Trump is talking about topics no one else is talking about: Columnist

Trump is talking about topics no one else is talking about: Columnist

Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt reacts to former President Trump’s interview on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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Probably hurt his opinion editor of the Washington Times he joins us tonight With reaction to this Charlie thanks so Much for coming on did you was did you Find it refreshing to hear someone Whether you agree with him or not talk About things that might actually Define Our grandchildren's Lives Well well like you said a minute ago you Know he's talking about things that Nobody else is talking about and of Course you know when was the last time Somebody was doing that well that was When Donald Trump in 2016 was running The first time he was talking about Things that nobody else was talking About in Washington and we I think you Know you and I agree these people are Desperate to ignore these issues and Ignore these topics and as you say you Know whatever you think of Donald Trump He's a very smart businessman and he's Probably the shrewdest political Observer that we've seen in this country On the political stage uh in a lifetime And uh when he you know and I thought it Was so interesting the degree to which He focused on foreign policy and Identified that the great threat for us Is indeed foreign policy and when you Look at the fact that in two years since He's been gone uh the bite Administration is given away our energy Independence it has launched a whole new

War it has eroded our standing in the World to the point that China and Russia Have aligned against us and they're Frittering away the U.S dollar and all Of this is from Joe Biden who for 50 Years has been the reigning foreign Policy expert in Washington the whole Reason he got picked as vice president Is because he was the biggest genius at Foreign policy that that Washington ever Produced and then you have this guy Who's a real estate reality TV Mogul who Walks in and calls their BS at every Turn and it turns out he's right about All of it he's he's the Donald Trump is The best Statesman when it comes to Foreign policy especially that that We've had in in decades We're closer to nuclear Annihilation Than any time in the history of nuclear Weapons right now and all the Liberals Are ignoring it and it falls to Trump to Remind us of that It's I've never seen anything crazier Than this uh Charlie heard appreciate Your perspective as always thank you Good to see you bud Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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