Here’s what the Supreme Court’s abortion pill ruling means

Here's what the Supreme Court's abortion pill ruling means

POLITICO national political correspondent Meridith McGraw has the latest on the Supreme Court ruling access to mifepristone will for now remain in place on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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We're back with the Fox News moments ago The Supreme Court ruled that women's Access to the abortion pill mifa Pristone will for now remain in place This comes as a request from Biden's Justice department which challenged a Lower Court's ruling to put restrictions On the drug the case now goes back to The U.S fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Just breaking moments ago let's turn now To Meredith McGraw She's a national Political correspondent for political Meredith thanks for being here as the News often happens we were going to talk About the horse race on the Republican Side we'll get to that in a moment but a Ruling like this or at least temporarily Putting it back to a lower court on Abortion it seemed to have an impact in 22 how does this impact politics in the Political situation going forward Well this is the first major decision on Abortion that the Supreme Court has had Since the ruling on Dobbs last year and That had an incredible impact on the Midterms a lot of people have said that For Republicans it hurt them in the Midterm elections and Republicans are Still trying to figure out How to come down on the issue of Abortion there have been a lot of Abortion restrictions that have been Passed in the aftermath of Dobbs Some in Florida for example Governor Ron

DeSantis signed a six-week abortion ban There but there is concern that this Could hurt Republican chances in the Upcoming election especially with Moderates and and with Suburban women And others who are concerned that these Abortion restrictions in some cases are Going too far So Setting aside you know personal beliefs On this just politically speaking but This would say that these abortion pills Are available to women even in states Where there are these restriction bans Correct Um I'm I believe so and this still has To go to back to New Orleans to the Federal court there where this is going To be heard in in mid-may okay So there's a lot more that will go into This as we get more details we'll bring It to you but I want to get to that Tony You mentioned Ron DeSantis um he had a Big book tour uh rolled out his is going Around South Carolina and New Hampshire Um and had seemed to be gaining some Momentum in polls but more recently Especially following that book tour Um and his stance on Ukraine how he Handled the indictment of former President Trump and then some news Reporting that had been done in Political and elsewhere seems to be Fading and the polls reflect that at 30

Point 25 point lead in different polls For for Donald Trump what's your status Of the horse race on the Republican side Right now Well we've seen almost a reversal in Polling with Trump and DeSantis over the Past few months uh recent Wall Street Journal poll showed that Donald Trump Has a sizable lead over DeSantis and That's a complete reversal from how it Was back in December and I think there Are a few things that are at play for One de Santa still hasn't officially Made his announcement for president even Though he is crisscrossing the country Going to places like South Carolina Iowa And New Hampshire on his book tour he Still hasn't officially gotten into the Race and Donald Trump has been going After him repeatedly he has National ads I'm talking about desantis's stance on Social Security and Medicare and he's Repeatedly hitting him and we saw Trump Have a big boost in the aftermath of his Indictment and that was reflected too in The kind of fundraising numbers that the Trump campaign reported but it's it's Still pretty early and even though Trump Is he does have a sizable lead a lot Could change Um and this week DeSantis did have a Disappointing time when he came here to Washington Um Trump rolled out quite a few

Endorsements from the Florida delegation Um and it it endorsements and polls They're not always indicative of Standing but what it does show is the Sort of organization that Trump has the Backing that he has of members down in Florida and a lot of that some of the Members said had to do with just Personal politics they hadn't heard from DeSantis over the years they didn't have A personal relationship and that's Something that Donald Trump has really He works the phones he's made calls to These people he had them at Mar-A-Lago Last night so that seemed to really make The difference in the end there but if The shift has been huge are you Surprised by the kind of leaks or off The record conversations members of his Team have had to the Press saying he Doesn't like to retail politics he Doesn't really like to meet with donors I'm talking about DeSantis here are you Surprised that even before he announces That kind of stuff that's coming out we Don't have a whole lot of time Well there's still a lot that the public Doesn't know about DeSantis people know About his record as the governor of Florida but there's still a lot they Don't know about him personally and so When these sorts of stories come out About his avoidance of personal Politicking he doesn't have a

Relationship with some members of his Own Florida delegation Um that definitely hurts him and hurts Him in the eyes of potential voters who Are being pulled here but you you led With the bottom line up front it's true There's no doubt there's been a massive Shift in the direction of President Trump look at any any poll out there Right now Meredith McGraw thank you so Much appreciate it hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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