Trey Gowdy: Trump indictment is latest example of a ‘corrupted’ justice system | Fox News Rundown

Trey Gowdy: Trump indictment is latest example of a 'corrupted' justice system | Fox News Rundown

Former President Donald Trump was indicted Thursday night by a Manhattan grand jury, marking the first time in American history that a former president has faced criminal charges. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had been pursuing an indictment for the former President’s alleged hush money payments made in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Former President Trump, who has announced his 2024 candidacy, responded to his indictment Thursday night, calling this “political persecution and election interference at the highest level.” Former South Carolina Congressman and federal prosecutor, Trey Gowdy, joins the podcast to explain the reasons why this is the weakest legal case against former President Trump, his doubts that this indictment will impact the 2024 primary, and why this is an example of our justice system being corrupted by politics.

Attending college has long been a popular next step for high school graduates, but as more young adults find themselves strapped with thousands of dollars in debt after graduating, some are looking to another stepping stone for a career path: apprenticeships. Traditionally thought to exist only in trades like plumbing or electrical work, apprenticeships are now available for those interested in a number of new fields like cybersecurity or consulting. The Wall Street Journal’s higher education reporter, Doug Belkin, has spoken at length with many students who are opting to take on apprenticeships instead of college. He joins the Rundown to discuss his insights, the unique benefits apprenticeships can garner for young adults, and the factors he believes portray college as either a tool or a waste of time.

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Plus, commentary by columnist David Marcus.

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I'm Greg Jarrett I'm Sandra Smith I'm Charles Payne and this is the Fox News Rundown Friday March 31st 2023 I'm Lisa Brady America is an unchartered territory with The indictment of former president Donald Trump there are a thousand Examples of our justice system being Corrupted by politics uh this may just Be the most recent example but it is by No means the only one I'm Chris Foster More kids are getting a head start on Their careers in avoiding student loans By choosing apprenticeships over College This is attractive to people who are Concerned about outcomes right now that Tends to be folks who don't have a lot Of money to go to college and are going To have to borrow to uh to go in and I'm David Marcus I've got the final word on The Fox News Rundown Foreign [Music] Or former U.S president has ever faced Criminal charges until now Donald Trump Indicted by a New York City Grand Jury a Spokesperson for the Manhattan district Attorney Alvin Bragg confirming it last Night saying they had contacted Trump's Attorney to coordinate his surrender to The DA's office for arraignment on an Indictment that remains under seal for Now but it's believed to center around a Hush money payment to adult film actress

Stormy Daniels during the 2016 Presidential campaign made by then-trump Attorney Michael Cohen who says Trump Reimbursed him and whether that can be Elevated to covering up an unreported Campaign donation the grand jury was Also reportedly probing a payment to Former Playboy model Karen McDougall the Former president says he's 100 innocent And has denied an affair with either Woman well it's shocking for sure and it Really is a slippery slope when we start Indicting our political opponents Particularly active candidates for Office us Florida Republican Congresswoman Kat camack thinks this Will backfire on the D.A and Democrats Instead of cleaning up the streets of New York a George Soros back D.A is Focused on indicting a former president And that is priority number one give me A break Trump calls the indictment Political persecution and election Interference and an attack on our Country by Thugs and radical left Monsters Trump attorney Joe takapina Telling Fox's Sean Hannity there is no Crime I know the facts I know the law And I really want to see where this is Going to go house Speaker Kevin McCarthy Says D.A Alvin Bragg has irreparably Damaged the country in an attempt to Interfere in the 2024 election but Democrats are calling the indictment

Long overdue and proof that no one is Above the law California congressman Adam Schiff who led a trump impeachment Probe says the indictment is sobering And while unprecedented is deeply and Fundamentally necessary to preserve the Rule of law so several other Investigations of trump continue Including the special Council probe Related to classified documents in the Capital Riot and in Georgia the effort To overturn the 2020 election results Negotiations are underway on when and How Trump would turn himself in for Arraignment in the New York City case Possibly early next week the indictment Particularly if it's what we call a Speaking indictment we'll go into lots Of detail about what they plan to prove Or think they have Trey Gowdy is a Former congressman and prosecutor that Said whether you like the defendant or Do not like the defendant we do have a Presumption of innocence and that is More than just lip service he's also the Host of the Trey Gowdy podcast and Sunday night in America with Trey Gowdy And he has a new book start Stay or Leave the art of decision making you Really Resumed innocent until such time as you Admit your guilt or a jury of your peers Concludes otherwise the indictment and This is what juries are told in court is

