Trump is the ‘original gangster’ on this: Pete Hegseth

Trump is the 'original gangster' on this: Pete Hegseth

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Pete Hegseth gives his thoughts on the state of the New Hampshire primary election as voters head to the polls. #FoxNews

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[Music] [Applause] A revved up crowd of Voters cheering in New Hampshire for both candidates as Voters are hitting the polls this Morning foxing Friends Weekend co-host Pete heg Seth joins us live here in New Hampshire and we have our marching band Outside did they wake you up Pete they Didn't wake me up but I I thought about Joining them great to see it isn't a big Event without the Fox and Friends Watching it's true it's kind of become Our tradition for voting days okay Primary today polls are open what are Your thoughts uh my thoughts are this Just a sense just a spidey sense from Watching all of it we've been talking a Lot about these Undeclared voters right That can go either way it doesn't mean There's not a lot of Republicans in New Hampshire who are Undeclared uh voters I Think with DeSantis dropping out and V Dropping out I think you see a really Big night for Donald Trump tonight I I Really do I think you're looking at Mid-50s maybe even pushing up to 60 if That were to happen I think the race Ends in New Hampshire that's why Everyone should watch tonight because of All the implications but I don't see how Nikki Haley continues if he has a big Win tonight into South Carolina where She's behind by 30 or 40 points in

Racing polls the momentum will just Continue at that point uh it's uh it's a General election okay immigration it's a Huge issue it used to be we always heard The economy inflation that's the number One issue it's still a big deal you Heard the lady in the diner saying I'm a Small business owner I have to pay all These salaries insurance we know so many People that are in that boat that are in Charge of so many people and it's very Stressful trying to save money for your Retirement and your kids college um we Know it's stressful but can you imagine Owning a business and having to be in Charge that's a big concern but Immigration also is a big concern and in New Hampshire this is big because Lawrence in Iowa interviewed a bunch of People in these diners they said Immigration was their number one issue We're hearing that out a lot in New Hampshire if you look at the stats Pete Uh in 2015 New Hampshire's drug overdose Death rate was the second highest in the Nation are you hearing that on the Ground here for sure China is poisoning Our population and especially in those Forgotten towns in those small towns in Those blue collar towns uh where where Mostly men but men and women are are Facing really tough job prospects so it Goes back to even the economy too and as A result are are turning to to drugs and

Maybe they don't even think they're Taking fentanyl often times they're lace It all gets traced back to the Precursors in China and the southern Border being wide open and if you're Looking at those two things who you Looking at you're looking at Donald Trump this is not even an issue without Trump making it an issue inside the Republican party in 2014 in 2015 the Republican party before that was a Country club establishment uh Club for Growth uh Koch brothers uh Chamber of Commerce Republican party that was Talked a little bit about oh Comprehensive immigration reform Trump Said close it he even said recently as Soon as I lift my hand off the Bible as The 47th president I'm going to seal the Border so I've heard Nikki Hy talk about Securing the Border that's good that's Because Republicans have all moved in That direction but the Original Gangster On securing the border is Trump and He'll go at China on those precursors Too so I think you see a lot of people Still believing that he hears the cries Of that middle class and wants to Represent for isn't it crazy that now Democrats are realizing this is a big Issue for America I wonder if they Really realize I mean hearing hearing Joe Biden say oh yeah it's not it's not Uh the border is open but it's been open

For 10 years that's a sham argument to Ask for more argu for ask for more money To cut more razor wire to let more Illegals in they're fast forwarding They'll play some politics with it but If your issue is immigration you're Coming to Donald Trump at this point all Right what do you have going on on Fox Nation so join us on Fox Nation for the Watch party we did it in Iowa inside an Iowa caucus 800 PM eastern time tonight First of all make sure you watch the Channel we're not saying you shouldn't Watch the Chan watch all the amazing Coverage on Fox news but then have a Second screen on your iPad or on your Phone and we're going to be at a watch Party just down the road from here uh I'll be there with Tom bevon Real Clear Politics we're breaking down the polls Ben Dominic will be there we got Jimmy Faila Brian km's going to pop in for a Little bit we're there with the people Kind of like a diner feel as people are Watching the Returns come in you can Watch it with us on Fox Nation I Actually did that during Iowa we were Watching on my phone you fox Nation so It was great to hear you during the Commercial breaks on Fox but then I was Also watching Brett and Martha correct On the channel so you can do both you Can do both it's it's a wired world are You having fun here good to see it's

Great yeah it's great to see you good to See you too always okay thank you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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