Trump indictment is helpful in the short term, but not the long run: Rove

Trump indictment is helpful in the short term, but not the long run: Rove

Fox News contributor Karl Rove joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the latest on Trump’s arraignment at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse. #FoxNews

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Ro former White House Deputy Chief of Staff boxes contributor Carl good Morning to you I'm the governor and the Mayor have been talking for days about Security in the city I mean Democrats Voted eight to one I mean they outnumber Republicans eight to one in New York City well we'll see how it goes Etc CNN Here's the polling do you approve of the Indictment of trump 60 say yes if you Ask whether or not politics played a Role uh 52 say a major role 76 percent Say it did play a role so that's at the Gut of a lot of this how do you see it So far today Yeah look even that that means that a Lot of Democrats and independents see This as political you had uh Professor Turleyan earlier he made a very I Thought a powerful case that this is not A very strong case at all and and a lot Of others have weighed in David French Who who is a conservative and not a fan Of trump has written that it he thinks This is a very weak case and so is Andy Um Andrew McCarthy who uh uh former Deputy uh U.S attorney for the southern District of New York so this is this is Going to be it's a this is an amazing Moment I mean this has never happened Before that a former president has been Indicted but uh this has helped him Clearly in the race for the Republican Nomination all the polls show so uh he

Has demonstrated an ability to turn this Into a fundraising effort I've received 11 emails from the Trump campaign in the Last 24 hours asking for money they've Declared that they've raised eight Million dollars since uh since last Saturday so this is this is this is a Positive Forum in the short run within The Republican party it is not helpful For the long term however if you look Inside for example the ABC ipsis poll 16 Percent of Republicans thought he should Have been indicted one out of every six Republicans and how many Independents Who vote who did not vote for him last Time around are going to be excited by The issue even if it's resolved in its Favor since it involves payments hush Money payments to a porn star with whom He allegedly had an affair so uh good Good good for him in the short run not Necessarily good for him in the long run And ugly for the system of American Justice in the meantime it's interesting Carl when you look at these other Potential candidates and some already in The race Nikki Haley and a couple of Others and Rhonda Santos who's not Declared Um Rhonda Sanchez sort of tried to make A mention of the underlying behavior and Character issues that he thought should Be part of the conversation and it Doesn't seem to have got him anywhere he

Seems to have slipped in the polls Well I think that's less him slipping in The polls then we're in a tribal moment In American politics and if you attack The leader of our tribe we're gonna We're gonna rally around him Um and and so president Trump is uh the The the ostensible leader the Republican Uh party and so if he's under attack Republicans are going to Rally around Him but but I wouldn't be so sanguine if I were him I would be a little bit Nervous if you have one out of every six Republicans saying as they said in the ABC poll that he should have been Charged and you have another 20 some odd Percent who say they don't know whether He should have been charged or not I Would suspect that there are a lot of People among that 20 percent who say They don't know who really do know or Think that he should have been charged But but don't want to say so to an Anonymous pollster that's not good if You're facing a 2024 election in which You face the possibility of one out of Every six Republicans saying yeah I Think that they should have charged him On the hush money payments and and just Over a majority say that they shouldn't Have it's ironic that they all say that Without even having actually seen the Charges but um that's where we are one More thing here Carl CNN does the

Indictment strengthen democracy this is Interesting 31 say yes 31 say it weakens Um I I think that answer is to be Determined you know you think about Bill Clinton and the late 90s you know I mean He eventually beat the rap and the Senate went on to have a successful Political career Um we've been giving him warnings for The last week from a lot of politicos in The know that suggested down the line DA's across the country will go after Their political opponents uh in in a Legal sense more so than they have Already Um maybe that's the case maybe this is a Brush back pitch if Trump were to beat Any of these charges a lot of different Ways look at this now Absolutely and look if if if if these 34 Charges are as Professor Turley and David French and Andy McCarthy think uh The uh our our spurious and and Unsupported and Bragg loses his case it Will undermine the confidence in our Legal system and particularly in in Generally in the the system of big city Prosecutors who are liberal progressives Uh you know who file it but people are Going to look at this and say it was all Politics and it will color any other Investigation that is now being Conducted uh by federal prosecutors even Though they had nothing to do with this

One Carl thank you uh stand by we're going To call on you throughout the day and um We'll see we'll see what we get thank You Carl I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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