Trump secures major endorsements ahead of South Carolina primary

Trump secures major endorsements ahead of South Carolina primary

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why she believes Trump will win significantly in the South Carolina primary election and the importance of banding together to defeat President Biden. #FoxNews

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Eight South Carolina GOP leaders have Endorsed Donald Trump for president Going against the state's former Governor Nikki Haley ahead of the Crucial State primary next month Nancy Mace is one of those South Carolina Republicans endorsing the former President and she joins me now Congresswoman good morning to you so Nikki Hy lost in New Hampshire but by a Smaller margin than expected so do you Think that that result last night will Help her in South Carolina because that Is what she is hoping For South Carolina is Trump country and He is crushing it right now and number One I want to say that Nikki Haley ran a Great race she made it deep into the Playoffs but the playoffs are now over And it's time to start the Super Bowl we Have got to take on Joe Biden right now We're going to take our country back we Need to reverse every bad policy that Joe Biden created whether it's inflation Whether it's the economy immigration Crime in our communities by every Measurement Donald Trump made our nation Safer and more prosperous and stronger We didn't have these forever Wars that Joe Biden started and right now look We're in a proxy war with Iran based on The administration's decisions to bomb The hoies without coming to Congress um Everything was safer and better under

Donald Trump and that's what the American people want that's what South Carolina wants and he's goingon to win Big here Nikki Haley's campaign manager Said of the race in South Carolina South Carolina elected Nikki as Governor twice Against the odds the people of South Carolina know Nikki's strong Conservative record because they live it And then Haley during her speech last Night she said Donald Trump is going to Have a harder time falsely attacking me In South Carolina because they know me They know I cut taxes so congresswoman What about that this race coming up in About a month is the first one that She's going to face where she actually Has a record in the state so that really Raises the Stakes well I I've never seen anything Like it in South Carolina the number of People that I have spoken to and I I Stay on the sidelines for a long time Before I decided to endorse I believe Nikki Haley was a great Governor she's Run a great race and South Carolina Likes Nikki Haley but they love Donald Trump and it is overwhelming by every Measurement everywhere across the state In Charleston South Carolina to the Upstate he's winning by 30 to 40 points Because of his record of a strong Economy because of his record of Peace Overseas and never then none of these

Endless Wars because of his record and Being strong in Immigration he has that Record people trust him and they want to Go back to the time that Donald Trump Was president because they were they Were wealthier they were more prosperous They were safer they felt safer here and Around the world and that's what matters Yeah I was your endorsement took some People uh by surprise because after January 6th you did have some harsh Words for him and then in turn he had Some harsh words from you now you're one Of the key players in South Carolina to Endorse him so what was that decision For you personally why did you make It well I'm the first woman to graduate From The Citadel the Military College of South Carolina if I worried and cared What people said about me I would not be Where I am today and look politics is a Blood sport and people you know these Races can be can be ugly but at the end Of the day when I look at Donald Trump's Record and what he was able to Accomplish for America putting our Country and her people first and when I've talked to voters I've spent months Now listening to voters in my district And across the state Donald Trump is who They want to beat Biden and it it Couldn't be any clearer this was not a Difficult decision this was an easy call Because I'm listening to the voters I

Represent well you are listening to the Voters and that's why I'm sure you're Going to have uh an answer to this next Question it is interesting that in Iowa And New Hampshire the number one issue Was illegal immigration even ahead of The economy what are people saying in South Carolina what's going to drive Them to the Polls depending on the kind of the kind Of District you're in whether it's Purple or red immigration could be the Number one issue uh the economy and Immigration are the top two issues Abortion is always going to be up there In swing States and swing districts but Every town is now a Border Town even in South Carolina our law enforcement have Arrested members of the MS-13 gang their Offense and all overdoses every single Day every every states of border state Now because of the influx the millions And millions of illegal aliens Joe Biden Has allowed into this country with no End in sight under Donald Trump this was Not happening people see that they feel That even Democrats in New York and Chicago They're angry at Joe Biden for what he's Done to their cities it's all his fault Well limited polling in South Carolina But the latest shows that TR Donald Trump like you said is up by about 30 Points so Nikki Hy has her work cut out

For her she and she's got about a month To do it congresswoman thank you so much For joining us this morning always great Talking to you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling Analysis

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