deputy chief Pilkington Quincy police says that filming in the city hall is lawful within my rights

deputy chief Pilkington Quincy police says that filming in the city hall is lawful within my rights

Foreign [Music] I mean a free piece of the night How you doing What I got for you here Is that a work phone recording no no It’s a body camera You got four of these boys okay okay Uh yeah I actually do I need to know Um in regards to this window when that’s Going to be replaced County keeps Telling me there’s no complaint there’s Been no request Because I got almost got cut this Morning on it the the Astrid glass is on Order it’s a special tent that goes on It and they’re ready for it to come in Okay it’s like uh if you look at the Other doors like that let me show you This right here real quick No like no this right here let me show You See that piece of glass right here is Cut yeah who whoever put the tape on It’s cutting right through there like They should have they should have came Through and removed all of that and they Didn’t yeah they’re responsible for all Maintenance on them and then the work Phones um are those are those who pays For those is that through is that Through a grant so those are City phones So if I need so those are recorded those Calls

Well I did a well-being check last night On my kid uh over at a protected address He tried officer hatch the male hatch Told me it was harassment and that I Can’t be doing that told me the call is Being recorded So I want to do it work For you are there yeah like the Conversation yeah no the workflow so he Said he said it’s being recorded but he Didn’t say how these record so you know That’s considered eavesdropping but These are recording those are recorded Now what are those that’s the ball That’s a body King oh is that what goes Inside the vest yes I don’t have a vest On so you can wear it online And then uh officer uh Todd touty what’s Going on now to six seven whatever 6701 Down there it had it right along Yeah what are they doing now they were On a call No clue I’ve been doing reports all day Ben okay well uh Deputy uh Chief Chief Yates didn’t seem to have it here for me Yesterday at all okay yeah he he did not Want to hear anything I had to say That’s right I mean it’s just I just wish you guys Would just do your guys a job and don’t Be detained so because like I said I’m Gonna go back down there today Because I also want to make a report Against the city clerk for making a False uh she plus the panic button she

Called you guys there for nothing that’s A false 911 call so that’s something That I want to make a report so I want To make a report why I have you here Pour pushing the button there is no Reason for to be to be pressed it’s not Violation alone so if I call 9-1-1 and Then you guys come that’s a false report She called you there for a disturbance There was no disturbance So I mean we’re not going to arrest the City clerk for pushing the paint button So if I press the pan if I called 9-1-1 And he called you guys there for nothing Over and over and over and over again That’s what I’m saying and then that Would be making a false reports but You’ve seen you see the video how she Followed me Has 357 views that’s a lot of views for Me for my channel within an expanded two Days and I spoke to the mayor too and He’s not he’s not too heavy by the Ordinance he’s talking about speaking to Legal about it it’s but you know an Ordinance inside the city hall you can Film anything that’s like right here This is public anything that I can zoom In on I agree with you and but that Ordinance is unconstitutional I agree You can you can you can because I was That’s where I was at I was in publicly Public accessible areas you guys did the Same thing to Kent and the only the only

Time is an issue is if there are people Doing official business there with like Uh like Social Security and everything Yeah well clearly you can’t film that That’s us but if you guys have stuff Like over the counter and this public This private information being laid out I agree all right then I appreciate you Agreeing with me on it because that’s What I was trying to tell them and I Said go ahead and call the tops call Them because they’re going to come and You’re going to be looking stupid I’m Not trying to do this to get money I Don’t want money I don’t need money I Mean I don’t know if you know or not but When I had my car I spend the 200 bucks In gas a day just driving My thing is is I’m going to go back down There and I don’t want you guys coming Back over there harassing me while I’m Out there filming because that’s what They’re going to do okay Well did they get educated to be in There as long as you’re not feeling Somebody doing an official business Where there’s documents and if Anything’s open you can see like say for Example that right there has a social Security card right and I do this and I Zoom it that’s not my fault that that Information was out of course so they Cannot be so physically they cannot I Cannot film them physically

