I think Haley is playing for VP: Kayleigh McEnany

I think Haley is playing for VP: Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany discusses what else former President Trump needs to do to unite the Republican Party and what Nikki Haley is still campaigning for on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Co-host and former White House Press Secretary Kaylee mckin for real this Time Kaylee okay so explain this to me She just probably lost by 10 to 12 she's Staying in possibly Beyond South Carolina it seems what is that due to The Republican Party look she has said That she will endorse the nominee and Right now for all intents and purposes The presumptive nominee is Donald J Trump look he just won Iowa he just won New Hampshire no one's done that since Going back to 1976 only person I believe To ever win New Hampshire three times He's currently pulling in majority Support but she's making the argument I Was at 2% now look at me I'm at 46% We'll see where that lands I'm staring Down super Tuesday where 11 of the 16 States allow Independence to vote but as Nate con at the New York Times pointed Out if you look at each and every state To come in the latest polling in each And every state there is not one state That has a latest poll that has Donald Trump closer than 30% as a margin so she Is staring down a nightmare of a map but She's making the case I can win in fact The end of her Memo do Republicans want To win all caps problem just quickly she Made that argument on the airwaves here In New Hampshire it didn't resonate what Landed was Trump's message on Immigration and Social Security how can

You say that the guy who's beating me And will beat me for the rest of the Primary will lose the general election And then the loser of the Republican Primary Nicki Will win the general election cuz that's Her argument and I don't understand it Do you so here's the here's the case She's making president Trump I would go Home tonight I'd go to my victory party I would celebrate i' made history yet Again but then I'd go home and I'd look Under the hood and when you look under The hood of our Fox News voter analysis Data you find that 32% of Republicans Say we will we won't vote for Trump I've Got to unite the party that's the Argument Nikki Haley's making and number Two I would look Nikki Haley won Independence according to Fox News voter Analysis 59 to 33 so I go home if I'm Trump I celebrate and then I say I got To unite this party I got to win Independence that's how I beat Biden Well they do say that and that's In the Heat of the Moment this is a snapshot in January where I say I will never vote For Donald Trump and then maybe the Feelings change come November well I Think I I must say I think I know she Saids she's not running for second I Think this is a play for the vice Presidential nomination we must unite The Republican Party I think she's

Playing for that all right so you Believe she's going to force the issue Drag this out get some clout with some Delegates going into the convention and Leverage her way onto the ticket I think That is a real possibility all right Well that should be interesting I'm not Sure the Republican base is going to be Thrilled about that but politics is Crazy they will vote for Trump no matter What you never know will all right hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere Else

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