

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About 17 past now there's a committee The house weaponization committee Holding a hearing at the moment Lawmakers taking a closer look at a Lawsuit that claims that the Biden Administration worked with social media Companies the sensor free speech and Public opinion before the election of 2020. it's a tasty topic we'll see what They can prove Missouri Senator Eric Schmidt filed that lawsuit you were the AG back in Missouri when that happened Good morning to you this is a house Hearing not a senate hearing what can They prove Well I testified in front of that Committee this morning Bill to talk About what we uncovered in our lawsuit Missouri versus Biden it was the first Of its kind a landmark lawsuit that Alleged and now proven that this was a Vast censorship Enterprise between big Tech and big government the white Administration intentionally trying to Suppress speech pressuring social media Companies these social media companies Were willing to go along special portals Were uncovered the Surgeon General Texting senior Facebook officials you Know Dr fauci trying to cover up his Role in the origins of kovid when we Found out when Dr fauci spoke big Tech Censored so what we uncovered in that Lawsuit was significant and then of

Course the Twitter files have Amplified That and I don't care what your Political stripe is Bill in this country This kind of censorship ought to scare The bejesus out of everybody that the Government the federal government with This vast power and authority can censor Millions of millions of Americans we Can't let it happen again and that's the The work of that committee okay two Specific questions here you got a Deposition from Dr fauci right and he Got a deposition from an FBI agent Working on the laptop story What are we going to learn Well other than Dr faucii the court Reporter put a mask on when she sneezed Which was unbelievable in the deposition But it was very clear that Dr fauci Funded a third party to do work uh in The Wuhan uh you know lab there where The lab leak now we agree is the most Likely theory of how this came out he Immediately went to work to discredit Anybody who suggested the lab leak he Knew it was real he knew he funded it But he worked with his Social Media Partners to suppress that and you know Claim everybody was a conspiracy Theorist and claiming disinformation we Know that to be true and then also we we Deposed that FBI agent who had monthly Then weekly meetings with social media Companies uh telling them about the

Potential Hunter Biden laptop story that It was a it was a hack and leak Operation by the Russians all the while They already had the laptop they knew it Was real and so they preemptively tried To discredit that story and then it was Censored and so these are just two Examples I mean this spanned across Government agencies bill it's really Scary stuff we can't let this happen Again and so that committee is holding Hearings on and I was there this morning Last question did they do the same with The Trump team No this was look these social media Companies were willing Partners however It is important to note that they Coerced cajoled and colluded with these Companies threatening to take away Section 230 protections from the press Secretary to Dr fauci to the Surgeon General United States using the heavy Hand of government to you know move them In that direction the social media Companies went along with it again a Vast censorship Enterprise that we just Can't let happen in the what's been the Freest country in the history world the First amendments are pressure release Back Bill the press release valve we got To hold on to that thank you for your Time with the breaking news we're short On time today appreciate you coming on We'll see where it goes I'm Steve Ducey

I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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