Tomi Lahren: Let the California Democrats have Bud Light

Tomi Lahren: Let the California Democrats have Bud Light

OutKick host Tomi Lahren weighs in after Elon Musk revealed government agencies have access to all Twitter data and discusses the heated congressional hearing on New York City crime rates. #FoxNews

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The degree to which various government Agencies had effectively had full access To everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind would that include People's DMs Yes Yes because the dams are not encrypted So one of the first you know one of the Things that we're about to release is Ability to encrypt your DMs hopefully Coming out later this month but no later The next month is the ability to toggle Encryption on or off so if you if you Are in a conversation you think is Sensitive you can just toggle encryption On and then no one on Twitter can see What you're talking about they could put A gun to my head and I couldn't I Couldn't tell Twitter's new boss Elon Musk says he is Strengthening privacy settings on the App after revealing the app used to have Access to private user data and that Includes direct messages I'll kick host Tommy joins us now Tommy as you've been Listening we've talked a lot about the Scary aspects of the AI part of this Interview how scary was the Twitter part Of this interview Yeah who needs AI when you have just Regular old employees that want to Collude with the government to spy on The American people right I mean they've Already got that one handled but I don't

Know what's more concerning the fact That former Twitter employees we hope Their former wanted to share this Information with the government or that The government wanted this information That should be concerning all the way Around I'm not sure which one is worse But I'll tell you this the fact that our Government and those at Twitter's felt The need to look into DMS to censor to Shadow band to monitor the American People to the extent that they did thank Goodness for the Twitter files and Elon Musk we now know what our government has Been up to and we now know how concerned They are with the actions of the American people but that leads me to my Next question Todd and Ashley why were They then not able to rid child Pornography and exploitation off the Platform if they really are so concerned With guidelines and safety and terms of Use why not rid the thing that's Actually the most damaging to the American population that child Exploitation that child porn why were They not able to tackle that issue it's A rhetorical question but it's one that I hope most Americans will think about Even on the left because it's a question We should all care about you know you Bring up such a good point if they're so Concerned about one aspect why not the Other and why not put all of their

Energy into the safety of children for Example like you bring up but we do have To get to this Tommy Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson is being Torched by the mother of a murder victim After he labeled her and the other Witnesses as props listen The Republican Witnesses who have used Their time to criticize district Attorney Brad Has served as props in a Maga Broadway Production I would challenge this this Gentleman whatever his name is okay Johnson Hank Johnson to Step One Foot In The Hood he is a rich black man that's Selling poor black men that they're Props and that the crime and the things That they're experiencing it's it's not As bad as they think that they are Your thoughts Tommy on all of this Well I could have said it better myself But I'm going to attempt to add to it Listen this is the Democrat Ploy they Used it in the midterms and somehow was Successful they're going to continue to Use it until it's not trying to make Crime seem like it's a figment of Mega Imagination trying to connect the two That if you're a trump supporter then You're the only one that sees crime as a Problem and blue democrat-run cities so I don't know if it's going to work for Them again in 2024 I didn't think it was Going to work for them in the midterms

But I'll tell you this none of this Matters these field hearings are not Going to matter if Republicans and the National Republican committee does not Get active in these local and state Races especially these da races if we Want to get rid of crime quite frankly That is what we're going to have to put Our energy so all of it helps it's great To expose the victims the witnesses the Families and to have them tell their Story it's powerful I commend Jim Jordan And others on the house Judiciary for Doing that but if we really want to take Care of crime Beyond just that we're Going to have to get active in these Races where it really matters no more Soros funded DA's running roughshod over These communities it's an important Point I would just add we had Madeline On the show in this seat yesterday and For Hank Johnson to say that about Believing mother it's abhorrent he Should be ashamed let's hang on a Positive Shifty shift and other California Dems getting roasted for this Bud Light photo op tweeted by Congressman Ted Lou you can't make up The Ridiculousness Tommy your quick Thoughts Well Ted Lou used to be my congressman When I lived in the hell hole that is California so I just laugh at this let California Democrats drink Bud Light if

That makes them feel like they've really Done something I think that they're Entirely missing the point they're not The actual customer base and I think Bud Light knows that it's not Schiff and Ted Lou and the Democrats that are causing Them to Hemorrhage billions right now so Go ahead drink your Bud Light the rest Of us we quite frankly don't care but Light acknowledged that they messed up They taking it as a loss it's like those Four are wearing the team that lost the Super Bowl wearing their Jersey proudly It's odd Tommy thank you so much thanks Tommy I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade And I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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