‘TOO LITTLE TOO LATE?’: Lightfoot torched over crime pivot after ousting

'TOO LITTLE TOO LATE?': Lightfoot torched over crime pivot after ousting

Retired Chicago police lieutenant John Garrido joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss Lightfoot’s pivot on crime and broader concerns surrounding the surge in violence. #FoxNews

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As Democrats if we do not speak the Truth about violent crime in our city we Will be the worst for it I know that There are people in my city that are Wreaking havoc every day and need to be Off the street you're telling them that The criminal justice system doesn't care About victims and Witnesses Ousted Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot Encouraging fellow Democrats to take Action on crime as their City looks to Replace its top coping for someone with A plan to address these violent teen Takeovers our next guest served in the Chicago Police Department for more than 30 years she's retired lieutenant John Garrido and he joins us now tenant great To have you here I want to get to Lori Lightfoot really soon so really quickly Tell me about this commission to select A new superintendent for the police and What are the challenges that that Commission is facing and filling that Position So this is the first time that we've had This type of commission put together uh It'll be interesting to see how they They come together to come up with Somebody they're actually going to have Town Hall meetings and uh try to include Uh public opinion uh at the end of the Day though the mayor still gets to make A decision if they want to take those Selections or not uh back uh when Rahm

Emanuel was in the police board actually Made the recommendations and he Discarded them and made him go back to The drawing board until they picked the One that he wanted so sending it back to Your mayor might not be such a great Plan let's get over to Lori lightford The former mayor why is she all of a Sudden Mrs like I'm for victims rights And let's do something about violent Crime why wasn't she doing this before She might not have lost the election Yeah too little too late yeah if you Listen to her entire speech there she Doesn't take any accountability Whatsoever she still blames everything On Kim Fox and on uh um judge Evans Judge Evans so uh what's she up to I Guess John John what is she up to why is She why is she still on the stage I I Assume she's probably jockeying for some Type of position maybe some point and Maybe maybe Biden uh gets involved and Uh gives her something I'm not sure Exactly what she's looking for but she Definitely uh uh always likes to point The finger at everybody else it's always Somebody else's fault even when she lost The election it was somebody else's Fault not her own uh but but she created The toxic work environment that we have Now that's causing thousands of officers To leave every year yeah there's no Question about that she was a complete

Failure as as a mayor really a disgrace You know this this next superintendent Uh you know we have a saying or there's Actually a motto at the police Department earned not given uh to come It's become kind of a joke uh but we're Hoping we're optimistically hopeful that The next superintendent's actually going To actually have earned the position and Have the respect of the officers to try To get that morale back up yeah well I Wish that for Chicago too but they keep Voting in the wrong people it's just It's a really sad situation Um let's talk about the violent teen uh Crime that we've been seeing um there's A 168 percent increase in motor vehicle Theft 82 percent increase in Murder I Mean these numbers are astounding 36 Percent increase in aggravated battery And 29 increase in Theft we've seen These teens sort of running around in These mobs Um you know obviously this is a crime Story but this is also a family story This is a fatherlessness story how is Chicago going to address the culture Problem behind what we're seeing here in These images which are are terrifying Well right I mean this is a problem Where the the families are not being Held accountable uh if you go back to The Bulls riots in the 90s I came out in 91 91 92 93. we arrested 115 people that

First year because we were caught off Guard but after that the next year a Thousand people the next year is 685 People they need to lock these people up Even if they're if they're kids and they Need to make their parents come and pick Them up and get them a little bit more Involved in dealing with them uh makeup Account will make it inconvenient for Them but by letting them run rampant Like this uh why wouldn't they do it Again they're having a good time they're They're having fun and I think only 15 Or 20 people were arrested last weekend Yeah I love that arrest them and make Their fathers come pick them up because This is really the root of the problem Um thank you so much John garrido great Having you on the show today

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