Tucker: Another one bites the dust

Tucker: Another one bites the dust

Cocco’s Pizza delivery driver Tyler Morrell joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss how he stepped in to help officers make an arrest in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.

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Tyler Morrell is a pizza delivery man For Coco's Pizza and Aston in Pennsylvania he was making delivery Recently when he noticed a high-speed Chase unfolding right behind him that's When he stepped in to help officers make An arrest watch A high speed chase [Music] Holy smokes Tyler Morrell our Employee Of the Month joins us tonight Tower Thanks so much for coming on as a former Pizza delivery guy myself I never was Called upon to do anything like that I Don't think I ever could responded as Quickly as you did how did you were you A former soccer player like what was Going through your head how did you do That so fast No so I was a uh I was a former lacrosse Goalie which I am attributing that quick Thinking to my quick reflexes in the Cage so I'm so impressed when I'm sorry I Skipped ahead what was going on behind You do you have any idea Um so right when I got to the door I Could hear uh the the sound of sirens And then right after that you hear the Loud Screech you hear the car hit the Curb almost flip over into a house Um and at that moment I knew I was in The middle of something Did you ever find out what exactly it

Was Well they were uh they stole that car Oh So it was uh they stole the car uh there Was a couple other charges that were Listed there as well now what was so Striking and so cool and the reason we Were so happy to make you employee of The month is that you see these videos All the time in a crime will occur and There'll be some guy doing his job Delivering pizza and 99 of the time the Guy says to himself you can almost see It I'm not getting involved like this Got nothing to do with me but you did Not say that why Um it just felt natural to me Um I just was raised to do the right Thing and that felt like the right thing I didn't want anything to happen I I Didn't want any sort of incident to Happen I didn't want you know just with The things that go on in this country I Just didn't want anybody to be hurt in This situation I think I may have been The most hurt in this situation but I Was happy to take the injury for US Open Out the Brookhaven Police Department What was your injury Um so I have a very bad uh bone bruise On my leg because of that I did not Intend to catch him in the middle of my Leg I got him I tried to catch his foot Just uh make him trip a little bit and

Uh so the Brookhaven Police Department Could uh to could Wrangle him up I just I gotta ask so this guy you don't Know exactly what's going on but you Know something serious has happened a Felony and this guy's running right Towards you and when you have to decide Whether to trip around did you ever Think like what if I don't trip him and He comes and shoots me were you worried At all yeah so my biggest concern I saw Him reaching Um you could see him reaching when he Was passing that one car and I didn't it Looked like he was trying to throw drugs Out of his pocket uh but so the pocket Didn't seem big enough to have a gun so I kind of knew even at that point I Would have just tackled him I mean I Would have gone for it You're the best last obvious question Did you deliver the pies in the end Yeah pies were delivered unscathed and Eaten on video Ridiculous man if I lived I'd order Three of them tonight Sausage and pineapple I would love to Deliver them to you Bless you for coming on for what you did Tell him morale thank you Thank you so much hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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