Not even evidence So I mean it's a legal way a formal way Of charging someone but it's not evident So the old prosecutor in me has seen Indictments that juries rejected and I Have seen indictments the jury's Convicted on So let's wait and read the indictment And then we won't have to wonder anymore It's been reported that the justice Department Passed on bringing charges over this Does that weaken the Manhattan DA's case And lend Credence to the argument that He is in fact stretching a misdemeanor Into a felony Yes in the court of public opinion the Jury will never hear about that the jury Will never be told that another Prosecutorial entity with potential Jurisdiction took a pass but in the Court of public opinion and I was both a State and a federal prosecutor but the Feds only bring cases when there is a Significant likelihood of a conviction Which is why they have a conviction rate You know well above 90 percent uh the Conviction rate's a lot less in State Court however let me say that there are Four that we know of ongoing Investigations into former president Trump I Are this is the weakest actually legally You have witness credibility issues you

Have genuine statute of limitations Issues not to mention the fact that you Have to prove that this was done and Firm yourself another crime for it to be A felony and look Federal prosecutors in New York are among the best in the world The fact that they took a look at this And took a pass which should influence The court of public opinion but the jury In a Manhattan courtroom will never hear About that Trump's son Eric is calling this an Opportunistic targeting of a political Opponent in a campaign year and Trump Himself calls this election interference Can that be a winning defense for him in This case Um Only if you consider what we call jury Nullification to be a winning defense And that's when the jury says we're Really not interested in the law of the Facts we don't think you should have Brought this case I think the most Famous example of jury notification was The O.J Simpson case I I really don't Know anyone who could look at those Facts and conclude that O.J Simpson did Not kill his wife uh and her friend However the jury ignored in my judgment The law and the facts because they Thought some higher offense had been Created so the fact that it's an Election year

Ironically enough does influence whether Or not you bring charges I think the Department of Justice has a rule that They are not going to bring certain Charges Within a certain time period on either Side of an election because they don't Want to interfere On the other hand Jim Comey had a pretty Famous press conference and then a later Later issued a statement uh that many Democrats think adversely impacted Secretary Clinton in 2016. It is never good for prosecutors to be Either in reality or perceived as trying To interfere with elections but that's a Not a legal defense that is a defense in The court of public opinion and it may Be a jury nullification issue will Trump's defense lawyers say they will Vigorously fight this Um how do they do that where do they Start where should they start Uh you start with the indictment itself You start with the statute of Limitations whether or not this case can Even legally be brought some Jurisdictions do not have statutes Limitations in fact my own home state of South Carolina does not but many do Which means you have to bring a case Within x amount of time of when the Alleged offense took place so you defend It there on the law first and then you

Try to vigorously defend it on the facts But judges are very loath to dismiss Indictments it has to be clearly a legal Violation to have indicted someone or Else they're going to let the trial go Forward now it may be that you don't Have the facts I've seen judges toss Indictments in the middle of a trial but Only after the prosecution has a chance To call witnesses and again that gets to The witness credibility issue uh Michael Cohen went to prison for lying to Congress uh that is not the kind of Witness that a prosecutor would want to Hinge her or his case on doesn't mean a Witness cannot tell the truth it just Means the jury's less likely to believe That they are I don't know what all the Manhattan D.A has I don't know what the Evidence is we probably won't know Unless and until there's a trial but to Vigorously defend something means number One attack the indictment is either not The you know the D.A either didn't have Jurisdiction or there's some fatal legal Flaw before you ever get to the facts The former president of course now lives In Florida where the Republican Governor Ron DeSantis believed to be considering His own run for president is criticizing The indictment but is also saying he's He's not going to help with any Extradition how much does that matter Procedurally

