‘We want Trump back’: Voters say America is a ‘mess’ under Biden

'We want Trump back': Voters say America is a 'mess' under Biden

‘FOX & Friends’ co-host Lawrence Jones speaks with voters at Eggs Up Grill in Clayton, North Carolina. #FoxNews

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Right here on foxandfriends.com Lawrence Jones is down having breakfast with Friends he is at the Eggs Up Grill in Clayton North Carolina where they just Realize they're on TV and they're Starting to cheer for the guy from New [Applause] York it's because I know I'm really from Texas good morning family so so everyone Is talking about uh the primary today I I was talking to this young lady earlier Today and I go why did you get up so Early we appreciate it all these folks That come out early in the morning you Know we're used to getting up this early Uh in the morning but them to put their Clothes on shoes on to get up have some Breakfast with talk with us and she goes Do you not see what's happening with the Country do you not see the inflation I Needed to let my voice be heard so let's Go talk with some of the folks uh here In North Carolina all right brother Let's Move I'm I want you to hear from that Lady that told me that ma'am so earlier I was talking with you and I said why Did you get up so early and you said do You not see what's happening with the Country that's right uh it's mess and we Wanted to come out and let our voice be Heard so y'all told me look Trump is Y'all's guy why well I think the the the Um we were in good shape in the four

Years that we had Trump and now we're Really gone downhill inflation is Killing us and basically the poor are Really suffering and it's hard to see Anything happening positive ma'am you're From California and you say it's hitting You too hitting us Here There and Everywhere yeah not just from California But yeah I I supported Trump since California um in many ways and I just Really think that this country has gone To shame a lot in these past four years We want Trump back yes I mean I'm Considering other people but Trump is Definitely my guy all right yes so that That seems to be the sentiment with the Folks that I'm talking with is you know They know there's a Republican primary Going on they like the other candidates They're just still in Trump's camp but We're going to be talking with folks all Morning about the issues that are Impacting them I'll send it back to Y'all in New York I love that place the The slogan back there is let me make you Smile let's do that for the next three Hours Lawrence I told that to the producers I Said how can we include that in the You've been there before someone's been There on our show before right or do They have eggs up grills all over the Country they I've seen that before I was Yeah so I was at one of the locations

Last week and we decided to go to the One in North Carolina to show them some Love too how quickly I forget it was Last week okay we'll find out franchise Details maybe we'll buy a franchise by The end of the show by the way by the Way Brian we missed you yesterday it It's good to see you back on the couch Man right and as as I come in you go out Why is that why do you keep traveling That's Right that's right I'm trying to be like You when I grow up that's why Right why does everyone think it's so Funny backwards while you're talking Brian thinks he invented that see you'll Be a lot like Him exactly have the private jet yet all Right right either do I yeah he takes Rides on people's jets that just walk up To him and say come get on my plane he's Like okay it's free good enough for me I'm Steve juy I'm Brian kill me and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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