What did Kamala just say?

What did Kamala just say?

Project 21 chairman Horace Cooper discusses Kamala’s latest word salad and how President Biden has managed to pick the ‘worst’ choices in critical positions on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Joining me now Horace Cooper project 21 Chairman Horace So now racism and sexism are the reasons You cannot really criticize Kamala Harris who has an incredible Talent of Taking up paragraphed after paragraph Saying nothing Oh it's worse than saying nothing it's What did that woman just say I mean it's Remarkable that this President is Setting back the uh quality and talent Perspective that Americans have on Blacks and on women he has managed to Pick some of the worst choices in very Very critical positions this woman Needs help but the help should start With let's tackle a responsibility that She can handle competently it's not the Vice presidency it wasn't even as a Senator you may recall she was one of The first people to drop out of the Presidential race remember what the New York Times said about that camp campaign It's I'm I'm summing it up here but Basically it was one of the worst run Campaigns absolutely was if it managed To offend everybody to get to know her Was to dislike her well that's not Really a winning strategy but they're Stuck right Horace they're stuck with They can't get rid of her but will they Even be able to they may not be able to But what they shouldn't do is this Shameful thing of saying if you and I

See what is obvious for everyone to see That this is the most incompetent vice President that this country has ever had If we say that that somehow anti-woman Or anti-black this incompetent president Has selected so many Talent as people It's remarkable no Jennifer grantolm I Mean [Music] Yeah you can't even I mean you know at Some point you do arrive at a loss of Words there is no nothing to say but CNN's van Jones obviously got that call From Anita Dunn watch this She is in such an unusual position she's A woman she's black she's Asian and She's running alongside the oldest Person to ever do it so she's Essentially running for president that's What she's doing and I think people Understand that but I think she Understands that and I think I think That she's going to rise to the occasion So okay she's had three years to rise to The occasion that isn't going to happen But by the way this is way off message Way off message elect Joe Biden and when He stumbles and falls down here's who You're going to get the American people Have already decided this President is Heading into a re-election with some of The lowest approval numbers we have seen But guess whose numbers are worse Kamala Harris's so for him to say vote

For him and you're going to get her That's not on message I don't think that That doesn't help them that she's Running for president Horace so good to See you in the studio all right thank You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere else

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