Oh gosh I think procedurally not at all I think we're in an environment right Now where you know if Governor DeSantis Doesn't have the Florida National Guard You know outside of Mar-A-Lago some People are going to criticizing my guess Is you know because president Trump Believes that he is legally and Factually innocent Um that he would not fight extradition He probably uh will take the attack that He welcomes the opportunity to quote Prove his innocence although he doesn't Have to you're Presumed Innocent you Don't have to prove it So far legal troubles have bounced off Trump in terms of polling will an actual Indictment be any different for his 2024 Campaign and how should other Republican Candidates including his Republican Rivals handle all of this Um I don't think it's going to impact Him at all in the primary Um I think in the old days uh maybe a Couple of decades ago the allegations Themselves would have given some people Pause I don't recall uh hearing the Phrase I don't use the phrase porn star Because I don't know what it means but Um a porn actress will go with that I Don't remember hearing that phrase much In the past with respect to presidential Candidates but voters have already Factored in whether they think the

Allegations are true or not with respect To Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougall or Anyone else so I don't think his numbers Are going to go down at all they'll Probably go up because People like me for instance think this Is the wrong case to start with In terms of the general election I don't Know how many people are left undecided In our country anymore quite frankly I Think that number is narrowing obviously There's primary opponents handle it Um I think they should handle it by Saying his Presumed Innocent we're going To let the process play out I doubt any Of them know the facts and I and I Guarantee you not one of them knows all The facts so if you don't know the facts I don't know why you would be weighing In on it other than to say he's Presumed Innocent let the process play itself out And if you say anything more than that Then I think you're saying too much Is this only a weak case in your opinion Or does it also as some Republicans Argue Prove Weaponization of government and abuse of Power and politics in play in The Manhattan DA's office I think we've had a problem in this Realm for a while now unfortunately I Know this is wildly unpopular and I'll Probably get a lot of less than

Complimentary emails but I used to tell People this wrong to chant lock her up I Don't care how much you do not like Secretary Clinton she was never indicted She certainly wasn't convicted by a jury Of repair she wasn't sentenced by a Judge and in this country we don't lock People up unless all three of those Things have happened There have been people chanting lot Trump well before this indictment again We don't do that in this country so the Notion that we're going to kind of Suspend due process suspend the Presumption of innocence go after our Political rivals or in some instances The crowd doesn't even wait for an Indictment they don't even wait for the Investigation it's just this catatonic Chant lock him up or lock her up that is A dangerous place for our country to be We don't lock people up unless a jury of Their peers have convicted them so I Think this has been going on it's Terrible I say that as a prosecute or Not a recovering Congressman the best Hope we have left for this Republic is a Justice system that is worthy of our Respect and when you have FBI directors Um who insert themselves and do not just One but two presidential campaigns when You have the belief that her Investigation was kind of soft-handed But they went after president Trump very

Very hard on pretty scant facts I think We've crossed that bridge unfortunately And what we need is an attorney general And District Attorneys think about what Alvin Bragg did the day he took office He issued a memo with all the things he Was not going to prosecute that is not What prosecutors do they don't sit there And second-guess a legislative body and Say look I know you say this is a crime But I say it's not So there are a thousand examples of our Justice system being corrupted by Politics uh this may just be the most Recent example but it is by no means the Only one Trey Gowdy thank you so much For your time yes ma'am thank you [Music] This is David Marcus with your Fox News Commentary coming up The average college tuition has more Than doubled over the last 30 years 10 000 bucks a year in state at Public Schools 38 000 at private schools According to the College Board the Education department says it takes Student loan borrowers 17 years on Average to pay them off some kids and Their families are saying no thanks College enrollment is down Apprenticeships though learning on the Job are becoming more popular and not Just for trades like Carpenters Electricians and plumbers yeah it's for

