Tucker Carlson: The Biden admin is incentivizing bad behavior

Tucker Carlson: The Biden admin is incentivizing bad behavior

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to a new Biden administration rule that will punishing Americans with good credit on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight For centuries politicians in this Country assumed that in order to win an Election you had to convince voters to Vote for you you had to make their case That was called democracy But the defining strategic Insight of The modern democratic party is they Don't really need to convince anyone of Anything what matters is demographics You need to import enough people from Elsewhere people who are financially Dependent on you in order to live That's the story of the State of California that's why California changed It's why Texas is changing but it's also Happening at the local level all over The country Democrats have realized that They win the vote in virtually every Major city But the suburbs remain contested and That matters because Suburban voters Like school boards and state legislators And of course members of Congress so if You want total control over the entire Country you need demographic change Everywhere including in the suburbs This is a very obvious insight and Democrats have been on the case for Quite a while back in 2009 the Obama Administration took the county of Westchester in New York a solidly Democratic place to court

Why'd they do that well the Administration withheld tens of millions Of dollars in federal funding unless Westchester pledged to build ten Thousand low-income high-density Apartments in their suburbs The Obama Administration later Implemented a rule requiring suburbs to Take quote affirmative steps to Diversify their neighborhoods or else They would lose Federal money When he took office Joe Biden threw his Support behind something called the home Act among other things the home act Would allow the federal government to Withhold funds from local governments if They didn't find ways to add high-rise Apartments or high density zoning to Suburbs Specifically the acts would have Prevented local governments from Enacting quote ordinances that ban Apartment buildings from certain Residential areas or set a minimum lot Size for a single family home So you can't be safe in a leafy suburb Anymore it has to be urbanized the home Act has stalled in Congress it has never Become law but the bite Administration Didn't give up just because democracy Didn't produce the results they wanted They still plan to change the suburbs Forever by getting rid of them Joe Biden's HUD secretary Marcia fudge a

Former member of Congress explained last Year the administration was concerned That African Americans could not afford Homes not because they're poor but Because home appraisers are racist watch What the president has said is that we Have to look at everything through a Lens of equity and so what we have Realized is that people selling homes Just as the persons you were talking About and even people buying homes if Their appraisal is not correct what we Find especially as black people in Communities of color and underserved Communities is we lose great wealth just Through the appraisal process Notice here the seizing of the moral High Ground big picture if the bite Administration cared about African Americans they probably wouldn't Withdraw the police from America's Cities so they of course they don't care But in point of fact former Congressman Marcia fudge the clips you just saw Presented no evidence whatsoever that There are white supremacist home Appraisers in this country or that they Are running amok if they exist who are They Well she couldn't tell us but instead She offered this anecdote I live two doors from an all-white Community I live in an all-black Community

My house is larger than the house two Doors for me my lot is larger than the House two doors for me but my house is Valued at twenty five thousand dollars Less than the house two doors for me and So once we can start to address and just Own up to the fact that we are Continuing to discriminate in Redline in Our housing efforts then I think that we Can make sure that we can start to deal With the racial wealth yeah Yeah so as the left is often telling you An anecdote is not a study noticing Something around you doesn't make it Universally true you've proved nothing You've really told us a little story Marsha fudge's lived experience tells Her that there is racism in home Appraisals but there's still no data on That there's no evidence whatsoever it Is at this point completely made up But Kamala Harris is convinced Completely here she was last year The home appraisal Workforce is one of The least diverse in our nation Less than five percent of Home Appraisers in America Are people of color This lack of diversity can introduce Both conscious and unconscious biases That make home appraisals less accurate And less Fair Our Administration will now require Those who conduct appraisals for federal

Programs must take part in anti-bias Fair Housing and fair lending training There are solutions there are solutions We're just going to brainwash the home Appraisers we're going to put them in Bias training really if you wanted more Black home appraisers why wouldn't you Start a program to train them no the Only job training program this Administration has gotten behind in two And a half years is getting black people To sell more weed in the cities Literally we're legalizing weed we're Going to make sure the weed dispensaries Have African-American owners they're not Training any black people to be home Appraisers And by the way the premise of this is Itself unproven that home appraisers are Racist why do we think that again There's zero evidence of that it's a Slur upon home appraisers by the way why Do they deserve this abuse well they Don't They're not hurting anyone they're Accounting types why is the Administration calling them racist But they are and they have been for more Than a year So once again they're using fake Allegations of racism as a pretext for a Political plan and in this case the plan Is to flood the suburbs with voters they Believe will support the Democratic

Party it's super simple they don't Deserve the moral High ground it's Because they're throwing race around or Claiming they speak on behalf of black People Kamala Harris is claiming to Speak on behalf of black people right Okay that doesn't mean that they're Right But no one's stopping them so without Any vote in Congress the bite Administration has just introduced a Rule not a law a rule that will punish Americans who've tried to do the right Thing punish people with high credit Scores the people with high credit Scores will pay higher fees on their Mortgage payments to subsidize people Who haven't maintained good credit So these rules take effect on May 1st Whether you like it or not and they mean That anyone with good credit that's Defined as a score of 680 or above is Going to have to pay roughly 40 a month Extra on their mortgage fees than those With lower scores on home loans around 400 Grand so here's an example if you Have a FICO score of 620 you get a 1.75 Percent discount on your mortgage fees If you have a 740 score in other words You pay your bills on time you've done The right thing you're a good citizen You have to pay one percent more So you don't get a discount for doing The right thing and paying your bills

You get punished we are incentivizing Bad behavior we're hurting the good People since the day you were born you Have been told pay your debts it's not Your money you borrowed it from somebody Else you have to pay it back if you Don't it's stealing Now we're saying if you don't steal We're going to hurt you And in real life that means that over The course of a 30-year mortgage for a 400 000 home that's a swing of more than Fourteen thousand dollars and they're Claiming racism to justify this Black Americans are the only racial Group in this country with average Credit scores of under 680. now why is That We don't know White Hispanics Asians have higher Credit scores therefore as you'd expect The mortgage dial rate for African-American Borrowers is higher Than the overall populations double In this country's biggest markets and That's the reason the suburbs have Different demographics from the cities That's called economics now if you Wanted to change that you would Encourage people To have good spending habits and pay Back their debt but they don't care About that making people happier getting Them out of debt no they want to change

The suburbs make them denser so they'll Be more reliably Democratic voting That's the bottom line it's always about Election results it's always about power It's not improving anybody's life Meanwhile the Democratic party's donors In private Equity of course are happy It'll be even harder for Americans with Good credit to buy homes why Because that will mean more renters Renters of homes they own Home ownership is increasingly Out Of Reach in our portfolio the majority Cannot buy home cannot afford to buy Home or don't have the credit to buy the Homes I think if you asked a lot of Millennials and that tends to be our Primary resident they would probably Tell you that they don't necessarily Desire to own a home or to own a car They've grown up in the sharing economy And for what's important to them is Lifestyle right and so if they can move Into this what we call a turnkey or Hotel ready home and have a low Maintenance lifestyle that's very Compelling for them People don't want to even they don't Want to own anything they want to be Penniless and impoverished live at the Whims of oligarchs that's really what They want do you own anything Mr Oligarch guy She never asked subscribe to the Fox

News YouTube channel to catch our Nightly opens stories that are changing The world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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