US needs to send a ‘direct message’ to Iran: ‘We know what you’re up to’

US needs to send a 'direct message' to Iran: 'We know what you're up to'

Former NSC spokesperson John Ullyot joined ‘FOX & Friends First’ to discuss the counterattack and and a former U.S. ambassador being charged with spying for Cuba. #FOXNews

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Let's bring in former National Security Council spokesman and US Marine Corps Veteran John Elliott John good morning To you uh what do you make of these air Strikes at the US carried out in Northern Iraq where several Iranian Proxy Fighters died five in total this Does seem different than previous Strikes uh this one wasn't planned we Saw that these Fighters prepared some Sort of drone or rocket attack and took Them out on the ladder of escalation do You think that this is the appropriate Next Step well Carly it's very hard to tell Right now because we're just starting to Get the initial reports but what it what It does do is it puts a marker down just In a short way to the Iranian proxies And actually to their masters in Iran That look we're going to be actually Killing your people if you're attacking Us but Leon Panetta this is Obama and Biden's Former Defense secretary over The weekend he said that these attacks These response by the Biden Administration has been too selective That was his quote too selective and Look he's understating the fact Everybody show everybody sees that these Attacks these counterattacks that They've given up to now are just hitting Kind of empty warehouses in the middle Of the night and that's really not

Appropriate so for this actual response Right here look the bottom line and this Is what Panetta said is that what the Houes or what the other Iranian proxies Operating in Iraq and others even Hezbollah what they need to understand Is as soon as they fire anything against Us targets that they will be killed There will be absolutely responded That's what Panetta said and that there Will be an absolutely overwhelming Response so that they're not even going To think about attacking US forces here John in the statement released by Central Command yesterday on the USS Carney there's specific language that I Thought was very interesting they say This these attacks represent a direct Threat to International Commerce and Maritime security they've jeopardized The lives of international Crews Representing multiple countries around The world we also so have every reason To believe that these attacks while Launched by the houis in Yemen are fully Enabled by Iran the United States will Consider all appropriate responses in Full coordination with its International Allies and partners putting Iran's Direct uh connection there which we all Know and has been talked about in sound Bites isn't something that I've seen Before it may have been but it's Definitely not the usual case that they

Put Iran on notice in writing is that Significant to you well once again Griff You're absolutely right that it's Stating the obvious but it is just Possibly like these strikes that Carly Was talking about what it is is it's It's drawing a marker to say look this Is these are directed by Iran look every Single thing that the hooes do is Directed by Iran and this is something That look if they put in writing here That's great but what has to happen is a Direct message to the Iranians that say Hey we know what you're up to whether It's with the hoodies whether it's Hezbollah or whether it's with your Other forces that are that are up in in Either Syria or Iraq we know that you Are responsible for every single missile Or rocket attack that is directed at us And that we are going to hold you Responsible and so hey to put in writing That's great but let's see it backed up By real direct contact and direct Message sent to Iran not just in the Last line of a press release John There's also a sit ation that seems Alarming uh we want to know how alarmed You Are by it former US ambassador uh to Bolivia his name is Manuel Rosa he was Reportedly arrested in Florida being Accused of secretly serving as an agent Of Cuba's government sounds like it it Could possibly be a phah violation maybe

Something more serious than that how Concerned are you about this and what do We know about this so far well Carly the Wire reports as of just a couple hours Hours ago do not provide details they Say that we're going to be getting more Details later this morning so we'll find Out but one thing it's if if the FBI and The doj are going after anybody else in Florida name Donald not name Donald Trump then that's actually news but on a Serious point though what it is is that If it is a Phar of violation foreign Agent registration act violation this is Something that's that Hunter Biden is Under investigation for and so this is Something that they took a long time Five years to look into it with B with Hunter Biden that now they're actually Let's have the same standard for a Retired Diplomat and for the son of the Former vice president that would be a Good idea indeed John Elliot thanks for Getting up early and starting things off For us on this Monday morning I'm Steve Duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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