CJ Pearson: RNC Advisory Council Is Meeting Young People With REAL POLICY Solutions

CJ Pearson: RNC Advisory Council Is Meeting Young People With REAL POLICY Solutions

Comments made on 4/13/23

My first guest is a member of the RNC Youth advisory Council CJ Peterson thank You so much for coming on the program Thanks for having me Andrew good to see You look I know both parties want to Reach out to younger voters but what I See on Tick Tock and what I see with What Biden is doing is there's not Discussions of policy or which party is Going to elevate your freedom and lower Taxes or secure the Border it's like Tick Tock is just shaky videos of stupid Stuff just making fun of Republicans now Maybe that'll work but I thought young Voters wanted to be engaged and be Intellectual and and and and speak on The issues who's doing that on tick tock Well yeah you know I think I think That's a fair point that you raised There but I also and I do agree I think Young people do want to be engaged which Is why it's so interesting to see Um the Democrats playing catch-up with What the RNC and our signing Conservatives are already doing you know Through my work with the RNC advisory Council with the chairwoman we've Already talked about ways uh to engage Young people to meet them where they are Not just with random little Shenanigans But also real policy a real agenda That's what young people are hungry for But the fact of the matter is is the Love has nothing to tell to young people

What do you tell inflation high gas Prices those are the things that get Young people excited real policies with Real ideas with real meat on the bones Is what earns young people's support and They don't have any of that

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