Painting their social or anything over To them correct yeah if somebody’s an Official business with order streets They’re doing official business and they Have documentation out there that’s like Social Security she told me I couldn’t Zoom and I read the ordinance it says Nothing about it nobody Was there no business then you can Whatever you can see that was a waste of Tax dollars I agree with you you can Film anything you want from there at That point I appreciate you uh coming Clean and telling me yeah that’s why we Have two lobbies now Because the washer is off you gotta have All the stuff out there so you can get Yeah I know yeah I respect that but then That’s why we’re recording a lot Upstairs anyway so and that’s why we Don’t have it open to the public and it Works out great you know so we don’t but I agree with you yet so if it’s if you Can see it you can see it well they’re Not the one lady when you first walk in I’m sure the head you know you’ve been To the city hall right there yeah the Treasurer’s office he tried telling me Uh that the ordinance was that that Plaque was put up a year about two years Ago but then she says that the ordinance Was put in place a year ago so she kind Of just lied and then they told me I Couldn’t go up the stairs but get Terry

The maintenance guy there says I can go Up the stairs and I come back down and Ask her well you didn’t specific I said Can I go up the stairs I didn’t ask if I Could go into private areas if you go Upstairs exactly and I know that but so I mean there’s not there’s another guy Here in town Midwest Illinois audit he Does the same thing and he went up there And they didn’t give him no problems he Came in did what he did [Music] I’m just showing people where you can go I mean that’s the People’s Building the Peoples own that we I mean you own that Too as you pay taxes you own that you Are we own this building too but Where they’re going are these new guys No No Lieutenant Scott oh okay they do our Fleet Maintenance and so they’re the Ones I need to get in contact for Vehicle vehicle maintenance because uh Because uh not that gold truck was that A was that was that a stolen vehicle or A seizure a seizure and who drives that That’s in there since 2020. Yeah it’s mostly Justin Boyd now is that A is that a city a city vehicle now it Is okay when did that become the city Vehicle When we seized it Years ago whenever we see So that’s a good one’s at Lowry 60 or 70

000 miles that’s a good track 67 000 60 Or 70 000 yeah Uh like getting cards or so it’s like a Runner vehicle just run our vehicle yeah Uh we have a speed trailer that they Hook up to it oh the what you guys put Them inside let’s use it for uh if we Run out of we have gas cans that At the other place in case you know Someone runs out of gas if we put you Know fill up gas okay Car parts whatnot yeah that’s a runner Vehicle so that’s just basically you Guys get around town car so that way You’re not using an iPhone I like that It’s not a there’s no lights not an Official police vehicle so you guys you Guys can’t do traffic stops in that or Anything police related like undercover Operations You can’t stop anybody Well I probably wouldn’t do a Surveillance on it because everybody in Town knows the VIN number of license Plate I mean you’d be stupid to do that And you guys as fans out there I got all The VIN numbers on those so I you guys Are just I wouldn’t be doing Surveillance yeah the bands are Traveling cars now what’s the MP car I Know when I lived here and you guys had A whole bunch of SWAT team in the van The Dodge van that’s where you guys go By car I know I know what it is you guys

Know you guys aren’t going to admit to It but that van you guys go by the house Make sure they’re home to see lights on The new Dodge van gray one that’s one of Our travel cars is that one you guys use That for Eign you guys use it for undercover like Going by to make sure somebody’s home And then you call and yeah because That’s why it took off and then like It does it does it has Illinois has the Green plate so that could be mistaken For it has been this but please it does Happen yep yes uh but at night time if You’re going by somebody’s house you’re Not going to see your Dodge Ram Now who’s oh that’s the uh yeah Patrol Yeah he’s a good guy he lives over there On State uh what’s up with this Jason Priest guy what’s up with him now I see Uh is he going to be going to jail for Everything he’s done I mean I haven’t Seen Jason in a while well he’s on her House arrest he can’t even go down the City councilman he threatened a Marathi And he had 10 sticks of dynamite you not Hear about that yeah I haven’t seen Jason forever it’s probably good I like It like this well okay well I got what I Needed so yeah man thank you appreciate It thank you for being professional I Like that

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