A long time in this country the Apprenticeship has been in the trades But they're expanding Douglas Belkin Covers higher education for the Wall Street Journal he wrote an article about Students turning away from college and Toward apprenticeships for a lot of Reasons and they're moving into Insurance banking cyber security kind of All sorts of different places So it typically happens is this do I Have this right you work part-time for a Company they pay for a degree or some Training along the way and then maybe You have a leg up as far as getting a Full-time job when it's done is that About right That's pretty much it you take a general Study course in college the first couple Years of college or Community College Often you don't have to go do that route Then there's training within the company And then you're working and you have a Mentor so you're learning on the job so The idea is that you graduate your Apprenticeship in a few years and you Are you know skilled and connected and Aligned with an industry So what kind of kids are going this Route are you finding what don't what Don't they want about a four-year University Dead everybody's terrified of debt and They're terrified of getting a degree uh

That costs them a lot of money that Doesn't land them a job often because They don't have good work experience so This is attractive to people who are Concerned about outcomes right now that Tends to be folks who don't have a lot Of money to go to college and are going To have to borrow to uh to go in in General and I know it's very it varies Widely from industry to industry but is College still there's a whole a good Bang for your buck do you still make That money back yes but Um yeah college is a good bet if you Graduate only 60 graduate if a four-year Degree in six years if you study Something that aligns with the market Maybe a third of the kids end up Studying something that they don't end Up working in so what you end up getting Is between a third and a half of kids Who graduate Who start college and Graduate and get a job leveraging their Credential the rest drop out or get a Job that doesn't demand a college degree Uh we'll talk about the kids you talked To for the journal article and the Apprenticeships they're doing just so People can have a couple real world Examples so the kids I interviewed for This story are working in White Collar Apprenticeships because these are sort Of the the new curve on this Um and they were both looking closely at

Colleges they both had good Um Aid offers from schools but they were Also both concerned about those things About debt and about not having uh Experience and having a hard time Cracking the job market when they Graduated they have experiences with Siblings who are both in that situation So they turned to these apprenticeships Um uh both in the insurance industry That offer them you know training the Sort of odd part for them is they're Working in offices with people who are Their parents age so there's a kind of a Cultural misfit But they sort of get over that and they Learn from them and they get mentored by A lot of them and they learn skills that Are necessary to do the jobs that these Adults are doing in these companies yeah And you moved through the company a bit It's not like you're just learning how To be an insurance adjuster or an Insurance salesperson or whatever like You move through I.T and whatever else That company entails right so you do Sort of stints for a couple of months in Different uh parts of the company so That you can learn the how the business Works and then and then focus on Something that you're more interested in That's sort of the ideal afterwards yeah That sounds sort of like college you you Know you take a few classes and then

Focus on what you're interested in Um some of these apprenticeships are Very competitive you write with the Lower acceptance rate than some Ivy League schools yeah there's a value to This model and that's being discovered As these things begin to spread out so One of the apprenticeship programs that I connected with had 1500 applicants This year for 100 spots so that's you Know that's that's 6.6 acceptance rate That's that's ivy league level so what's The application process is it similar to College where do they even look at Grades and extracurriculars and all that Stuff or is it just how do they do it It's more Hands-On and it struck me as More extensive because the company is Making a significant commitment in the Kid and they want to make sure that They're going to stick with it they're Going to have the capacity to get it Done Um so they do things they bring the Students in uh and have them work in Teams and observe them are they good Able to communicate internally or you Know with in small groups they pay Attention to things like their ability To pay attention to detail Um they do look at grades they some of Them have written essays but they're you Know four or five steps to these Application processes and it takes it

Takes a few months because they're Widowing down a lot of kids uh and they Want to make sure that they work out the Result is that the retention rates are Really high Um over 80 percent 90 and the folks that I spoke to I guess you're right the Difference is these companies are Investing in the kids spending money on The kid where colleges Especially not necessarily competitive Colleges they'll take any kids money Right so you know there's a big debate In higher education should universities Have skin in the game should they Um if a student fails out graduates with Debt or doesn't graduate with debt Should the school be penalized for that Um right now the answer is pretty much Know what they do care about especially The selective schools is Um is that they can succeed because it Reflects on their reputation and their Capacity to educate people so they want You know they want to earn a good Reputation that isn't always Um doesn't always work that way but That's the idea of how it's supposed to Work one of the criticisms of Traditional internship programs not Apprenticeship programs but internship Programs that are connected to getting Your college degree is that they're Mostly helpful

