Failla: Phil Jackson Is 100 Percent Right About The Woke NBA Turing People Off | Fox Across America

Failla: Phil Jackson Is 100 Percent Right About The Woke NBA Turing People Off | Fox Across America

Fox Across America host Jimmy Failla share his thoughts on legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson admitting that he’s not watching much basketball anymore due to how political the game has become.

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Phil Jackson I just wanted to shout him Out I hated Phil Jackson so much When he was coaching against my next Phil Jackson was a Nick in the 70s and They won World titles in the early 70s It's hard to imagine but yes there was a Time when the Knicks won NBA titles 70 And they won him one again in 73. and I Know it's like If you're my age yes it was before I was Born You know most Knicks fans I know refer To the glory years As the 90s we're like ah the 90s those Were the glory years except only one Small problem we didn't win a title in The 90s No ma'am lost to the rockets in the Finals Lost to the San Antonio Spurs one year In the finals uh but we never actually Won a title you know we played a lot of Hartford Series against Reggie Miller And the Pacers a lot of hard Fort Series Against Michael Jordan the Chicago Bulls But yes as a Knicks fan The Glory Days Were very much the 90s if you're my age Except you didn't actually bring home Total Glory But Phil Jackson who had coached against The Knicks quite successfully as the Coach of the Bulls ultimately became the General manager of the Knicks and they Really had a forgettable tenure where he

Wasn't terribly involved with the team So I'm not on the best of terms with Phil Jackson when it comes to his Performance for the Knicks but he said Something I just thought was so useful Over the weekend he was on a podcast And uh he was talking about how he Doesn't watch the NBA anymore because It's gotten too politicized here it is Clip 31. do you uh still watch a lot of Basketball or no I don't tell me about That when and did you stop immediately From the time you stopped coaching no I Didn't I watched some of the game evolve and Decided and they went into the lockout Year and they did something that was Kind of wanky they did a bubble down in Orlando and all the teams that could Qualify went down there and stayed down There no audience and they had things on Their back like you know Justice and uh Yeah I mean a little funny thing like uh You know Justice just went to the basket And equal opportunity just knocked him Down and uh somebody uh had another name For a guy who has jersey in the back of A jersey he had some other slogan So my grandkids thought that was pretty Funny to to play up those names [Laughter] Now of course the reaction from the Social justice Warriors over at the NBA Was you know I'm laughing

Yeah that's me laughing but do you want To know what the social justice Warriors Over at the NBA you're not there They're not happy Here's Jalen Rose one on Twitter Now I want to understand before I play Jalen Rose's comments Okay the NBA Benefits more From the actual Oppression of human beings Than any corporate entity In this country okay what I mean by that Is the NBA is always running and race Says um promote equal opportunity the NBA's biggest Financial benefactor on The world stage is China the biggest Human rights abuser in the world The NBA does whatever China wants China is literally putting Muslim Uyghurs into forced labor camps China is harvesting their organs China Is employing child labor and slave labor Do the equality Warriors at the NBA say Anything about it the answer would be no Nope do the equality Warriors at Nike The oppression fighter say anything About it the answer would be no nope When LeBron James says just do it That's him talking to the six-year-old Kid sewing his sneakers shut up don't Ask how come you're not in kindergarten Just do it just do it But here's Jalen Rose trying to frame

Phil Jackson as some type of a racist For his position That the NBA is becoming two activists Now in truth Phil Jackson is correct why Is he correct Because Sports used to be something that United this country it was a place to Put our political differences aside Okay you could be Republican be Democrat Anything in between libertarian doesn't Matter the point is for the next two Hours we don't have to think about that Difference we don't have to fight we Just have to cheer for our teams and Drink 22 dollar beers throw our worries Away while we create new worries on our Credit card statement that was the whole Point of sports And I don't begrudge anybody the right To use their platform however they see Fit Muhammad Ali was one of the biggest Activists in the world but Muhammad Ali Actually gave up the heavyweight Championship of the world when it was The most prestigious title in all of Sports because he so vehemently opposed The Vietnam War all these guys are doing Is tweeting social justice messages and Trying to get rich off the very people They claim to be fighting on behalf of LeBron James isn't so concerned about Oppression That he's given up the Nike money no Ma'am they're just yelling about it here

So you take your eyes off of the fact That it's happening over there he's a Lousy dad but he's right but here's Jalen Rose trying to frame this as Phil Jackson being Jim Crow clip 32. you Can't make this a Hall of Fame coach an 11-time Champion Phil Jackson claims to Have stopped supporting the NBA because It became too political when it went Into the bubble and was catering to Certain audiences by putting slogans on The back of jerseys and black lives Matter on the floor the same Phil Jackson that won championships with some Of the greatest black athletes in the History of the game Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant made Millions on their backs and Off their Sweat Equity you're sitting up Watching the game with your grandkids And y'all think it's funny when Justice Passes the ball to equal opportunity When somebody shows you who they are Believe them so stop watching for ever That was absolutely Dreadful yeah you Think it's funny when Justice knocks Over equal opportunity well yes yes we Do the rectumundo why for two reasons One all of this corporate activism is a Scam because the NBA is doing more Business in China than anywhere else in The world again Just as an equal opportunity are on the Backs of the NBA jerseys because they

Want you to believe that black people Are oppressed in this country sell crazy Someplace else we're all stocked up here Okay the NBA is a league That's 80 percent black with an average Annual salary of five and a half million Dollars Okay you can't be oppressed if you're Making five and a half million dollars a Year To shoot buckets why Because there's no way society would Report would support such a massive Massive Market a nine billion dollar end Today Unless they were well past the race of The players you understand the NBA is Proof of just how inclusive and Accepting we've become on race it's Something we should be celebrating As a source of upward Mobility as a Source of unity in this country but Instead what the Democrats do again and Again and again as they try to use the Most successful people amongst us to Sell us oppression Democrats just call Everyone racist so they go along with Their stupid ideas totally that's what They're doing in the NBA and to be clear Since the NBA went activists since the NFL went activist since Major League Baseball went activist Did our streets become any safer the Answer would be no

Country become any more united the Answer would be no no it's a corporate Virtue signal and most of it's done to Buy them points with the outrage mob by While simultaneously distracting the Rest of the country from the fact that They're putting things like justice and Equal opportunity on the backs of all of Their jerseys While the people in the countries they Do business in don't know what any of That stuff even happens to be oh you're Right and when you're right you're right And you you're always right Foreign

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