WATCH: Americans lash out at local Dems: ‘Every one of you is corrupt’

WATCH: Americans lash out at local Dems: 'Every one of you is corrupt'

Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins ‘Fox & Friends First’ as tensions get ‘heated’ and warns of serious national security concerns.   #FoxNews

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[Music] Chinese owned manufacturing plants are Set to pop up in small rural communities Around Michigan and Michigan lawmakers Are spending over 500 million U.S Taxpayer dollars to open them but Residents are outraged and they are Letting them know You guys are hypocrites you guys should Put the Chinese flag up there every one Of you guys are corrupt you told us that 94 of the people up through well you Know what we confess to Devin my wife And I went down to all the streets 94 Don't run in here you guys are nothing But Hypocrites you go don't care about This place Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins us now tutor thanks so Much for being here that was exclusive Video to Fox and Friends first so thank You for sharing that with us but give us A little bit of a back story why why in Light of everything we know about China Trying to influence and infiltrate the United States of America is that still Happening I think because people really Don't understand the threat there and as You see those people didn't understand Even that this company was coming to Their town until we started to expose That they have connections to the Chinese Communist Party once they Started to see that they started to ask

Environmental questions they found out That a lot of these chemicals aren't Approved by the EPA they're wondering if Their families are even safe in this Town and so you see it's getting very Heated in Michigan I mean I'm from the Midwest I know how heated people in the Midwest get especially when they start To feel like they're being encroached on In situations like this but is there any Chance this can be stopped or is it a Done deal no I think it is getting Stopped right now because they took it Off of the Senate Appropriations meeting Agenda the other yesterday I think it Was and now they're saying it may be Back next week they had two other Factories that were on and they went With that money so now it looks like They're considering maybe taking it off Even the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has said they've decided to Do more vetting now for these companies Which is to me this is a huge win Because people are are getting it they Should have been doing the vetting Beforehand this should have never Happened it is yes that's true what Always strikes me is when you look at The people in that video those are the People that Hillary Clinton called the Deplorables they're the people that the Coastal Elite refers to as the flyover People in the flyover states yet they

Know that this is a bad idea they're Real Americans they get the sense who Keeps pushing this stuff besides the Chinese because I can't imagine caring About our country caring about Preserving American freedom and American Values and being like Oh no we need the Money so China come on over the people Who have never worked in a factory the People who don't know how dangerous it Is and the safety requirements that we Have to have and the environmental Requirements that we are held to those People don't get it the elites of the Country think that you can bring in any Jobs and they're just romanced by the Jobs they don't get how important it is To actually take care of the community And the nation because the National Security implications here are off the Charts talk to us a little bit about I Mean you talk about how dangerous it is To work in these factories I get it These people get it but for people who Don't talk about not only that but how Dangerous it is to have our adversaries On U.S soil well in in the United States We have very strict Environmental Protections in place and so folks that Work in factories they know that you Have to have certain safety equipment That you can't pollute that you can't be Breathing in these fumes however we know That China is the number one polluter in

The entire world they have clear ties to The Chinese Communist party on their American website it's incredibly Dangerous to have them come in and so When you talk about the Chinese ties Their parent company they sell to the Parent company that's connected to the CCP but when you look at their American Company in English on their American Company bylaws it says they have to have A connection to the CCP in the company In Michigan infiltrating the Grassroots Of the company so you know that this is The Communist Party saying we can get a Foothold in the very center of the Country right on the edge of Canada You had notable battles with Governor Gretchen Whitmer she obviously has Designs on the presidency where is she On all this she hasn't come out and said Anything publicly we've heard rumor Behind the scenes that she said we need To vet things more now but she initially Had when she lost the Ford deal that was A big deal in Michigan the 11 billion Dollar plan that went to Kentucky and Tennessee and it seems as though the Message after that was get whatever we Can interesting Tudor Dixon we can't thank you enough For coming in this is an important issue Because you may be watching this and Thinking oh this is Justin Michigan if This could happen throughout the world

Throughout the country that's really Scary yes this is a United States issue Tutor thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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