We are getting sicker, fatter and more depressed: Calley Means

We are getting sicker, fatter and more depressed: Calley Means

TrueMed’s Calley Means discusses the epidemic of obesity in America and the illusion around dietary guidelines on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Coca-Cola whistleblower and true bed Co-founder Cali means joins me now Kelly So great to have you on Um for those who are watching and Haven't been paying attention to this Connection between big food big Pharma And big government why don't you lay it Out for us This is the most important issue in the United States we are systematically Getting sicker fatter mortar pressed More infertile because of food a 30 Percent of teens now have pre-diabetes Which would have been Unthinkable 20 of Teens have fatty liver disease when you Get to adults 80 percent are obese or Overweight this is Wrecking the human Capital in America and you would expect Our medical leaders to be speaking out About this you'd expect Dr Fatima Stanford an esteemed Dr Harvard you just Expect the head of the NIH Dr fauci to Be on the steps of Congress saying that We are getting sicker because of food This is all tied to food but the devil's Bargain is that every institution in the Medical industry makes money when people Are sick and loses money when they learn Good metabolic habits and are healthy And I think we're I used to early my Career help farm and food companies rig The system what's happening right now is Every institution that impacts our Health is rigged and unfortunately we're

Falling for it you know Kelly I was Really happy to see Chuck Grassley call Out you know these Health bureaucrats That are compromised the people on these Boards who come up with these ridiculous Pyramids that say Lucky Charms is better Than an egg Um but what about politicians who are Also Um having conflicts of interest from Their campaign money Yeah so I've been meeting with a lot of Politicians and and I like us many of Them are parents and I think are Devastated to see what's happening to Children I I think it's a step further I Mean they have only so much time and Right now you know the Tufts food Pyramid saying Lucky Charms are Healthier than beef that's that's funny But but the literally stated goal of That study which was funded by the NIH And food companies was to influence Childhood nutrition programs so when These lawmakers have a study come in With the NIH stamp on it saying that for Instance Lunchables the whole grains and Lunchables are just as good as a quinoa And the processed food is is just as Good the food permit also says that Children should be encouraged daily to To drink various sugary drinks so when When a member of Congress they they have To defer eventually to our institutions

Of trust but when these institutions Trust are rigged I think it's a huge Problem so Senator grass is exactly Right to call this out no of course Course he is of course he is and you Know this is a massive problem I think It might be the sleeper issue of the Next presidential election hopefully They won't keep pushing Lucky Charms and Bugs also um on our children Uh Cali you have been uh very insightful On this issue keep talking we need to Hear it Thank you Rachel you got it hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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