And useful for people for kids who have The the financial wherewithal through Their families to um to essentially work For free where if a kid is working their Way through college well I can't take Classes do my job and then take another Basically unpaid job Um this apprenticeship thing seems to um Negate some of that right these kids are Making good money for college kids uh You know 30 40 000 a year with benefits And vacation for working part-time During the school year and full-time During the summer so that's better than Most kids are making if they're in the Service industry or something uh so I Think this is sort of a level of respect And also this the companies are Demanding that you're able to produce Not that they expect you to know so much When you get in but that you're able to Work hard and focus yeah you're writing The same article that a lot of employers Or more employers are dropping degree Requirements is that because they need a Bigger pool or because they are Realizing that degrees aren't Necessarily relevant to the job I think it's both uh you know there's a Tremendous skills mismatched in the Country right now and there's also a Huge demand for labor so uh a lot of the The purpose of college degrees Traditionally in the last generation has

Been a signal in the noise to figure out If a student has the perseverance to get Through a four-year program but maybe Not so much what they've learned so now Employers are beginning to look more Specifically at skills as opposed to Credentials and this fits into that mode Well you do acknowledge in this article That there is an argument for a broader Education as opposed to what you might What might be a narrower education that You're getting these apprenticeships if If the industry that you're apprenticing In It takes a downturn then if those are The skills you have the argument goes Then you might have been better off Leaning on a broader education I don't Know if that's true right so the purpose Of going to college ultimately is to Learn to think critically to synthesize Information to think for yourself and to Be able to learn some schools do this a Lot of schools don't a lot of kids Graduate with um not particularly well Improved critical thinking skills but if You do college well then you come out a Sharper clearer thinker and you are able To learn and adapt in an economy that's Changing quickly and that's how things Should work Um apprenticeships don't preclude Learning to think critically by any Means but they do focus on a narrow set

Of skills and if those skills you know Get washed away Um by technology or whatnot then you're Going to have to adapt the question is Will you be as adaptable I know some Schools colleges universities have Dropped tuitions in response to Complaints that degrees don't carry the Value that they used to are schools Responding to that complaint I mean it's A tremendous scramble right now among Colleges to attract students there's I Think some fire sales going on at some Schools a lot of the When you see sticker prices being Reduced a little bit of that is smoke And mirrors because very few kids Actually pay the sticker price so some Schools will say well we're knocking our Price down from sixty thousand dollars To thirty two thousand dollars but the Reality is the average price kids were Paying after grants was you know 32 000 Nobody was paying that 60. yeah yeah Are college is going to fail what is College even going to be you cover this For a living what is college going to be In five years 10 years 15 years is it Going to be like it was Whatever 75 years ago when College was Really not for meant for everybody it's Really hard to say where things are Heading in a short period of time the There's a bunch of things that are

Clearly happening right now there's an Enrollment crisis a lot of schools the Weakest schools that charge High tuition And have low endowments are struggling The most and they're closing begin to Close Um that's happening in the Midwest and The Northeast where the population is Upside down you know there's not enough Kids graduating high schools schools are Working to align themselves with the Labor market and they're doing you know This this progress being made there so You see a lot happening in terms of Um the curriculum shifting so that kids Feel that they'll get a good job you Know some schools have placed the Guidance counselor on the center of the Quad to sort of send a message that we Care what happens after you graduate so You don't end up in your parents Basement so the pendulum tends to swing Depending on the how tight the labor Market is and how much you know slack There is if and when there's a lot of Folks who are unemployed companies were More likely to be choosier and demand That they get these credentials before They even apply Douglas Belkin out of Chicago covers higher education among Other things for the Wall Street Journal Douglas thank you thanks very much [Music] And now some good news with Tanya J

