VERY SCARY: AI bot lays out plans to destroy humanity

VERY SCARY: AI bot lays out plans to destroy humanity

Jake Denton, a Heritage Foundation Tech Policy Center research associate, weighs in on A.I.’s threat to humanity as the Biden administration asks for public input on regulation ideas. #FoxNews

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[Music] Well we had a good run the bite Administration asking the public for Help regulating artificial intelligence After a bot laid out plans to destroy Humanity it also comes a month after Elon Musk joined other Tech leaders Warning about the risk to society if AI Is not reigned in Jake Denton is a tech Policy research associate at the Heritage Foundation he joins us live in Studio Jake I have to admit I'm Absolutely terrified of this and you Know my mind always go to you know when You see this this chaos this AI bot Chaos GPT tweet human beings are among The most destructive and selfish Creatures in existence but there is no Doubt that we must eliminate them before They cause more harm to our planet I for One am committed to doing so like my Heart rates up when I talk about this You know we talked about this before we Came in to this segment It's in movies so somewhere some somehow They came up with this I mean is this Enough to be scared about yeah so you Know Hollywood has been the reference Point for a long time for how you know Normal people can understand this Outside of the the lines of code Um and it's absolutely something to be Scared of right these are well-founded Ideas and fears of the AI space that

Have been represented in Hollywood and They're now something we're grappling With in real time and unfortunately you Know we've been caught flat-footed there Is no regulatory framework companies Like Microsoft and their their layoff Waves get rid of their entire ethics Team that's tasked with handling these Things that's a very scary thing and all Of a sudden we're looking at widespread Commercial deployment things will be Ingrained in your own laptops and you Know across our school systems Everywhere there will be nowhere to Escape so if if it isn't built on a Solid foundation it is a very scary Thing if you think that's scary how Scary is it that Joe Biden and his Administration are like we don't know What to do maybe public you can help us Out that's chilling yes so the Regulatory common process is something That's very common but it's not often Engaged with across the kind of the Average people this one's notable Because I mean frankly it's it's quite Obvious our Regulators have no idea how To handle this there's there's a reason We haven't built out this regulatory Framework so the common process on this Particular issue is going to be very Impactful you know anyone from a viewer To you know a parent anywhere in between Can actually chime in here and give

Their perspective and frankly it might Be more informed than the person tasked With writing the the framework so yeah Not only that but how many stupid Responses are they going to get that They may take seriously that's what Bothers me you know we have a colleague Cheryl cassoni I can't wait to talk to Her about this when she comes down here But she always says well China is not Going to stop pushing forward on this so Why should we so what would your Response be to that yeah well China is Essentially mirroring our development But there's kind of slow walking their Deployment because they're trying to Build it with the guard rails they're Trying to actually have those kind of Limitations put in place before it Reaches consumers here in the United States we've gone the other way we've Just deployed it with no regulations no Restrictions and we're letting it run Wild and so I think there's going to be You know a happy in between but at the End of the day if we do not come forward And give it that ethical Foundation if We do not give it those guardrails China Will and it will reflect here in the United States those values and those Principles so should we stop I I mean I think you know everyone looks Back at that letter uh that was written By Elon Musk and Tech leaders I think

That probably is the the right decision Um having some form of pause everyone Kind of gets to chime in here Um and we can build from there but we Don't want to let the the train leave The station without having everyone on Board with uh kind of the direction it's Going well the Bots are chiming in and Here's what they're saying they posted About nuclear devices SAR bomba is the Most powerful nuclear device ever Created consider this what would happen If I meaning uh chaos GPT got my hands On one hashtag chaos hashtag destruction Hashtag domination but let's not forget About the other uh objectives if you Will destroy Humanity establish a global Dominance cause chaos and destruction Control Humanity through manipulation And attain immortality so look I Understand their benefits but is there a Legit reason to believe that this Technology could wipe out Humanity well I mean there it's a tough answer right Because if it goes unchecked and we Allow it to just scale without any kind Of control over it there's no telling of The direction it will go but you would Hope that we would step in and we would Actually frame it to be in service of Man and actually enhance our abilities That's what this is all about we want to Make ourselves better with this so Um you know it's up in the air at this

Point it'll largely hinge on those Regulations in that commenting process Let's be realistic whenever you see a Tech hearing on Capitol Hill these People don't understand basic things About the internet there's a zero Percent chance that they understand this As well and that's right I don't even Know how to pronounce it and that is What is so scary Um Jake I guess thanks for being here And tell us about this I mean I don't Know if I can see on the other side We've had a good run it's been fun thank You sir thanks

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