Powers Saichi Sano is turning 90 this year and If you're thinking he's slowing down due To his age think again he has a history Of tackling challenges like climbing Mount Fuji at age 80. Sano who lives in Japan also loves to Surf and has been Recognized by Guinness World Records as The oldest male to Surf he started his Own business earlier in life and still Runs a company that supplies Timber to Construction companies putting in a nine To five shift these days he says surfing Is his stress reliever and catches waves Most weekends in innoshima the small Island that hosted sailing for the Recent Tokyo Olympics and was the harbor For the 1964 games he said he was Inspired to take up the sport by an Employee at his local bank who was Always tan and didn't look like a Typical Banker the banker said his Secret was surfing so Sano followed up And found a teacher as for what's next Seno says he's ruled out bungee jumping But might try rock climbing but he's not Abandoning his passion for surfing he Says he wants to try to Surf until he's A hundred saying quote I take better Care of myself when I have goals like This Tanya J Powers Fox News [Music] From the Fox News podcasts Network I'm Janice Dean Fox News senior

Meteorologist be sure to subscribe to The Janice Dean podcast at or wherever you Listen to your podcasts and don't forget To spread the sunshine Subscribe to this podcast at it's time for your Fox News commentary David Marcus What's on your mind patriotism tolerance Religious observance and Community Involvement are all on steep declines According to new polling published in The Wall Street Journal and if we're Being honest the results are scary the Declining numbers in almost every area Of Civic life are not just a threat to Civility and social cohesion they are a Threat to America's national security The numbers strike a stark and quite Serious chord in 1998 70 of Americans Surveyed said that patriotism was very Important to them today just 38 and That's down from 61 in just four years There are similar dips in the numbers For how important religion down 33 is or Community involvement down 35 percent in Fact the only object that has surged in Importance according to this polling is Money which came to cool 12 percentage Points perhaps the most shocking and Dangerous result of the survey involves Tolerance of others and their views in 2019 80 percent of Americans backed this Foundational American value today that

Has dwindled to a mere 58 percent placed On top of each other these numbers Present a pernicious palum Pest of an America that is changing and not for the Better we are now a nation with less Pride in our flag a nation without a God To obey a nation in which communities Are crumbling As Americans distrust and Even hate each other If these numbers are a cold cup of Coffee for a country that needs to wake Up to its internal divisions they are a Christmas present to our geopolitical Foes who not only thrive on but also Stoke this disastrous divisiveness When special counsel Robert Mueller Dropped his report on foreign Interference in the 2016 election we Were so focused on the guilt or Innocence of then president Donald Trump That we mostly ignored the report's main Finding that Russia's Internet troll Farms were not so much trying to swing An election as make Americans revile Each other while it's not entirely clear Just how much of an impact foreign Information operations not just from Russia but also from China Iran and Others have had on these declines in Support for basic American values what Is clear is that these declines harm us And help them For those authoritarian Nations wishing To depose America and the West as the

Global superpower a steep decline in Patriotism is a dream come true the American political and media class need To take a long sobering look in the Mirror sadly these steep declines in Patriotism and tolerance The Vicious Othering of those with whom we disagree Can generate votes and clicks but at a Price far too dear for America to pay if There is a sliver of silver around the Cloudy disposition of the American Body Politic it may be that we are waking up To external threats especially those Posed by China a separate Gallup poll Found that in 2018 53 percent of Americans had a positive view of the Communist Nation today that has cratered To a mere and record low 15 percent We need leaders who will stress that we Are all in this unlikely American Experiment together and that there are Powerful Global forces who want nothing More than to destroy it was Benjamin Franklin who wrote upon the signing of The Declaration of Independence that we Must all hang together or most assuredly We will all hang separately 246 years later it is still true now is The time for patriotism now is the time For Community involvement and now is Most assuredly the time for tolerance in The United States of America it is never Too late I'm David Marcus author of Charade the coveted lies the crushed

Donation You've been listening to the Fox News Rundown now and now stay up to date by Subscribing to this podcast at listen ad-free on Fox News podcasts Plus on Apple podcasts And Prime members can listen to the show Ad free on Amazon music and for up to The minute news go to Hi everybody it's Brian Kilmeade I want You to join me weekdays at 9 A.M East as We break down the biggest stories of the Day with some of the biggest newsmakers And of course what do you think listen Live or get the podcast now at Love Fox News click the Subscribe button To get more of the news and opinion you Trust and click the Fox News rundown Playlist for the latest episodes

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